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Technology Planning Requirements in Texas and the NISD Technology Plan 2005-2008 Kelly Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services Diana Goering,

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1 Technology Planning Requirements in Texas and the NISD Technology Plan Kelly Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Technology Services Diana Goering, Executive Director of Information and Infrastructure Services Gerri Collier, Director of Integrated Information Systems John Evans, Director of Acquisitions and Project Management Lori Jones, Director of Integrated Infrastructure Services Jana Knezek, Director of Library and Textbook Services Dr. Laura Reza-Hernandez, Director of Academic Technology Services Karen Short, Director of Technology Training & Development Services April 26, 2005

2 Background Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (NCLB), Title II, Part D, Enhancing Education Through Technology, the law states that in order to be eligible to receive a subgrant from the State educational agency, a local educational agency or eligible local entity shall submit to the state educational agency an application containing a new or updated local long-range strategic educational technology plan that is consistent with the objectives of the statewide educational plan [i.e. Texas Long- Range Plan for Technology (LRPT)]. In addition, schools and districts are required to have an approved technology plan approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to participate in the federal Schools and Libraries Universal Service Support Program (i.e. E-Rate).

3 Background Technology Plans are submitted electronically via the Texas e- Plan system. This online planning system allows districts to create, edit, and file an online technology plan that aligns with E-Rate (5 correlates), NCLB (13 correlates) and the Texas LRPT (58 correlates). Along with the online plan, districts must complete the online Texas STaR Chart Needs Assessment for each campus at least once annually. The Texas STaR Chart is a tool for technology planning, budgeting for resources, and evaluation of progress in integrating technology into the school curriculum and infrastructure.

4 Actions Taken 100% of Northside ISD campuses successfully completed and submitted their Texas STaR Chart Needs Assessment. TEA incorporated a new instrument, the Teacher STaR Chart, this year. Although optional, approximately 20% of Northside teachers used this instrument to provide input for their Campus STaR Chart. The Teacher STaR Chart will be required by TEA in for all teachers.

5 Actions Taken The Northside ISD Technology Plan was written and successfully submitted to the online Texas e-Plan system on December 16, 2004 Organized into six sections (Plan Introduction, Needs Assessment, Goals and Objectives, Budget, Evaluation, Appendix) Matches 5 of 5 E-Rate Correlates (required) Matches 13 of 13 NCLB Correlates (required) Matches 58 of 58 LRPT Correlates (not required) Exceeds the minimum requirement that 25% of Title II Part D funds received must be allocated to staff development Undergone regional peer review process and received final approval by TEA on April 4, 2005

6 Northside ISD Technology Plan Plan Introduction District Information (drawn from the latest TEA release of PEIMS) Contact Information (District inputs) Demographics (PEIMS data and District inputs) Plan Introduction (includes planning committee members and Executive Summary) District Mission Strategic Goal for Technology Integrated Service Approach Technology Areas of Service Focus on Classroom Instruction

7 Northside ISD Technology Plan Needs Assessment Assessment Process, based upon District-wide Technology Review and 10-Year Master Plan by Elert & Associates in Divisional Assessment & Planning Campus STaR Charts Existing Conditions, highlights LAN / WAN / Internet Connectivity VoIP Deployment Bond Program for Technology Technology Core Competencies for Employees Identified Needs, based upon Elert Plan – Implementation Status Report (July 2004) Citizens 2004 Bond Committee / Planning for Technology and Security Campus STaR Chart Data

8 Northside ISD Technology Plan Goals and Objectives Five Goals, as stated in the District Strategic Improvement Plan for Technology Each Goal has two to six Objectives Each Objective has two to nine Strategies A Budget Amount An LRPT Category (Teaching & Learning, Educator Preparation &v Development, Administration & Support Services, Infrastructure for Technology) E-Rate Correlates NCLB Correlates Each Strategy has A State / Status, relevant to the current year A Timeline Person(s) Responsible Evidence

9 Northside ISD Technology Plan Budget Includes estimated costs with available and potential funding sources for all areas addressed in the plan Details three-year budget Items in six categories: Staff Development Telecommunications & Internet Access Materials & Supplies Equipment Maintenance Miscellaneous Expenses Funding sources (e.g. Local, Title II Part D, E-Rate, State Technology Allotment) are delineated in each category As required, a minimum of 25% of Title II Part D funds received must be allocated to Staff Development (NISD has allocated $187,329 or 61% of Title II Part D funds to staff development)

10 Northside ISD Technology Plan Evaluation Evaluation Process District Strategic Improvement Planning Process (quarterly review and progress reports, weekly Technology Leadership meetings, weekly staff meetings by service area, etc.) Evaluation Method Data collection review & analysis Document review Formal & informal interviews and observations Online surveys Staff development records Texas STaR Chart data

11 Northside ISD Technology Plan Appendix Technology Services Website District-wide Campus Technology Deployment Schedule Status Report on the NISD Technology Master Plan Diagrams of Typical Network Layout for Schools E-Rate Alignment Report NCLB Alignment Report LRPT Alignment Report

12 A Few Highlights of the Plan Technology integration and technology education for all students ( ) Online tools for instruction to increase student achievement ( ) Increase access for students to instructional technologies, when possible ( ) Expand training & professional development; Core Competencies ( ) Work environment that inspires excellence ( ) Redundancy and Disaster Recovery ( ) Integrated Security Management System ( )

13 A Few Highlights of the Plan District-wide Radio Communications System ( ) Expand Parent Connection ( ) Effective use of Curriculum Management System ( ) Wide Area Network improvements ( ) Data Warehouse – purchase and begin implementation ( ) Student Information System – purchase and begin implementation ( ) Business / HR Information System – purchase and begin implementation ( ) Campus Technology Deployments ( )

14 Northside ISD Technology Plan Discussion, Questions & Answers

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