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Extending the Reach of your SCADA with low data rate satellite technology Geoffrey Bruce-Payne Business Development Manager April 2013.

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1 Extending the Reach of your SCADA with low data rate satellite technology Geoffrey Bruce-Payne Business Development Manager April 2013

2 Overview SCADA via satellite, in action LDR satellite provides reliable and cost effective connectivity ROI is all about the approach CONFIDENTIAL2

3 The Five Big Questions WHY control and acquire data? WHAT data is needed? WHEN is the data relevant? WHO generates the data? WHERE does the data go? CONFIDENTIAL3 And HOW it all fits together… 1 2 3 4 5

4 Why Control and Acquire Data? Alert & react: safety/production issue Diagnostics: proactive maintenance Trending: operational planning Detailed analysis: operational tuning CONFIDENTIAL4 Identify the fundamental problem you need to solve. 1

5 Event Response Pipeline integrity Rectifier voltage Exercise sequence Business continuity Shutdown Dispatch Rapid first time fix Site security Door, proximity alerts CONFIDENTIAL5 1 Why Control and Acquire Data?

6 Flow Metering and Valve Control Trending data Hourly PVT Valve control Local/automatic Manual/remote Operational efficiency Reduce site visits CONFIDENTIAL6 1 Why Control and Acquire Data?

7 Automatic Meter Reading Rural water metering Accurate, timely billing Leak detection Multi-year battery life; low maintenance Small footprint Fracking consumption CONFIDENTIAL7 1 Why Control and Acquire Data? Source: Natural Resources Canada, 2005

8 Weather Monitoring Monitor weather conditions near mines Predict highest yields 15-minute updates Web access for meteorologists CONFIDENTIAL8 1 Why Control and Acquire Data?

9 What Data is Needed? Measurements Pressure, Voltage, Temperature States (open/closed, on/off) Control thresholds Fault codes Timestamp CONFIDENTIAL9 2

10 Bit-wise Data Encoding Resolution: units, scale, range Simplicity vs. Efficiency Transport overhead CONFIDENTIAL10 How efficiently can the information be encoded? 2 What Data is Needed? Meas#1Meas#2Meas#3Ind.ProtocolNetwork Protocol (IP) Opportunity to optimize

11 When is the Data Relevant? When a problem happens When something changes Few times per day Every few minutes or seconds CONFIDENTIAL11 Data Requirement = Size * Frequency 3

12 SCADA Architectures Modbus vs DNP3 vs something else… RTU data model (# queries, encoding) System model (polled vs unsolicited) CONFIDENTIAL12 Unsolicited summary report is most efficient 3 When is the Data Relevant?

13 Who Generates the Data? Conventional SCADA: RTU aggregates sensors/meters Modem connects RTU to Cloud Often requires custom programming SCADA polls RTU via Cloud Data intensive CONFIDENTIAL13 4

14 Distributed Intelligence Optimize: latency, cost, power Asset gateway Abstracts different types of RTU Generates optimized data updates Enterprise gateway Maps optimized data to conventional SCADA and/or other business systems CONFIDENTIAL14 Manage high quality data with thin pipes. 4 Who Generates the Data?

15 Where does the Data Go? Remote site Network connection Business systems / OSS CONFIDENTIAL15 Power, Productivity, Placement, Protection 5

16 Site Survey Power source for remote devices Environmental enclosure Mounting structure Obstructions Risk assessment CONFIDENTIAL16 5 Where does the Data Go?

17 Network Connection Private (land) line / Internet Private Radio / WiMax Cellular (2G / 3G / 4G) Satellite (VSAT, Broadband, Burst) CONFIDENTIAL17 5 Where does the Data Go?

18 Terrestrial Communications CONFIDENTIAL18 ConsiderationWired / InternetPrivate RadioCellular Remote site accessibility Capital intensive plus recurring $/GB Moderate capital for Eng/Install, plus Maintenance Recurring $/MB if coverage available; mobile roaming LicensingNot requiredLocal spectrum license Multi-operator; 2G/3G/4G churn System installationPlug-n-play, high power Link budget engineering, moderate power Variable coverage; complex options, moderate power Weather effectsNoneRain fadeMinimal ObstructionsNot applicableGeographic along path Geographic, User spikes Service ReliabilityCarrier SLABuild your ownNo guarantee; data is low priority SecurityVirtual PrivatePrivatePublic / virtual 5 Where does the Data Go?

19 Satellite Communications CONFIDENTIAL19 ConsiderationVSAT*BroadbandBurst (GEO) Remote site accessibility Capital for Eng/Install plus recurring $/GB Moderate capital plus recurring $/MB Low capital plus recurring $/KB LicensingOperator-provided where available Operator-provided global System installationSpecialized technician, high power Point-n-shoot, low power Drop-in, ultra-low power Weather effectsRain fadeNone ObstructionsGeographic site Service Reliability~ 99.5% (Ku)> 99.9% SecurityPrivatePrivate / virtual 5 Where does the Data Go?

20 Business Systems CONFIDENTIAL20 5 Where does the Data Go? Cloud: -Security? -Redundancy? -Interfaces? Cloud: -Security? -Redundancy? -Interfaces? VPN Web Proprietary Radio Cell Satellite Enterprise System RTU

21 Driving Return On Investment Approach the problem what do I need rather than what have I done before Spend a little more time optimizing up-front, to get quicker payback Evaluate total cost of ownership CONFIDENTIAL21

22 Satellite Beyond SCADA Occupational Health and Safety Tracking Check-in Driving habits Workflow automation Dispatch Electronic forms CONFIDENTIAL22 Low cost solutions exist to provide ubiquitous connection to your assets and people.

23 Summary Low data rate satellite takes M2M farther Distributed intelligence lowers cost to bring assets on-net Use the right tool for the job CONFIDENTIAL23 Do more with less.


25 Main Topics Application examples in industry: oil & gas, utilities, water Plug-n-play satellite connectivity for Remote Terminal Units Conventional SCADA vs. distributed intelligence Analyzing information needs to optimize data usage Site survey considerations What to look for in a connectivity solution M2M beyond SCADA: workforce automation and field safety CONFIDENTIAL25

26 Uniqueness Focused on approaching connectivity from a perspective of how to do more, with less CONFIDENTIAL26

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