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Electronic Systems Technology ESYS Program Overview.

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1 Electronic Systems Technology ESYS Program Overview

2 ESYS Program Overview Why ESYS? What is ESYS? The 16 ESYS courses The 8-week hybrid course schedule

3 Why ESYS? Electronics Technology courses were originally based on 1960s technology Although periodically updated, the programs were diverging from the skills used by todays technicians The Electronic Systems Technology (ESYS) program is targeted towards the skills needed by todays technicians

4 What is ESYS? The ESYS (Electronic Systems Technology) Program Emphasizes the use, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electronic systems Less concentration on individual component and circuit analysis Incorporates the communication and reporting skills needed in industry

5 The 16 ESYS courses ESYS 50 Introduction to ESYS ESYS 51 Fabrication Techniques ESYS 52 Measurement & Troubleshooting ESYS 54 Analog Circuits & Semiconductor Devices Detailed information on all courses may be found in the college catalog at Or the ESYS website at

6 The 16 ESYS courses ESYS 55A Microcontroller Systems ESYS 55B Digital Logic Systems ESYS 56A & 56B Electronic Power Systems I & II ESYS 57A Process Control Systems ESYS 57B PLC & Robotic System Components

7 The 16 ESYS courses ESYS 58 Wireless Communication Systems ESYS 60 Electronic Systems Analysis ESYS 61 ESYS Project Management ESYS 62 Home Technology Systems ESYS 63A/B IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software

8 The 16 ESYS courses Four courses with NO PREREQUISITES: ESYS 50, 51, 62, and 63A Three courses with ESYS 50 as the only prerequisite or co-requisite: ESYS 52, 55A, and 57A ESYS 60 is the only course with a math prerequisite: INDT 74, ELEC 65, or eligible for MATH 55

9 ESYS Degree and Certificates A.S. Degree in Electronic Systems Technology All 16 ESYS courses General Education requirements for A.S. Degree (refer to College Catalog) Certificate of Achievement in Electronics Systems Technology: Industrial Technology ESYS 50, 51, 52, 55A, 55B, 56A, 57A, 57B, and 58 No GE requirement Consumer Technology ESYS 50, 51, 52, 54, 56A, 62, 63A and 63B No GE requirement

10 CAS Certificate Coming Soon! Certificate of Achievement in Information Technology Support: Cisco CCNA Discovery 1, 2, 3, 4 CAS 92A, B, C, & D IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software ESYS 63A & B Planned to be approved by Fall 2013

11 8-week hybrid course schedule All 16 courses are 1 unit lecture, 1 unit lab All courses are 8-week short-term courses Lectures are provided in online format Labs are in-class, 4 hours, 1 night/week per course Each 8-week session (except summer) includes at least one no-prerequisite course (ESYS 50, 51, 62, or 63A)

12 8-week hybrid course schedule A typical student load is two courses per 8- week session (4 courses per semester) All ESYS courses for AS degree can be completed in two years Courses for ESYS certificate can be completed in one year

13 ESYS Course Sequences Program entry points A.S. in ESYS: Start in August, October, January, or March and finish in two years, 8 or 9 sessions (GE not listed on sequence charts) Cert of Achievement in ESYS-Consumer Tech (16 units): Start in August or October and finish in one year, 5 sessions Cert of Achievement in ESYS-Industrial Tech (18 units): Start in January and finish in one year, 5 sessions Note: Course schedule subject to change.




17 For More Information Contact Wayne Phillips at Visit the ESYS webpage at


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