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Campus Technology Update

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1 Campus Technology Update
Nancy Crouch, Deputy Chief Information Officer Rick Matthews, Associate Provost for Technology, CIO Faculty Senate | October 17, 2012

2 Google features you may have missed Telepresence Helix video streaming
Overview Latest technologies deployed to campus WebEx Google features you may have missed Telepresence Helix video streaming Corel Suite Resources for help learning, using Adobe licensing update Q&A

3 Cisco WebEx Wake Forest Reynolda is the first campus with WebEx licenses for all. Meeting Center - accessible from mobile devices: Android and Apple Training Center - virtual breakout groups, polling and attentiveness monitoring, feedback tools Event Center - best suited for presentations Support Center - remote support Note: only the host needs a license, so this can be used with external groups!

4 Google Apps, features Docs: If you use Word / Track-Changes for collaborative documents, you don’t know what you are missing. Don’t think of Google Docs as a basic word processor; think of it as the most powerful collaboration tool ever invented. Sites: powerful, easy website creation with fine grained access control if you want it. Google Mail: Do you know about keyboard shortcuts?  Labels? Hangouts on Air: Stream video to the world, for free, and archive to YouTube after. Google Moderator: Consider using this for big events, rather than just using a microphone on the floor. Forms. (See also Qualtrics.) Drive. Up to 5 Gb of synced storage.

5 Cisco Telepresence Very high quality video conferencing Locations Detamble (up to 65) ZSR Library 204 (up to 35) The Bridge Screening Room ( up to ten) Collaborative Technologies Team Room, ZSR behind the Bridge ( Single user) UCC 2016 (up to ten)

6 Helix Streaming Server
Streaming videos, audio podcasts Helix Streaming Server Helix Media Library Pilots underway.

7 Corel Suite Corel is the alternative to Adobe recommended by the Committee on Information Technology. Paint Shop Pro is a great photo editor. Visual Studio Pro is a better video editor than Premiere for 97% of campus. Full featured, easier to learn, and performs better on mainstream computers. Premiere is now targeted at full-time professionals running really serious hardware. Corel Draw is a very strong alternative to Illustrator. Corel Paint. We hear it is good, but would appreciate your assessment. PDF Fusion: good PDF creator and document bundler, but it cannot be used for fillable forms or NSF and NIH proposals. Corel Website Creator: we got it for free, but ignore.  Use Dreamweaver CS4 or the free Kompozer for traditional web editing, or perhaps Wordpress or Google Sites.

8 Resources for learning - including tutorials WebEx Support (Cisco online resources) PDC classes. (Corel workshop announcements coming in a couple of weeks; Corel is training the trainers, ITGs, etc., right now.) Collaborative Technologies Team, ITGs for those schools that have them. In the Q&A, we want to discuss how to better connect technology with faculty.

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