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Vishal Bhatnagar Michael Jewitt Karan Kampani Greg Maag Tim Suffel.

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1 Vishal Bhatnagar Michael Jewitt Karan Kampani Greg Maag Tim Suffel

2 What is NFC? How does NFC work? How is NFC different from Bluetooth? Current Applications Future Applications Challenges with Security Challenges in the Market

3 Near Field Communications Communication Protocol between 2 devices Short range Max of 4 inches Low Power Successor to RFID Uses Magnetic Induction Creates Radio-Wave Field Sharing, pairing, and transaction [1]

4 Short Range Wireless Technology Typically requires a distance of 4 cm or less Operates at 13.56 MHz Transfer rates of 106 kbits/s to 848 kbits/s

5 Initiator Device Has a power source Provides an electromagnetic field that powers the target device Target Device (or Tag) Can be in the form of tags, stickers, key fobs, or cards Uses electromagnetic field to transfer small amounts of data to the initiator device

6 Both initiator and target device have a power supply Communicate by alternately generating their own fields Two devices communicate to each other by trading roles of initiator and target

7 Both short range communication technologies NFC has a slower transfer rate NFC does not require pairing of devices

8 NFC Bluetooth Range< 4 cm~10 m (class 2) Frequency13.56 MHz2.4-2.5 GHz Bit Rate848 kbit/s2.1 Mbit/s Set-up time< 0.1 s< 6s [2]

9 Scan mobile device to make purchases Movie tickets Soda Etc… Checking purchases Entry into a theater Get information from NFC enabled poster.

10 What is it? An application developed for the Android platform Enables payment for items with cell phone How it works Swipe phone near NFC-equipped pin pad accept the transaction

11 New version of game [3] Angry Birds Magic Nokia C7 Will use NFC People can connect to other devices Unlock higher levels by bumping phones

12 Works like foursquare but using NFC tags at different locations. Started by a German company called servtag

13 Transportation and Access Easily integrated into all public transport systems Use the phone to use train ticket passes Car rentals Unlock and start your car Opening of home doors Countries like Norway aiming for nationwide NFC transport ticketing standard [4]

14 Governments, employers and other institutions use contactless identity cards Initially planned for university and school use Security of national ID cards and passport information strengthened with biometric information

15 NFC tags provide medical professionals with information about treatments for a patient Keep a track of doctors and nurses who have checked in with a patient Remote monitoring of health from home (patients discharged earlier than normal) reducing healthcare costs [5]

16 Information tags on an object provide detailed information about it

17 NFC can fall victim to eavesdropping [6] Eavesdropping can be achieved from distances of up to 10 m [7] The Man-in-the Middle attack is deemed infeasible with NFC [6] Practically impossible for the attacker to get the RF field to align correctly Incorrect alignment would cause a scrambling of the data [6]

18 Apps for mobile phone NFC payment can be spoofed by malicious apps that emulate the legitimate NFC apps [8] This is especially a problem on Android Stolen devices can be a security issue with electronic keys When apps use a password or PIN system it leaves amount of security up to the user [8] This can be bad when users re-use passwords or have weak passwords such as password or 1234 [8]

19 NFC chips not yet included in the Apple iPhone Support from software developers and the merchant community [9] Cost of hardware for NFC chip readers Costs several hundred dollars per reader and retailers would need one per register [10] [10]

20 NFC is an exciting new short range mobile technology There are many great potential uses Makes transactions easier Help with transportation and access Interact with surroundings NFC still requires more security protection May soon revolutionize the way we use our mobile devices

21 [1] communication-helping-your-smartphone-replace-your-wallet-2010/ [2] communication/ [3] 05-2011/ [4] [5] [6] [7] %20Security%20in%20NFC.pdf [8] a_weakness.html [9] [10]

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