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2 The basic principles: Children are our most precious resource The solution to poverty, peace, and environment is education Teaching is one but not the only way to achieve learning Nicholas Negroponte, One Laptop per Child Association (OLPC)

3 Don Tapscott (2008) in a series for Business Week on the Net Generation wrote that the old model of pedagogy that is teacher-focused, one-way, and one-size-fits-all, makes no sense to young people who have grown up in a digital world. He argues that members of the Net Generation have different mental habits than their Boomer parents. They expect a conversation, rather than a lecture, and they're used to working in groups, rather than working alone and, he argues, digital immersion has even affected the way they absorb information. They don't necessarily read a page in a textbook from left to right and from top to bottom. They might instead skip around the page, scanning for pertinent information of interest (Tapscott, 2008).

4 Technology Integration IT Department FacultyParentsStudents

5 Wireless Adapters Installation in each Prep room 04/09 – 04/13 Testing infrastructure 04/16 –04/20 Action Items (dates TBD) Support personnel for nearly 825 iPads Office space for IT Department Inventory control How many additional units on hand as loaners – recommend 5% Ownership? Process for loaning and recapturing devices Standard keyboards on hand for use in library, classrooms, etc.

6 L aunch letter disseminated to parents 04/20 P arent Q & A Sessions P arent/Teacher Association 04/19 P rep Parents 05/03, 06/07 F eeder Campus Presentations Dates TBD W ebsite Updates Dates TBD I nformational section with Q & A for parents I nformational videos from Apple B ook information A cceptable Use Agreement (handout)

7 i Pads in hand 04/16 P rofessional Development Facilitators P rep Technology Trainers I dentified (Sabba Q & Rebecca T) P rep Department Trainers I dentified for each subject department (03/12) D epartment Trainers: D ana V + Wendy B - English S abba Q + Kim G - Social Science P atricia A - VAPA M ark A + Pete R - PE R ebecca T - Science K elly R + Chelsea D - Math F airmont Education Department

8 Professional Development Timeline Apple Professional Development 05/04, 06/01, remaining 6 sessions TBD Department Training Sessions 04/18, 04/25, 05/02, 05/09, 05/16, 05/23, 06/06 Academic Year 2012-13 TBD

9 D istribution Timeline R eceipt of iPads 07/01 A sset Inventory C onfiguration, viz., security, standard app downloads, etc. 0 7/01 – 08/13 S tudent receipt 08/13 – 08/17 A ction Items A pp/Book Downloads I nsurance ? R ecapturing $$ outlay per device F lat rate or finance I nventory H ow many ? O wnership of inventory control A cceptable Use Agreement

10 Mobile technology is moving rapidly forward whether teachers and administrators like it or not. The findings of this small pilot study indicate that mobile devices can easily be incorporated into the classroom with a minimum of effort. However, it is the attitudes and pedagogical ideas of the teachers that will need to change to accommodate how the net generation sees their world and how they want to learn from it. By 2025, we will have children who have grown up never knowing a time when they did not have mobile devices with instant access to information. We must be prepared.


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