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Battery Technology 2Yd-pTS-s.

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1 Battery Technology 2Yd-pTS-s

2 Battery Technology Battery History 1800 First battery 1880 First practical battery 1949 First Alkaline battery Eveready 1954 Alkaline manganese cell AAA 1956 9Volt battery Eveready 1959 Commercially available Alkaline 1960 First nickel cadmium rechargeable battery

3 Battery Technology Volta built first battery in 1800 with a 1–2 volt maximum output Todays 3.6 volts lithium watch battery smaller than a dime

4 Battery Technology Battery History 1960 First miniature silver-oxide button batteries for watches and hearing aids 1992 First lithium batteries 2006 Super battery/Ultra capacitors using nanotube technology

5 Battery Technology

6 In 1999 Electric Vehicle Institute developedElectric Vehicle Institute an Hybrid diesel electrical buses for NASA that utilized ultra capacitors vice batteries with a regenerative braking system showed a 56% saving in fuel economy. A Texas firm under a secretive project has announced that is has created a ultracapacitor power system weighing in at 100 pounds. Final product to be released in August 2007.

7 Battery Technology Ultra capacitors can be charged 100,000s of times with degradation. Charge time Ultracapacitor is quick. The Texas firm report recharge time of 9 minutes and a range of 500 mile per charge Environmental friendly Can be adopted for use in all appliances and electronic equipment.

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