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Math and Technology Misty Butterfield

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2 Math and Technology Misty Butterfield

3 WHY? Students need to see and explore a concept or idea several times before comprehension and mastery are achieved. Cooperative learning Differentiation Problem Solving Economical MATH IS REAL LIFE!!!

4 HOW?? Many tools are available and easy to use to incorporate technology with math instruction. Podcasts Webquests Internet sites Interactive manipulatives Digital and video cameras Powerpoints, charts, graphs Interwrite or Smart Boards Inspiration or Kidspiration Word Processing Programs

5 Emotional engagement AttentionLearning Reaching all Learners Auditory Tactile/Kinesthetic Visual

6 Number Sense Basic Operations Using Excel template Basic Operations Computation Place Value

7 Patterns Using stamp pad on Interwrite Links Learning (Illustrated Lessons): PatternsPatterns Garage Band for musical patterns Patterns in Mathematics: website for whole class on the screen, partners, or on your own. Patterns in Mathematics

8 Multiplication & Division

9 Use resources to differentiate and explore Multiplication Strategy from Teacher Tube 3 7 7474 x

10 Geometry Interwrite: symmetry, reflections, rotations…symmetry Inspiration: flow chart of polygons Digital cameras to capture symmetrical and asymmetrical objects, manmade and from nature Photo journal:

11 Measurement Map Skills: Grid Search GameGrid Search Game The World of Measurement: website that introduces all forms of measurement The World of Measurement Printable Rulers: printing rulers on overhead transparencies makes them bendable. Printable Rulers

12 Money Online Video Clips: – Money Essentials for Students – Discovery Channel: School The MegaPenny Project --a website that helps us visualize huge numbers and their value. Count the Money Mental math skills! Math at the Mall Shop, Spend, Calculate change Lemonade Stand How long can YOU stay in business?

13 Data and Probability Graphs of all kinds – Create A Graph Create A Graph Using Glyphs to generate data Undersea Treasure: Looking for sunken treasure? Ask a mathematician! Undersea Treasure

14 Problem Solving Interactive Problem Solving – Word Problems with Kate Word Problems with Kate – Teamwork on a wiki

15 Ties to Literature One Grain of Rice Tiger Math How Much is a Million?

16 One Grain of Rice by Demi Share story with the class. Math concepts include: – Number patterns – Problem Solving Link to the real world with Free Rice.comFree Choose your own subject to practice and feed the world!

17 Start with data Enter into Excel

18 Make a graph Then jazz it up!!

19 Combine Class Results: Math concepts: mean, median, range,

20 Podcasts Record your own songs or demonstrations! Egyptian Method of Multiplication Multiples of 3 Multiples of 7 Multiples of 6 (CDs for sale!)

21 Interwrite or Smartboards Make the basal math games interactive – Grid Search Game Grid Search Game – Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe Teaching tools: lattice multiplication Students can make their glyphs on their computer screen. Use clipart to illustrate a word problem or an equation Use the stamp pad to make patterns

22 Inspiration Lessons UT Math Standards Match

23 Powerpoints Make your own, or student made Thousands ready and available to use. Google search for (very) specific topic – But then click on advanced search – Narrow file type to Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt) – For example: Decimal Place value systemDecimal Place value system

24 Perks for Teachers: Save paper and time Worksheets using Interwrite/ Smartboard Self Starts: Math MinuteMath Minute Students are more engaged Keep organized with a wikipage – Websites, Interwrite, Podcasts, Downloads, etc

25 Sources Discovery Inspiration Lessons

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