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Welcome to Your Career To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun? K. Graham.

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1 Welcome to Your Career To love what you do and feel that it matters - how could anything be more fun? K. Graham

2 Think back to when you were in High School and one (1) Special Teacher made an impact on your life – who was the teacher – what subject did they teach and what were those Special Qualities? Teacher – Mr. Emanuel Subject Area – Science Qualities – Listened – Took interest in everything we did (shop/sports/family) – attended many extra-curricular functions - *Listened

3 Trade/Technology Education Consultants Introductions

4 Trade /Technology Consultants Heidi Balch Hairdressing Fashion Merchandising and Entrepreneurship Marketing Merchandising and Entrepreneurship Work Based Learning Skills USA Coordinator

5 Trade /Technology Consultants Marc Hussey Culinary Arts Baking Tourism, Hospitality and Guest Service Management Trade Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC)

6 Trade /Technology Consultants Mark Koncewicz Media Production Web Site CTHSS - Paparazzi

7 Trade /Technology Consultants John Murphy Architectural Drafting Automated Manufacturing Technology Computer-Aided Drafting and Design Manufacturing Technology Welding and Metal Fabrication

8 Trade /Technology Consultants Mary Skelly Early Care and Education

9 Trade /Technology Consultants Hank Weiner Bioscience and Environmental Technology

10 Trade /Technology Consultants Pat Fennessy Health Technology *Certified Nurse Assistant *Dental Assistant *Medical Assistant *Licensed Practical Nurse Program *Surgical Technician *Adult Programs

11 Trade /Technology Consultants Nichola Bankuty Assessment/ Data

12 Trade /Technology Consultants Jon Waleski Electromechanical Technology Electronics Technology Graphics Technology Information Systems Technology Pre-Electrical Engineering & Applied Electronics Technology Music Production

13 Trade /Technology Consultants Ray Mencio Automotive Technology Collision Repair & Refinishing Diesel & Heavy Equipment Repair Carpentry Electrical Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Plumbing & Heating Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Facilities Management* (09/14)

14 Interns Pat Ciarleglio Construction Trades Dan Thibault Transportation Technologies


16 Calendar Highlights 188 Teacher Days 182 Student Days 2 Contractual Shortened Day 10 Shortened Days for Professional Development Teachers in each school chose the make-up days schedule from three (3) options which determines your last day at school. Seniors can graduate on the 185 th scheduled day – June 19 th 2013

17 Calendar Each school calendar is unique for the following reasons: Amount of Trade/Technologies 9-14 Emergency Closings Scheduled PD Days (shortened days) Securing a venue for graduation

18 Calendar Reporting Quarters 1.08/28 to 10/31 – 45 days 2.11/01 to 01/22 – 46 days 3.01/23 to 04/04 – 47 days 4.04/07 to 06/16 – 44 days* Semester #1 – 91 days Semester #2 – 91 days The amount of days during the quarters is determined (again) by the number of trades in each school. Emergency Closings also effect the calendar.

19 Calendar Additional Information on the Calendar Professional Development Days Holidays Shortened Days Vacation Days Parent Conference Open House Career Night Trade Technology Advisory Committee (TTAC) Skills USA Assessment Window(s)

20 District Wide Summative Assessments Objective is to check for understanding at the end of a defined period of completed competencies. Trade/Technology areas are two (2) per year at the completion of the competencies in semester #1 and again in semester #2 Scheduling is at the discretion of the instructor – when competencies have been mastered.

21 Senior Summative Assessments Objective is to show the basic skills that students graduating must know and be able to do. Skills Workforce Ready State Licensing Exams Senior Project National Institute of Metalworking Skills (NIMS) System Assessments

22 School Transportation Vehicles (STV) Not a School Bus Approximately 125 Vehicles Cost new approximately $12,500,000 Annual upkeep (excluding fuel) approximately $250,000 Driver qualifications CDL Class C with A & P endorsements. We also provide training! Mandatory for Health Technology and Construction Trades Athletic Activities approx. $100 a trip

23 Educational Production Work Architectural Technologies Automotive Baking Carpentry Collision Repair & Refinishing Culinary Arts Diesel & Heavy Equipment Repair Electrical Graphics HVAC – Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Hairdressing Masonry Manufacturing Plumbing & Heating Welding & Metal Fabrication

24 Educational Production Work Educational Production Work is accepted on the basis of Instructional Value – Therefore- WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICES

25 Educational Production Work As of 2012 Educational Production Work is open to everyone without a cap. Production work will be accepted on an educational basis. Construction work requests will all come through Central Office for review and basic pricing. A basic list of pricing will be posted in all departments. We charge labor only as all supplies are the responsibility of the customer.

26 Educational Production Work Prior to performing renovation or demolition work on any building or utility built prior to 1978, the customer must provide an audit for miscellaneous hazardous materials that is performed by an approved and qualified consultant/company. A copy of all documented analytical results must be provided and kept on file.

27 Educational Production Work State of Connecticut/CTHSS assumes no responsibility therefore the customer is required to inform their insurer that student labor is being utilized.

28 Educational Production Work Automotive Departments will work exactly as a dealership – make an appointment, bring the vehicle in, get a price quote as per Mitchell on Demand, if acceptable customer supplies parts and work is started. If the Vehicle is over 15 years of age, authorization by the consultant must be given before the vehicle can be taken in for repairs

29 Educational Production Work The CTHSS will not be responsible for any damage that occurs while the vehicle is in our possession. The customers insurance will be the initial recourse.

30 Educational Production Work The only off campus production work is performed by the Construction Trades! Hairdressing & Barbering is by appointment. Culinary Arts & Baking can provide pick- up services only!

31 Final Thought: The young do not follow our preachings – they follow us! R. Brault Questions??

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