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Using Technology to Enhance Ministry and Mission Paul Hennings.

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1 Using Technology to Enhance Ministry and Mission Paul Hennings

2 Outline The Case for Technology Technology for: Image and Influence Creating Community Worship and Teaching Evangelism and Stewardship Staff Effectiveness Field-Tested Technology Church Tech Now and Future = Relationships Q & A

3 How many of you…? Three Quick Stats 77.4% of people in the US use the Internet Over the last 20 years mobile phone subscriptions grew from 12.4 million to over 4.6 billion Almost 50% of couples I marry meet online The Case for Technology

4 Light-hearted Video

5 Image and Influence How you use technology influences how people view your relevance. In particular, younger generations assess churches through technology. Today, your web presence is directly related to your image. Social media impacts your influence. Technology For…

6 Creating Community Community is all about communication. – Leaders need up-to-date communication from staff. – Groups use technology to organize. – Technology helps the whole congregation (and others) be informed. Technology For…

7 Creating Community Community is all about relationships. – Relationships are built with face time. Technology helps from scheduling to skypeing. – Church and staff social media is used (and misused) to strengthen relationships. Technology For…

8 Worship Technology enhances the audio and visual aspects of worship. Technology helps to organize worship. Technology improves the creativity of worship. And, well… it can make sermons a lot better! Technology For…

9 Teaching Especially for visual learners, technology is a vital part of teaching. Teaching can be recorded, reproduced, and disseminated effectively. Technology allows teaching to be experienced by multiple people in multiple locations. Technology also allows for students to express their faith in various ways. Technology For…

10 Evangelism The Internet allows you to reach beyond geographical boundaries with the gospel. It also allows you to target specific locations. Technology opens up multiple mediums for evangelism. Technology For…

11 Stewardship Technology allows your church to be environmental stewards. The Internet offers more options for financial giving. Stewardship of time is a welcomed aspect of technology (especially for leadership). Technology For…

12 Staff Effectiveness Technology enhances inter-staff communication and planning. Technology helps staff manage time. Technology improves staff productivity. Mobile technology is a must. Technology For…

13 Image and Influence Clover Websites ( In-house/congregation Graphic Design (or find someone in your community) Field-Tested Technology

14 Image and Influence Facebook page ( Blogs (side note on Google)Google Wireless access to Internet onsite – or/and terminals Field-Tested Technology

15 Creating Community: Communication The Basics – E-mail lists and on-line calendars Constant Contact ( The City by Zondervan ( Group texting (, Video displays on location Field-Tested Technology

16 Creating Community: Relationships The Basics – Outlook, Social media Skype ( Instant Conference ( Field-Tested Technology

17 Worship The Basics – Screens, PowerPoint, Sound System MediaShout ( Worship House Media ( CCLI Song Select ( Worship Planning Software (, Field-Tested Technology

18 Worship Audacity ( Video Recording (multiple possibilities) Worship Stream ( Field-Tested Technology

19 Teaching TVs are the way to go… Audio Recorders (multiple options) Video Recorders ( Image + Audio/Video Software ( Field-Tested Technology

20 Example Video

21 Teaching Podcast it… (iTunes, You can also webcast… Field-Tested Technology

22 Evangelism Digital Media (billboards, street signage) Google AdwordsAdwords TV Ads, Worship Broadcast Online Demographic Studies (through your LCMS district or Field-Tested Technology

23 Stewardship Being in two places at once (vids for devos) Less Meetings – More Doing! (e-mail groups, private webpages, online blogs/forums, conference calls) Financial Stewardship (, online giving through thrivent, lcef, etc.) Less paper is just the beginning to a better Earth ( Field-Tested Technology

24 Staff Effectiveness Storage and Access (server, the cloud) Outlook Calendar and Scheduling Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones Integrity (, Field-Tested Technology

25 Mobilization of Christians. Draw people together (community) and send people on mission (empowering) Sharing of Gods activity Ability for more cross-cultural engagement. Decentralization of Christianity. Not just a younger person issue, but must be if you want to reach them. Church Tech Now and Future

26 Q & A

27 Using Technology to Enhance Ministry and Mission Paul Hennings

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