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Integrated Science and Technology Program

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1 Integrated Science and Technology Program
Mr. Paul Henriksen Coordinator for Students Prof. Paul Goodall Program Director Dr. Eric Maslen Professor & Department Head

2 ISAT is ABET Accredited to 2014
In 2008, ISAT earned accreditation by ABET, Inc. (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) the recognized accreditor for university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology. ABET now accredits 2,800 programs. ISAT was one of the first Applied Science programs to earn the honor

3 ISAT in Princeton Review
… “James Madison University is the type of school where it doesn’t take students long to feel comfortable and right at home. Business and management programs are popular and well-regarded, as are health services majors and the school’s tech disciplines, among which the innovative integrated science and technology major is a standout. Throughout the university, faculty value real-world preparation for real-world jobs, and look to take the learning process outside the classroom whenever possible.”

4 Organizational Structure

5 Overview of ISAT The Program The Curriculum
What are the objectives of the program? The Curriculum What courses will I be taking? The Graduate What happens after graduation?

6 ISAT Mission The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

7 ISAT Mission The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

8 ISAT Mission The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

9 ISAT Mission The ISAT Department empowers students to analyze and solve real-world, human problems by integrating scientific, technological, business, and social aspects of these problems, and to communicate innovative solutions to a diverse audience.

10 “Real World” Context Interdisciplinary Problems Integrated Approach
Collaborative Teams Incorporate Societal Impact Business and Economics Creative Problem Solving

11 The ISAT Curriculum Foundation Courses (37 credits)
Strategic Sectors (21 credits) Concentration(s) (18 credits) Electives (14 credits) General Education (30 credits) (120 total credits)

12 The ISAT Curriculum Foundation Courses (37 credits)
Analytical Methods (17) Issues in Science & Technology (14) Sci., Tech., & Society(6)

13 Course Descriptions Analytical Methods (17)
The base of math, physics, statistics, computer programming, systems modeling, instrumentation, and measurement. A sequence of five courses during the freshman and sophomore years. GISAT 151 & 251, and ISAT 152, 252, & 253.

14 Course Descriptions Issues (14)
Study of contemporary, stimulating issues designed to motivate by engaging the student in the practice of science. The Environment Living Systems Modern Production Energy Systems A sequence of four courses during the freshman and sophomore years. GISAT 112 & 113, and ISAT 211 & 212.

15 Course Descriptions Connections (6)
The ethical, economic, political, and social context of science and technology A sequence of two courses during the freshman and sophomore years. ISAT 131 & 231

16 Foundations Content Areas

17 The ISAT Curriculum Strategic Sectors (21 credits) Biotechnology
Energy Engineering/Manufacturing Environment Information/Knowledge Management Telecommunications

18 The ISAT Curriculum Concentration Electives (18) Co-Concentrations
Upper-Level Courses (12) Senior Thesis (6) Co-Concentrations e.g. Business Custom Concentrations

19 Deploying Your Electives
Expanded Breadth Double Concentration Minor or Double Major Expanded Depth Graduate School Prep.

20 Study Abroad Opportunities
There are required ISAT courses each semester, but students can still study abroad. ISAT conducts summer programs in a variety of countries each summer. This year we are going to Malta again. Other possibilities each year are Germany and Costa Rica and others come up at various times. If you want to study abroad during a fall or spring semester, you should plan a year ahead so that you won’t have to spend a year catching up on your return.

21 Pre-Professional Preparations an example…
The ISAT Program is good preparation for a career in medicine. Med schools don’t require a certain major, but do require certain courses for students to be competitive. We substitute those courses for ISAT foundation classes so that students can complete their preparation and still get an ISAT degree. It is a lot of work, but that is what the medical profession is all about, so it is better for the student to find that out right away. Plus, if students do not get into medical school right away, the ISAT degree provides employability until they do.

22 Example Graduate Schools
Duke University George Mason University George Washington University Georgia Tech Hershey Medical Center Humboldt State University James Madison University Johns Hopkins University Massachusetts Institute of Tech. Medical University of S. Carolina N. Carolina State University Penn. State University Stevens Institute of Technology University of Colorado University of Dayton University of Delaware University of Georgia University of Maine University of Maryland University of N. Carolina University of Pittsburgh University of Virginia Vanderbilt Law School Virginia Commonwealth U. Virginia Tech Yale University

23 Example Graduate Programs
Biotechnology Business Administration Business Management Computer Science Engineering Mgmt. Environmental Science Health Administration Industrial Management Industrial Technology Law School Management Materials Science Mechanical Engineering Medical School Public Policy Systems Engineering Tech. Management Pharmacology

24 ISAT Graduates: are highly valued by employers (~80%)
are prepared for a variety of grad school experiences (~15%) possess a broad-based understanding of science and technology with application to businesses and marketplaces work well in teams and are experienced in a collaborative approach to problem solving understand the political, social, and ethical issues related to science and technology in today’s society exhibit high levels of skill in the use of the computer as a problem-solving tool demonstrate strong creativity and problem-solving skills have the skills to become “life-long learners”

25 Experiential Learning
Senior Thesis Research Experiences Internships & Co-ops Laboratory Courses In-Class Active Learning

26 Senior Thesis Experience
Work with external sponsor, faculty mentor, and student team to bridge the gap between college experience and the world of work. Three-course sequence: ISAT 491 (1 credit - spring Junior Year) ISAT 492 (2 credits - fall Senior Year) ISAT 493 (3 credits - spring Senior Year) Project objectives: Select problem Propose work tasks Complete proposed work Communicate results (oral and written reports)

27 Faculty Technical Diversity
Aerospace Engineering Environmental Sciences Natural Resources Agricultural & Extension Education Environmental Toxicology Natural Sciences Biochemistry Genetics Nuclear Engineering Biomedical Engineering Geography Pharmacology/Neuroscience Biophysics Higher Education Physics/Applied Physics Botany Industrial Engineering Plant Pathology Chemical Engineering Jurist Doctor (Law) Political Science Chemical Physics Logic & Philosophy of Science Solid State Physics Computer Engineering Materials Science Statistics Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Technology Education Electrical Engineering Microbiology Theoretical & Applied Mechanics Environmental Engineering Molecular Biology Theoretical Biology

28 Research Diversity Bioinformatics Biomanufacturing Biotechnology
Data Visualization Energy Systems Engineering Manufacturing Environmental Impact Geographic Info. Systems Hazardous Waste Mgmt. Health Informatics Health Systems Infrastructure Assurance Instructional Technology Instrumentation/Measurement Knowledge Management Materials Science Microelectronics Modeling & Simulation Nanostructured Materials Quality Assurance Rapid Prototyping Sensors Statistical Analysis Technology Assessment Technology Management Telecommunications Transportation Systems Water Quality Management

29 Senior Thesis Projects
Assessment of Wetlands for Water Purification Biotechnology Database Biotechnology Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals Brassica- Plant Transformation CISAT Wind Turbine Comparison of Wireless vs. Wire-based Computer Cluster Data Collection System for RR Donnelly Development of Gene Expression System DNA Molecular Forensic Technology Environmental Audit Protocol for Pilgrim's Pride Environmental Policy for Coal-Fired Power Plants in VA Ethical Reasoning: A Co-Concentration for ISAT Genetic Mapping GIS for Shenandoah Watershed GIS Model of Scott-Irish Immigration in the Shenandoah Valley Incorporation of NarX Gene Into Cloning Vector Interactive CD for Petersburg National Battlefield Interactive CD on History, Ethics, etc. of Eugenics Lab Experiments for ISAT Biomanufacturing Facility Lacritin Protein Production

30 Internship Opportunities
Summer work experience after Junior (or Sophomore) year. Typically paid, and not for credit. We attempt to provide at least one interview to any student interested in pursuing an internship. Approximately 70% of ISAT students have at least one internship experience.

31 Example Employers American Management Systems ARCO
Ashworth Brothers, Inc. ASI Auric Corporation Bio Science, Contract Production Corp. BDM International Booz-Allen and Hamilton Business Impact Systems Canon CFW CRESTONE International CoilCraft Coopers and Lybrand Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries Dominion Semiconductor DuPont Electronic Data Systems Erol's Internet ESSC, Enterprising Service Solutions Federal Bureau of Investigations Florida Power and Light Ford Motor Company George C. Marshall Center GTE Guilford Pharmaceuticals Gulf Stream Habitat for Humanity International Hydro Geolectric ICF Information Technologies

32 Example Employers JMU Facilities Management Konica Kraft Foods
MA Bioservices Merck NASA National Institute of Health National Park Service New Jersey Natural Gas NIST Packaging Services Inc. Litton/PRC Project Performance Corporation R.R. Donnelley & Sons RWD Technologies SAIC SHENTEL Smith-Bowman Distillery S. Piedmont Agricultural Research Center Sprint Stroud Water Research Center Technology Forecasters Tenneco Automotive The Association for Women in Science U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Forest Service UUNet Technologies Wella Manufacturing WLR Foods Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute

33 Example Position Titles
Assistant Project Manager Technology Manager Systems Engineer Production Control Supervisor Plan/Programs Staff Specialist Health Systems Analyst System/Program Analyst Technical Representative Marketing Specialist Environmental Specialist Technical Consultant Info. Systems Consultant


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