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Craig Coker Organics Recycling Coordinator

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1 Food Waste Diversion at Correctional Facilities Composting Technologies and Costs
Craig Coker Organics Recycling Coordinator DENR/ Div. Of Pollution Prevention & Environmental Assistance

2 Overview Technology in Composting Capital Cost Operational Costs
Materials Handling Biological Process Optimization Odor Control Capital Cost Increases with technology Operational Costs Decrease with technology Footprint (Area Required) Decreases with technology (usually)

3 Technology Classification
Low - Tech Windrow Mid - Tech Aerated Static Pile Aerated Compost Bins High - Tech (In-Vessel) Rotary Drum Composters Box/Tunnel Composting Systems Mechanical Compost Bins

4 Windrow Composting Long, narrow piles agitated/turned regularly
Aeration by natural/passive air movement Better suited to larger volumes Composting Time: Months

5 Windrow Composting, cont.
Equipment Needed Grinder/Shredder Tractor/FEL Windrow Turner tractor-pulled self-propelled Screener Manual labor costs excessive without equipment

6 Windrow Composting, cont.
Footprint One Acre Can Handle 4, ,000 CY Compost Mix Costs Site Prep -Site Specific Asphalt/Concrete Pad ($12 - $27/square yard) Equipment Grinder/Shredder : $3,500 Tractor/Front End Loader : $50K - $150K Windrow Turner : $30K - $200K Screeners : $50K - $180K

7 Aerated Compost Bins

8 Aerated Compost Bins Aeration Through Porous Floor Plates
Composting Time: Weeks Curing Time: 2 Months Durable Materials of Construction Equipment Needed: Front End Loader Vector/Vermin Control Needed With Food Wastes Capacities: Days Food Waste + Bulking Agent Per Bin

9 Aerated Compost Bins At Caledonia
12 Bins - Two Rows of 6 Bins Construction Cost - $40,000 Footprint - 50 SF per Bin Capacity of Each Bin - 36 Barrels (35 - gal.) of Food Scraps Blowers CFM Aeration Plates - 2’ x 2’, $89 Each Filling/Emptying - With Bobcat

10 Aerated Static Pile Aeration Provided By Mechanical Blowers
Can Shorten Composting time to Weeks (followed by 30 days curing)

11 Aerated Static Pile Better Suited to Larger Volumes (landscape debris and food waste) May Not Be Suited to Wastes That Need Mixing During Composting, Like Food Wastes Difficult to Adjust Moisture Content During Composting If Needed Odor Control Difficult With Positive Aeration Less Land Area Than Windrows, Still Labor Intensive

12 In-Vessel Systems Rotary Drum Composters

13 Rotary Drum Composters
Rotation Mixes, Aerates Compost Mix Second - Stage Curing/Composting Needed Food Waste Grinding and Mixing With Bulking Agent Needed Prior to Feeding Drum Recipe For Drum Composting Food Wastes: 2 Parts Wood Chips 1 Part Sawdust 2 Parts Food Waste

14 Rotary Drum Composting at Brown Creek
Type 616 Greendrum Composter with Patz 9427 Chopper Mounted on Tandem Axle Frame - moveable Footprint SF Daily Loading Rate - 2, ,000 Lbs/Day Operating Capacity - 11 CY Retention Time - 1 Week, Curing Time - 2 Months Cost - Approx. $45,000

15 Box/Tunnel Composting Systems

16 Box/Tunnel Composting Systems

17 Auburn Correctional Facility, NY
Wright Environmental Model 1500 (Model 750 shown)

18 Auburn Correctional Composting
Capacity: 1500 lbs/day Composting Time: 4 Weeks Curing Time: 1 Month Labor - 2 Inmates Cost: $123,000 Disposal Savings: $33,000 / yr. (4-yr. Payback) Footprint: 50’ Long x 10’ Wide

19 Mechanical Compost Bins
Green Mountain Technologies “Earth Tub” Modular Design, Batch Operation Capacity: 200 lbs/day Composting Time: 4 Weeks; Curing: 1 Month Footprint: 1 Parking Space Cost: $6,000 Labor: 1 Operator

20 GMT “Earth Tub” Installations
UNC - Asheville (Spring, 1999) Univ. of Georgia Hyatt Regency, Chicago Vermont DEC Univ. of South Carolina Connecticut DEP Flushing Hospital, NY Texas A&M University

21 For More Information: Greendrum Rotary Drum Composter
Bob Broom, RKB Enterprises (888) Wright Environmental Tunnel System Paul Roth, Innovative Environmental Systems (757) Green Mountain Technologies Earth Tub John DeRham, (802)

22 Summary Factors To Consider In Selecting Technology Available Space
Available Labor (Inmate or Staff) Vendor Previous Experience With Same Feedstocks Control of Odors, Vermin, and Vectors Life - Cycle Costs Capital Costs And All O&M Costs Over Expected Life Of System Low - Tech: Lower Capital; Higher Operating Costs High - Tech: Higher Capital; Lower Operating Costs

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