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Technology for PETE: Developing and Teaching an Undergraduate Technology Class Dr. Joanne Leight Ms. Emily Hunter Slippery Rock University AAHPERD Convention.

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1 Technology for PETE: Developing and Teaching an Undergraduate Technology Class Dr. Joanne Leight Ms. Emily Hunter Slippery Rock University AAHPERD Convention San Diego, CA March 30, 2011

2 Overview – Technology for PETE Slippery Rock University PETE Program History Curriculum Changes Technology for PETE Course Development Design Content Evaluation and Revisions

3 Slippery Rock University One of the 14 state-owned institutions that comprise the State System of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PASSHE). Founded in 1889 as a teacher education institution, Slippery Rock has grown into a comprehensive university. There are over 50 buildings on a 660 acre campus located in western Pennsylvania, less than one hour north of Pittsburgh. Approximately 8600 undergraduate students. Over 65 different majors.

4 PETE Program at the Rock Over 450 Physical Education Teacher Education Majors Nineteen full time faculty members / Five part time Fourteen Student Teaching Centers Three Out-of-Region Student Teaching Opportunities Dublin, Ireland (Fall); Mexico City (Spring); Raleigh, NC (Summer) Three Minors Adapted Physical Activity Aquatics Coaching Two student run clubs PETE Club FIT Club One Honorary Phi Epsilon Kappa One Graduate Program Adapted Physical Activity

5 History of Curriculum Change Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Board of Governors mandated that all degree programs must be capped at 120 credit hours (2002). SRUs PETE program required 141 credit hours for dual certification in H/PE, grades K-12. Physical Education department spent two years revising the PETE program. While shaving credits and combining courses, one class was added: Technology for PETE

6 History of Curriculum Change – (cont.) Exit interviews determined that technology was an area of deficiency for PETE students. While proficient with numerous modes of technology, many students did not possess the skills necessary for using technology specific to physical education. Students did not know how to integrate technology into their lessons and teaching experiences.

7 Technology Course Development Researched what to include in course. Linked course content to following standards: NASPE International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) SRU College of Education (COE) Framework Fall 2003 - Final approval of course syllabus Spring 2004 - Course was taught for the first time. Two sections of 30 students for each subsequent semester.

8 Technology Course Design Two main components Lecture Using Technology in Physical Education (Mohnsen, 2010) Lab Technology for PETE Handbook (Leight, 2010) Laptops – Fall 2005 Computer Lab – Fall 2009 Course Evaluation Quizzes and Exams Projects

9 Course Content - Lecture Introduction to Technology in Health and PE Computers 101 Text-Based Documents Data Manipulation Using Images Using Video Using Audio Using Telecommunication Instructional Software Assessing Student Learning Measuring Devices Interactive Devices Online Physical Education Improving the Instructional Delivery The Future of Technology

10 Course Content - Lab Microsoft Applications Word Assignment Publisher Award certificate Flyer Brochure Newsletter Fitness calendar Front Page Web Design Diabetes ADHD Excel Grade sheet Heart rate chart / graph Interactive PowerPoint Sleep Concussions Movie Maker Digital Video

11 Course Content – Lab (cont.) NASPE Talk / NASPE Forum NASPE Talk NASPE Forum Dell Axim – Pocket PC iPad 2 (Fall 2011) Dell Axim – Pocket PC Computerized Exercise Equipment Heart Rate Monitors Personal Response Systems Health and Physical Education Software Online Web Search – Health / PE Topic* Web Evaluations* Academic Search – Health / PE Topic* Electronic Portfolio Bekah Nick

12 Course Content – Lab (cont.) Podcasting Audacity Blogging Wiki Technology Tools 4 Teachers Blackboard Desire 2 Learn Z Drive Citrix

13 Course Evaluation - Revisions Changed: PowerPoint (traditional interactive) Digital video (group individual) Quizzes (paper online)

14 Course Evaluation – Revisions (cont.) Eliminated : Added: Repetitive assignments Online web searches Web evaluation Academic searches Personal Response System (Clickers) Podcasting Blogging Wiki Technology Tools 4 Teachers iPads (Fall 2011)

15 Technology Tools 4 Teachers Photo sharing Word clouds Social bookmarking Online surveys Mind mapping Video creation Online videos Brain games/Puzzle makers Screencasts Backchanneling Study tools Grants Video tutorials Student organization Organized web research Live video conferencing Learn a language Online polling Cell phone polling File sharing Downloading videos Search engines for students Covert text to speech Online rubrics Delivering modern substitute lesson plans


17 Projects - Emily Flyer Brochure Calendar Grade book Heart Rate Interactive PowerPoint Efolio Rubrics





22 Grade Sheet Heart Rate

23 Obesity Jeopardy

24 Assessments - Rubrics Word Award Certificate Flyer Calendar Newsletter Brochure Technology 4 Teachers PowerPoint Excel – Heart Rate Excel – Grade Book Webpage Digital Video Podcast Efolio

25 Thank You! Any Questions? Dr. Joanne Leight Physical Education Department 115C Morrow Field House Slippery Rock University Slippery Rock, PA 16057 724-738-2795


27 Dell Axim – Pocket PC Task sheet

28 Word Assignment

29 Microsoft Excel Heart Rate Assignment Heart Rate Monitors Cardio Equipment

30 Word Rubric

31 Award Certificate Rubric Flyer Rubric

32 Brochure Rubric

33 Fitness Calendar Rubric

34 Technology 4 Teachers Rubric

35 Interactive PowerPoint Rubric

36 Web Page Rubric

37 Digital Video Rubric

38 Podcast Rubric

39 Excel Rubrics

40 Efolio Rubric

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