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What are they? Why do they matter for employers, job seekers, the economy and life?

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1 What are they? Why do they matter for employers, job seekers, the economy and life?

2 Hardware Hard Skills Software Soft skills

3 SKILLS Using the internet Email Scheduling appointments Timecards Spreadsheets Documents Presentations Handheld technology JOBS Inventory Management Retail Transportation logistics Heavy machinery Medical transcription Home healthcare Administration Education Food Service Agriculture Jobs in Low, Middle and High Skill categories all require knowledge and use of technology

4 For job seekers? For employers?

5 Today, more than 50% of all jobs require some use of technology. By 2016, according to the BLS, 77% of all jobs will require ICT skills Individuals with technology skills earn, on average, $500 more per month than their counterparts without those skills. As the world and the workplace continues to evolve, technology will become more and more pervasive.

6 Economic RuralUrban/Suburban Employers LargeSmallSpecific Industries Job Seekers OlderYounger Low IncomeAccessibility Issues English as a 2 nd languageMultiple cultures People of colorOther?

7 Economic need Significant changes in the workforce Shortage of skilled workers due to many factors Continuing change in the workplace, more technology, more efficiency, more with less Employer needs Employees w/training to meet their needs Basic to intermediate levels of training Employees with ability to use critical thinking and apply their skills in many ways Job seeker needs Training that matches employer needs Lifelong learning/continuing ed opportunities Short and long term trainings Training and certification options

8 WDCs /WorkSource statewide Microsoft UP/Elevate America participants Community Colleges Communities Connect Free Microsoft Resources, Microsoft Grantees Elevate America Curricula Statewide WDCs, Boys & Girls Clubs, YMs, YWs, Urban League

9 Sustainable funding Trainers Knowledge of local employer needs Availability of training beyond specific program eligible customers OTHERS?

10 Recovery Act BTOP funding Communities Connect and Broadband: Karen Manuel Washington State: Governors Broadband Advisory Council WIA reauthorization Timing & impact TBD UWs Center for Information and Societys state research report findings: Technology for employability in Washington State: Role of ICT….

11 Microsoft : Unlimited Potential Digital Literacy Elevate America NGO Connection (IT resources for nonprofits) Communities Connect: Developing statewide applications for funding with ARRA broadband initiative UW ICT Report: WDC of Seattle-King County ICT State of the Workforce Report


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