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Introducing –CTO~ MIST Marketing & Management Information System for Tourism Presented by Gail Clarke (Market Research Specialist) CTO.

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1 Introducing –CTO~ MIST Marketing & Management Information System for Tourism Presented by Gail Clarke (Market Research Specialist) CTO

2 REGIONAL TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Caribbean Global Gateways consumer internet system ( global: multiple markets and multi-language supports official internet sites of member countries CTOnet Caribbean regional intranet system (OneCaribbean) regional tourism statistics & reports market research & market intelligence on-line training materials, events, etc Databases towards a Caribbean Tourism Web Community CTO-MIST Tourism Management Information System with national and regional components





7 Tourism Management Information Systems Information Technology revolution Impact on international tourism National Systems Processing of tourism statistics Statistics Departments Tourist Offices CTRC MicroStats - past its best? National Internet Systems Other Information Systems BACKGROUND

8 About CTO ~ MIST ! Developed in Off the Shelf Software - MS Access and MS SQL Windows Technology ( W 95 / 98 or NT ) Runs on standard PC - 350 Mhz,4.3 GBHD,32/64 K RAM, CD ( 40X) + Zip Drive Reports Facilitates Data Transfer - National, Regional, International -via Network - Email – Disc – Zip etc. Facilitates Data Input - follows existing information flow Can be further enhanced to meet local needs Can be customised to Support a National Web Initiative Is both Regional and National. Progressive Implementation Approach to Meeting National Needs Flexible and User Friendly

9 CTO-MIST - Design Considerations v Inclusive – meet the needs of all Caribbean tourism destinations - large and small, developed and new. v Modular – selected components can be installed at first; others can be added later to meet new demands. v Flexible – operated by, and accessible to, a wide range of users, e.g. over a computer network. v Best Practice – guide to standard methods of collecting and disseminating tourism information. v Internet Support – linked to the national Internet site for greatly improved information management. v Regional – facilitate regional data comparisons and the development of a regional information system at CTO.

10 CTO ~ MIST An Integrated MIS Comprising Performance Module E/D Cards Visitor Surveys Other Indicators (Economic) etc. Product Inventory Module C.15 Databases - Accommodation, Attractions, Events, Flexible Search and Select and Detailed Reporting Marketing Module Market Intelligence Source Market Information Market Research Reports MIST is an Integrated Management Information System not just a Replacement for current Stats Systems.







17 What can CTO ~ MIST mean to Member Countries ? Introducesleast developed members to the Information Technology Age Influencesmethodology for collection and processing Tourism Research, Marketing & Planning information. Aids Tourism Planning, Research and Marketing Formalises & Centralises some existing & diverse collection activities UnderpinsNational Internet Initiatives StandardisesIIn formation collection and dissemination across the region Links Information Collection to CTO and Regional needs. But -Absorption Capacity, Resource and Technology Entry Level is a consideration CTO ~ MIST can be a Great Leveler Giving CTO member countries & product suppliers equal access to Tourism Marketing & Management Information.

18 Where are we now – Where are we going ? EU funded project started 1998/9 Actively being used in St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis Recently implemented in Antigua and Barbuda and Suriname. Request for installation in others Other CTO written systems in existence in Guyana and Belize Next moves: 2003-2004 – Upgrade of MIST given new technology of Internet and intranet systems enhance CTOs ability to maintain the system. Training, increase in house capability within CTO and our NTOs to manage the system Regional MIST, establish The CTO system as the database for tourism information in the Caribbean

19 The Key to a Successful Implementation Commitment & Cooperation - Tourism - Statistics - Immigration - and Public / Private Sector stake holders. Acceptable Entry Level of Data Availability and Technology at a National Level Absorption Capacity - Resources and Information Availability.

20 Thank you for your Kind Attention

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