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1 Engineering & Technology Department Valparaiso High School.

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1 1 Engineering & Technology Department Valparaiso High School

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3 3 Department Instructors Mr. Gary Gray –37 years Mr. Jim Genovese –31 years Mr. Zach Hall –4 Year

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5 5 A great Philosopher made these quotes: The manual arts have always taken precedent to the fine arts. Remember, someone had to build the ceiling before Michelangelo went to work

6 6 Cheers The great philosopher is- John Ratzenberger Cliff

7 7 TECHNOLOGY is a body of knowledge and action, used by people, to apply resources in developing, producing, using, and assessing products, structures and systems in order to control and modify the natural and human-made environment.

8 8 TECHNOLOGY The study of the human-made world.

9 9 What is Technological Literacy? Indianas Standards for Technological Literacy: Defines technological literacy as the ability to use, manage, assess, and understand technology. Technological literacy, like other forms of literacy, is what every person needs in order to be an informed and contributing citizen for the world of today and tomorrow. Technological literacy is more a capacity to understand the broader technological world rather than an ability to work with specific processes of it. (NAE/NRC, 2002)

10 10 Who is a technologically literate person? Understands: What technology is How technology is created How the use of technology shapes society and in turn, How society shapes the development of technology

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14 14 Digital Electronics

15 15 Surveying

16 16 Concrete Block

17 17 Robotic Work-cell

18 18 Material Testing

19 19 Programming

20 20 Manufacturing

21 21 Mass Production

22 22

23 23

24 24 State Competitions With the growing importance of technology to our society, it is vital that students receive an education that emphasizes technological literacy. Indiana Department of Education

25 25 Program of the Year 2006 Valparaiso High School Meritorious Teacher Mr. Stephen Krutz Gary Gray

26 26 Senate Resolution 37 2004 A Concurrent Resolution urging the educational leaders of the State of Indiana to ensure that the P-16 Plan for Improving Student Achievement places emphasis on the Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEA 2000) as a vision for kindergarten through 12 th grade.

27 27 Pre –Engineering Courses at VHS

28 28 of PLTW is to grow the nations technology workforce. The primary goal

29 29 How are we doing today?

30 30 We are not graduating enough engineers and technicians.

31 31 Why should we be concerned?

32 32 What does the pipeline of engineers and technicians look like?

33 33 Engineering Technology Degrees Awarded 1988-2002 SOURCE: American Association of Engineering Societies (2002)

34 34 Where do college engineering students come from? Americas High Schools

35 35 Introduction To Engineering Design Course

36 36 Principles Of Engineering Course

37 37 Digital Electronics Course

38 38 Civil Engineering and Architecture Course

39 39 Engineering Design and Development Problem Solving in Teams Juried Presentations

40 40 The following is an example of student work from: Introduction to Engineering Design Course Grades 9-12

41 41

42 42 Profile to Revolve Axis of Revolution H Cylindrical Volume Layout Hint V = r 2 H R All volume formulas must include the cubic inch to fluid ounce conversion factor of 1.804.

43 43 Truncated Cone Volume Solution 1. Assign a value to R AB 2. Assign a value to H AB 3. Find the volume of cone(AB) V AB 4. In the front view, sketch the profile of the container using the above assigned values. 5. Use the dimension function to find the length of R B 6. Find the volume of cone (B) V B 7. Plug the values of V AB and V B into the formula V A = V AB - V B. This will give the volume of the truncated cone (A). *Note: If you move the position of R B up or down, it will change the volume of the truncated cone (A).

44 44 Parabolic Container Solution

45 45 From Engineering/Tech Dept. We Have A

46 46 Come and take a TOUR anytime and see what you will not find in a Charter School

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