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Arizona Department of Education School Improvement and Intervention.

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1 Arizona Department of Education School Improvement and Intervention

2 Webinar Overview Who is eligible? Purpose of the Grant Website Resources Preparation Application Process Next Steps Contact Information 2

3 Who is Eligible? Funded Schools from Tier I and II - SIG Cohorts 1 and 2 Only those located in rural settings 3

4 Purpose of the Grant To build the capacity of rural SIG schools to support improving technology infrastructure and professional development for teachers in the area of technology use for assessment and integrated instruction in preparation for implementation of Arizonas K-12 Academic Standards (Common Core) 4

5 ADE Website Resources Level of Technology Integration into the Curriculum by Characteristics of the Learning Environment (Arizona Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) 5

6 Website Resources Technology surveys/tools available on ADEs website: technology/technology-integration/ Technology Integration Matrix Observation Tool (requires login) Technology Comfort Matrix (requires login) Arizona Technology Integration Matrix-LEA Level Technology Literacy Assessment Tools (requires login) 6

7 Preparation 1. Complete the Tech Readiness Tool – administered through ADEs Educational Technology Department – Contact Cathy Poplin at or call her at This is a survey being conducted at the national level to get data on level of readiness for Common Core implementation 7

8 Tech Readiness Tool Arizona's PARCC Technology Readiness Tool (TRT) District Admin Training 166 166 You will need Windows Media Player 9 or higher to view the presentation.Windows Media Player 9 8

9 Preparation Continued 2. Complete the Technology Integration Surveys 2.Classroom Level 3.LEA Level 3. Other surveys listed may need to be completed first in order to complete the Technology Integration Surveys 9

10 Application Process 1. Fill out A.1-A.3 in the application 2. List data statements that describe current status with technology 3. Prioritize the statements 4. Identify Strategies and Action Steps 5. Attach dollar amounts to strategies and action steps THEN: 6. Submit the application to Teri Regan at 10

11 Finalizing Application After application is approved: You will need to put budget up on Grants Management Sign the Assurances Make adjustments to Continuous Improvement Plan on ALEAT 11

12 Next Steps Assemble your Technology Leadership Team Include people with the appropriate expertise Schedule meeting to create timeline for: Completing surveys Communicating to stakeholders Completing application 12

13 Contact information Help with the Technology Grant Application – Teri Regan at or 602-542-3281 Help with any of the surveys – Cathy Poplin at or 602- 13

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