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Wisconsin Innovation Network The Wisconsin Technology Council and The Wisconsin Innovation Network (WIN): Partners in Progress Growing Wisconsin Entrepreneurs:

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1 Wisconsin Innovation Network The Wisconsin Technology Council and The Wisconsin Innovation Network (WIN): Partners in Progress Growing Wisconsin Entrepreneurs: beyond borders; beyond buildings 2005 WBIA Conference November 4, 2005

2 Wisconsin Innovation Network WISCONSIN TECHNOLOGY COUNCIL The Wisconsin Technology Council is the leading catalyst for technology development in Wisconsin, serving as the science and technology policy adviser to the Governor and the Legislature. Our programs are designed to achieve those goals. Policy Development: Promote technology business formation Economic Development: Stimulating job creation Network Development: Provide opportunities for ideas, capital and entrepreneurs to meet

3 Wisconsin Innovation Network HOW WE ARE ORGANIZED

4 Wisconsin Innovation Network WIN is the 501(c)6 membership subsidiary of the Wisconsin Technology Council. WIN is a network for entrepreneurs and other individuals seeking to grow their business through innovation. WIN provides opportunities for ideas, capital and entrepreneurs to meet. Tag Line: Leading The Way Into The Knowledge Age WHAT IS WIN?

5 Wisconsin Innovation Network HOW WIN WORKS Local WIN Chapters throughout Wisconsin communities Networking events Statewide conference/symposium, as well as the Governors Business Plan Contest --WIN chapters are a prime source of entries in the statewide contest and may run local contests Partnerships with other community and networking organizations

6 Wisconsin Innovation Network LOCAL WIN CHAPTERS Local chapters include: –Chippewa Valley –Lake Superior Region (Ashland) –Madison –Milwaukee –Northeast Wisconsin

7 Wisconsin Innovation Network NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES WIN serves as a prime, statewide networking circle that provides educational and/or news forums. Recent speakers have included entrepreneurs, researchers, policymakers, financial experts, as well as company representatives and individuals from the local community. A list of recent speakers can be found on our web site, along with upcoming events.

8 Wisconsin Innovation Network STATEWIDE EVENTS Typically held in June in Milwaukee; provides a hands-on experience for entrepreneurs. THE WISCONSIN ENTREPRENEURS CONFERENCE WISCONSIN EARLY STAGE SYMPOSIUM Formerly the Wisconsin Life Sciences & Venture Conference, this 20-year-old conference has helped dozens of companies connect with investors over time. GOVERNORS BUSINESS PLAN CONTEST Brings forth some of the best business ideas throughout the state in 4 categories: Advanced manufacturing, business services, information technology and life sciences.

9 Wisconsin Innovation Network WHAT IS A NETWORK? Simply stated, networks are people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information, and resources. Network is a verb, not a noun. Networks are structured to transmit information in a way that is quicker, more high-tech, and more energy-efficient than any other process. Networks are appropriate sociologythe human equivalent of appropriate technologyproviding a form of communication and interaction which is suitable for the information-rich future.

10 Wisconsin Innovation Network WHY NETWORKS EXIST To foster self-help; To exchange information, quickly and easily –A study estimates it takes 7 phone calls to get information from a Government agency To spark business development; To improve productivity and work life; To share resources; To create linkages between people; To share contacts; and To raise capital. Networks go beyond the mere transfer of data, they create and exchange knowledge AKA Knowledge Networking.

11 Wisconsin Innovation Network TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL NETWORKING Bring business cards Bring a pen (that works) Introduce yourself to 5 people you do not know Return telephone calls promptly Follow-up on all referrals you get Believe in yourself and your work Build and maintain a good reputation Prepare a 30-second commercial – pitch Never talk about religion and politics The most interesting person is the one whos most interested in us. Remember: networking is not sales; it is about developing relationships with people.

12 Wisconsin Innovation Network TRAITS OF A SUCCESSFUL NETWORKER Positive attitude Smiles Enthusiastic Trustworthy Always networks Thanks people (note cards) Enjoys helping others Sincere Follows-up on referrals

13 Wisconsin Innovation Network WHAT A LITTLE NETWORKING CAN DO… 1.Empowers the individual-replaces any weaknesses with the strength of the group 2.Provide new experiences 3.Get to know your competition 4.Enrich your life 5.Your sounding board for your ideas 6.Job security? you can rely on your network, maybe not your organization

14 Wisconsin Innovation Network WHY SHOULD YOU GET WIN-VOLVED? Free or discounted registration at statewide conferences. Sponsorship opportunities. A subscription to the monthly WIN eNewsletter Subscriptions to print and on-line news services. Access to other members, statewide, and their expertise Monthly networking and educational opportunities throughout the state Chance to add your voice to Technology Council policy discussions Discounts from preferred vendors

15 Wisconsin Innovation Network WIN PARTNERS Educational institutions Research facilities Trade associations Economic development groups Regional economic/planning groups State and local government Technology networking groups Chambers of Commerce Clubs – MIT Club of WI, WI Inventors Network Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Network Wisconsin Department of Commerce

16 Wisconsin Innovation Network TESTIMONIALS WIN and Tech Council events keep me informed about whats happening in entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and investing around the state, the region, and locally. Another benefit is being plugged into what other entrepreneurs and colleagues are doing. Amy M. Pietsch Venture Center Director, Fox Valley Technical College

17 Wisconsin Innovation Network TESTIMONIALS The Tech Council has a critical role to play in growing our states knowledge-based economy. David J. Ward, president, NorthStar Economics

18 Wisconsin Innovation Network THE WISCONSIN TECHNOLOGY FAMILY

19 Wisconsin Innovation Network CLOSING A network never sleeps. Innovation gives networking direction. Two important skills for business success: Networking and Innovation (two words in WIN) You cannot innovate if you always hangout with the same people. It is not what you know, but who you know!

20 Wisconsin Innovation Network Wisconsin Technology Council, Tom Still Wisconsin Innovation Network, Sally Muller Wisconsin Angel Network, Joe Kremer 455 Science Dr #240 Madison WI 53711 608-442-7557 FAX 608-231-6877 CONTACTS

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