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Technology for Development current programs and challenges Lerato Thahane.

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1 Technology for Development current programs and challenges Lerato Thahane

2 Situation High unemployment Skewed technology uptake High number of SMMEs 800 000 –Survivalist/micro 3,5million Increasing global opportunities and competition

3 What the program is addressing Low uptake Low awareness Inadequate capacity for technology extension Human resource development Attracting more role-players in technology transfer Quality Sector co-operation

4 Main interventions Technology transfer for wealth creation Anti-poverty technology transfer Main-streaming IKS

5 Technology transfer wealth creation Technology stations @ Technikons (Tshumisano) Godisa Trust various Technology diffusion instruments Targeted learnerships in key under- subscribed areas Regional Innovation initiatives

6 Technology Stations foci Textiles- Pentech Materials & Processing- Vaal T U Automotive components- PE Metals and processing technologies - FS Chemicals – NW Tech » Mangosuthu Electronics – Pretoria tech

7 Godisa Zenzele - Randburg Timbali - Nelspruit Softstart - Pretoria Egolibio - Modderfontein Emerging comtractors Voxel - Durban Chemin – Port Elizabeth Brainworks - Jhb Acorn – Cape Town Biodiesel

8 Anti-poverty technologies Simple, low-cost, Easily assimilated and accepted Provide alternative forms of occupation,employment and income Improve the quality of life Targeting (quality improvement, under- subscribed techs, market demand)

9 Anti-poverty technologies Agro-processing – Beekeeping & honey production, mushroom, essential oils, medicinal plants, hydroponics, leather, mohair, wool and plant fibre processing, Indigenous foods processing and commercialization etc. Other: Paper making, fuel and gel stove, pottery moulds, ICT, sanitation, construction etc.

10 Indigenous Knowledge Systems Development of Indigenous Technologies Digital libraries & documentation Scientific validation of IKS Modernization – value adding etc Traditional medicine prioritized

11 Progress Program and elements < 4years Successes – maturing incubates, successful contracts through tech station support, 4 clusters of anti-poverty technologies organizing into legal entities and experiencing sustainable incomes I.e Bee- keeping, paper making, mushroom, Indi foods,

12 Challenges Raising Awareness Significant Impact Increasing technology transfer role- players/extensioners Co-ordination of effort and partnerships Sector cluster development Broadening technology sources

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