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Technology and Standards COASP 2013 Simon Thomson Founder of Open Access Key.

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1 Technology and Standards COASP 2013 Simon Thomson Founder of Open Access Key

2 Open Access Report : Market Size, Share, Forecast, and Trends Published 2013 Open Access Key – one to watch successfully introduced services to reduce friction and create a more efficient marketplace

3 "The Potential Role for Intermediaries in Managing the Payment of Open Access Article Processing Charges (APCs) RIN Report

4 or the fact we bought you all dinner on Wednesday night.....

5 Background to OAK Improve the author user experience to encourage resubmission to Open Access Reduce time and cost of financial management and administration for all participants

6 Source> Photograph of a country road in Ireland. By James Byrne (2005). Retrieved from

7 Well sir, if you want to go there, I wouldn't start from here

8 Hidden Cost Processing an apc cost the organisation GBP 90.00 EUR 105.00 USD 140.00 on top of the actual apc Source >Talking about icebergs. by Luca Faggianelli

9 Source> Money- Let researchers and universities spend their time and money on research and not on administration

10 Our Technology Built and maintained in Norway and Denmark Web based Interact with api (Application programming interface) Visma Business Technology - erp/erm system designed for mass single payment/clearing house management Capable of processing in excess of 1.5 million transactions, associated to several thousand co-authors Functionality covers all Journal non-subscription charges and OA books and monographs business models

11 The standards – some examples Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - Level 2 Compliance issued by W3C Registered Data Controllers with the Information Controllers Office SSL Certified

12 OA Workflow Standards OAK is ORCID ready Fundref Repository Identifiers We are working with all parties to establish a standard metadata record captured with the transaction/billing record We are working with all parties to define and refine operational workflows

13 Source> Comedy Pick N Mix, by Laura Forde Cradle to Grave Billing Modular Functionality Transaction administration

14 Linking to publishers Created a standard api feed this can interact with production systems, publisher manuscript management databases api ties in at the points of minimal disruption for the publisher api pulls article metadata, pushes payment/transaction status and analysis

15 Huge flexibility We created a system to service non/subscription payments / apcs, reprints, colour charges, page charges Discounting Structured - eg 10% Membership, Ed board member Adhoc – marketing flyers at conferences Workflow options With or without author interaction Split payments

16 Reporting

17 Future of OAK If you think you are too small to have an impact then try going to bed with a mosquito in the room

18 Collaboration Co-Action Publishing and PKP/OJS DOAJ Jisc Intermediaries Production Systems Scoap3 – push metadata Funders – refine reporting

19 Thank you

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