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Le Monde Francophone (the French-speaking World)

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1 Le Monde Francophone (the French-speaking World)


3 Why do people speak French all over the world?
Answer: Colonialism

4 After watching this presentation, students will be able to:
Explain why French is spoken all over the world Define colonization Identify the causes & effects of colonialism Construct a timeline of French colonialism

5 What is colonization? One country takes control of another country
The colonizer (or ruling country) takes resources from the colony The colonizer often pushes its culture and language on the colony

6 Why do countries COLONIZE other countries?
To become richer To gain power To increase opportunities to trade To expand Because they think that their culture and way of life is better

7 French Colonialism France had many colonies from the 1600s-1960s.
In the 1800s and 1900s, France was the second biggest colonizer in the world (after England).

8 Colonialism

9 French Colonialism Initially French colonialism was driven more by the state, the church , and the military, rather than by business interests. The ideological legitimization for French colonialism was mission civilisatrice (similar to “white man’s burden”): to spread French culture, language, and religion throughout the colonies.

10 French Colonialism Later, it became a scramble for power, with all the major European powers competing for more colonies. More colonies meant more resources. More resources meant more economic gain.


12 French Colonialism The first phase of French colonial efforts was focused in Canada, the Louisiana Territory, the Caribbean, and west Africa. During the second phase of French colonialism (1870 to World War II), the empire grew to include most of north Africa and Indochina.

13 Partition of Africa

14 What were the effects of colonialism?
Exploitation of resources Change of culture Political upheavals

15 Research your country and teach us more…

16 Exit Pass What does Francophone mean? What is colonization?

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