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Using Technology & Social Media to Target Your Job Search.

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1 Using Technology & Social Media to Target Your Job Search

2 Step 1 – Track Progress Create an Excel Spreadsheet to track Job Ads – Company – Position – Points of Contact – Online Registration/Resume upload? Date, Username, Password -Notes -Received auto response from resume upload. Set up Job Search Email

3 Step 2 - Research Major Job Boards – Monster – Career Builder – Dice * – aggregates all into one board - set up an email alert, review daily, export to.xls -Review daily, export to.xls Niche Boards –, project auctions –

4 2/3rds of Jobs are NEVER posted!!

5 Step 3 – Get Connected!! Its all about who you know Social Networks that connect people and companies include: – LinkedIn Recommendations from managers Profile keywords link to job posts – Twitter Follow companies who post jobs. – Facebook Groups – Google Groups *Word of Mouth = Viral Marketing

6 Step 5 – Get Out There!! – Usergroups, mixers, and networking events – Professional Affiliations - PMI, HDI, WITI, etc. Special Events –

7 Conversation Ice Breakers Hi, wanted to introduce myself… What brings you to XYZ conference? What did you think about the speaker? What line of work are you in? How is the work environment? Any hiring? Have you met anyone interesting today? Ive been wanting to say hello to him/her, want to come with me? – Introduce strangers – it helps you remember names & appear connected – Ask Questions and listen vs. talking about yourself

8 Hope this Helps! Stacey Broadwell Director of Marketing – Founder/CEO –

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