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Integrating Technology and Strategy: A General Management Perspective

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1 Integrating Technology and Strategy: A General Management Perspective
Review of Pages 1-12 S. Walsh & JB Tuttle


3 Outline Purpose Key concepts in Technology innovations
Integration of technology and Innovation in strategy Frame works for auditing and assessing films innovative capacity Conclusion

4 Purpose Help the strategic officer of a company deal with issues of technology and Innovation Established High tech 5% on Technology and Innovation related activities Acquire, develop and allocate resources Importance of Tech as a Resource To develop and exploit firms capacity for innovation

5 Key concepts in Technology innovations
Inventions Discoveries and Technologies Basic Scientific Research - General knowledge Applied Scientific Research – Solve a problem Criteria for success For invention & discoveries – technical For innovation – commercial Definition of Technology Refers to the theoretical and practical knowledge, skill and artifacts that can be use to develop products and services as well as their production and delivery systems

6 Technological Innovations
Some are technology based Some are facilities by new technology Innovation are the outcome of innovation processes Combined activities leading to new stuff Innovation categories Incremental, radical and architectural

7 More Key Concepts Technological entrepreneurship
Activities and outcomes Inventions, technologies & innovations as outcomes Activities are R&D, market development etc. For interrelations between all see exhibit 1

8 Integrate Strategy and technology
Prescriptive / Normative vs. Objective Environment versus internal Market based strategy versus Resource based Product versus Competence Prior to 1960’s technology has little or no strategic role 1969 Stewart and Ansoff - Strategy Directs 1984 – Friar et all – They have primal influence on each other

9 Porter’s Box A environmental or Market strategist view
Overall cost leadership Overall differentiation Focus segment cost leader Focus segment differentiation This view is based on what does the technology do not how it does it See exhibit 2

10 Fusfeld’s Audit Strategy expressed by technologies and products
Exhibit 3 The initiation of technology audit efforts We have or own

11 Technology Portfolio Know when to do what – better known as the Kenny Rogers or “Know when to fold em Know when to hold em, Know when to walk away and Know when to run!” Relative technology position on X axis and relative importance on the y axis

12 Technology Business Portfolio
Much the same focus Attractiveness and importance on Y Competitive Position and Position on the x

13 Tech and the value Chain
In broadest sense it is everything to everyone – Technology is everywhere Firm value chain We do this latter in the semester Technology Forecasting Technology Lifecycles Understand the differences between product and technology Lifecycles Competing on different aspects over time

14 Capabilities and Competence Audits
Fusfeld focused on technology competence These models focus on business capabilities Very complicated I give you one that combines both

15 Conclusion Nothing sustainable Great happens without Good teamwork
Good leadership Good technologies and innovation


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