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Welcome to the AMLE Conference Student Driven Technology Presenter: Amy Poland.

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1 Welcome to the AMLE Conference Student Driven Technology Presenter: Amy Poland

2 Welcome to Student Driven Technology Presenter: Amy Poland If you have a device with you today, please open the following 2 tabs: – dlyTechnology –

3 LEARNING TARGETS: I can identify reasons to incorporate technology into my classroom. I can create a list of technologies that will be useful to my students. I can collaborate and organize my individually chosen technologies into Purpose Categories. I can develop a Game Plan for implementation within my classroom.

4 Why incorporate technology into my classroom? We, as teachers, are preparing students for careers that dont exist and havent even been thought of yet. -Karl Fisch As a result, students need to become; 1. intelligent problem solvers 2. responsible, socially aware citizens who are prepared to live and succeed in the world. ANY GIVEN PROBLEM

5 Its their future... if we arent teaching it, we arent truly preparing our students.

6 How is it really helping? Im using PowerPoint, isnt that enough? Teacher Driven Technology –Benefits: passive learners, quieter, easier to maintain control, guide instruction towards teacher chosen goals –Negatives: passive learners, usually lacks intrinsic motivation Student Driven Technology –Benefits: built-in motivation, collaboration, teaching by pull not push, problem solving, access at home –Negatives: noisier, requires more teacher prep

7 Explaining Web 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 (Descriptions paraphrased from Wikipedia) Web 1.0 –First stage of the World Wide Web –Links WebPages with hyperlinks –One-way flow of information –Static pages Web 2.0 –Second stage of the World Wide Web –Participatory information sharing –Allows for Collaboration –Ex. Social networking, blogs, wikis, YouTube Web 3.0 –The Sematic Web: Content generated by computers not by humans –Future of the World Wide Web –Virtual blending of online and offline worlds –Increases in computer intelligence –Remembering personal likes and dislikes

8 Horizon Project New Media Consortium Series began in 2002 Published every year Emerging Technologies Initiative Collaboration Between: Technology Professionals Campus Technologists Faculty Leaders Cooperation Professionals

9 A Few Possible Technologies... Airliner Document Camera SMART Technologies Power Point Skype Wiki Blog Glogster Wordle Voki Go Animate Only2Clicks LiveBinder GoogleDocs Edmodo iPad/iPod Drop Box DropItToMe Audacity Flip Camera YouTube Teacher Tube Wall Wisher Todays Meet Prezi The list is endless and ever-changing. Every time I get on the computer I am lead to another resource... the goal is to establish your need and simplify!

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12 What am I using this technology for? PRESENT SHARE COMMUNICATE COLLABORATE As I present the following technologies, please think about how you might use them in your own classroom.

13 Todays Meet Backchannel Allows audience to ask questions Immediate feedback Allows you to tailor your presentation to the audience in front of you Free No membership

14 Classroom Application Ideas...

15 WallWisher Wallwisher is an Internet application that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. Personal note taking To-do lists Feedback Collection Free No account necessary

16 Classroom Application Ideas...

17 Wikispaces Free Easy to use Collaborative Promotes a common goal Post classroom information Communicate with students & parents Create a PLN for you and your students How to make a wiki: EXAMPLE... My page:

18 Classroom Application Ideas...

19 Wordle and Tagxedo Wordle is a tool for generating word clouds from text that you provide. Free Easy to use Collaborative Student-Driven Manipulative Also try

20 Classroom Application Ideas...

21 Glogster Glogster allows students to create posters using pictures, text, audio, and video. Students can browse public glogs for ideas then generate their own creative, original work of art. Free Easy to use Collaborative Creative Student-Driven Manipulative Video & Audio

22 Classroom Application Ideas...

23 Voki Voki allows you to create personalized speaking avatars and use them on your blog, profile, and in email messages. Free Easy to use Collaborative Creative Student-Driven Manipulative Creates Audio

24 Classroom Application Ideas...

25 Go Animate Go Animate offers simple creation of unique computer animated stories, satires and sentiments that can be shared with the entire online community. Free Easy to use Collaborative Creative Student-Driven Manipulative Creates Audio

26 Classroom Application Ideas...

27 Only2Clicks Only2Clicks organizes all of your chosen websites into tabs and topics for easy navigation. Free Easy to use Teacher-Driven Organizes information Focuses learning

28 Classroom Application Ideas...

29 Prezi Cloud Based Presentation Software Zooming User Interface (ZUI) Text Images Video Example: anderson-how-web-video-powers-global- innovation/ anderson-how-web-video-powers-global- innovation/

30 Classroom Application Ideas...

31 LiveBinders LiveBinders is tool that allows you, or your students, to create a digital 3-ring binder that showcasing information. Free Easy to use Teacher-Driven Organizes information Focuses learning

32 Classroom Application Ideas...

33 Google Docs Edmodo Ideas Google Doc Link: 33rhaUytEW_sBjWg3DJ3jzr6xfB_BEZg/edit?userstoinvite=andrea. free Web-based word processor, spreadsheet, slide show, form, and data storage allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users

34 Classroom Application Ideas...

35 DropBox & DROPitTOme Dropbox is a web file storing service that allows you to store files on the Internet and allows you to sync with any computer that has Dropbox installed. Free Easy to use Teacher-Driven Organizes information Focuses learning Syncs in the cloud Students can send files

36 Classroom Application Ideas...

37 Blogger A type of interactive, collaborative website maintained by an individual with regular entries on any number of topics. Free Easy to use Widget Support Collaborative Promotes a common goal Student-Driven Sign into your Google account, or create one for free, and begin blogging! gger

38 Classroom Application Ideas...

39 What is a Podcast? Audio/Video or a combination Just a recording –Uploaded to a public site –Syndicated Types –Narrative –Informative –Q&A –Persuasive

40 Audacity Audacity is a free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. Free Easy to use Student-Driven

41 Classroom Application Ideas...

42 Finding Podcasts... iTunes YouTube/TeacherTube/SchoolTube, etc. Podbean Learn Out Loud Podcast Alley Podcast Central

43 Teacher Tube Online community for sharing instructional teacher videos Video sharing website similar to YouTube Not blocked in many school districts as YouTube may be

44 Classroom Application Ideas...

45 Edmodo Edmodo is a free, secure, social learning platform for teachers, students, schools and districts Edmodo's user interface has been described as similar to Facebook.

46 Classroom Application Ideas...

47 US based non-profit organization People can donate directly to SPECIFIC projects at public schools (peer-to-peer philanthropy) The organization collects proposals from teachers Individual donors can select projects and contribute

48 Whats My Plan? On the back of your paper, identify 3 goals to begin integrating more technology with your students. Remember- Think SMALL! We are each more likely to attempt a goal if it is reasonable. We all have busy lives, be realistic.

49 Thanks for your time! AMLE CEU Code: RD-31 Remember to visit

50 Other Useful Websites / Resources (21 st Century Skills) (21 st Century Skills) click on teaching (SMART lessons) (International Society for Technology in Education) (Instructional Technology Integration Partnership) (Web 2.0 resources) (Web 2.0 resources) (free PPT templates) or –Click on the 21 st Century Technology –I will continue updating and adding technology resources to this page. Please feel free to email advice or tips that I can add to the site. –

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