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The Three Areas of Technology

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1 The Three Areas of Technology
7th Grade Technology Education Mr. Colby

2 The 3 Areas of Technology
To ease our study, technology can be divided into three main areas: Physical Technology Biotechnology Information Communication Technology

3 Physical Technology Physical technology refers to making products.
Examples: Manufacturing of clothing Building a new restaurant Bridge construction Automobiles

4 Biotechnology Branch of technology that develops new systems to improve agriculture, health care, and the environment. AGRICULTURE Safer Pesticides Hydroponics (Soil-less Farming) HEALTH CARE MRI, X-Ray CAT, PET Scan ENVIRONMENT Recycling Filtered Water

5 Information/Communication Technology
Technology that has been developed for exchanging data. Examples: Television Computer Telephone

6 Technology Growth Technology will continue to move forward by adapting so that each upward step is an improvement over existing products.

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