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Hi-P International Limited1 CONFIDENTIAL Hi-P INTERNATIONAL LTD Introduction.

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1 Hi-P International Limited1 CONFIDENTIAL Hi-P INTERNATIONAL LTD Introduction

2 Hi-P International Limited2 CONFIDENTIAL HI-P INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Incorporated in Singapore on 26 Dec 1980 Listed 17 Dec 2003 on Mainboard of Singapore Stock Exchange Chairman cum CEO, Mr. CT Yao owns 58% 15 manufacturing plants globally 20,000 employees worldwide Corporate Overview

3 Hi-P International Limited3 CONFIDENTIAL Mr. Yao Hsiao Tung is our Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Group. He is responsible for formulating the strategic directions of the Group as well as overall management of the operations. Mr. Yao has more than 40 years of experience in the precision tooling and plastic injection molding industry. Mr. Yao was conferred Honorary Doctorate by his Alma Mater, National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences, on 25 October 2009. Chairman Introduction

4 Hi-P International Limited4 CONFIDENTIAL History & Milestones Mr. Yao invested his S$50,000 saving and managed the company 1983 Incorporation in Singapore Hi-P Tool & Die 1980 Molex invested and became its customer 1987 Hi-P Xiamen Hi-P Mold Base Chengdu Haier Hi-P JV Qingdao 2001 Hi-P Industries Hi-P Tianjin 2002 IPO on Singapore Stock Exchange Revenue >US$100mil Hi-P Suzhou Tech Hi-P Suzhou Electronics 2003 Revenue crossed US$10mil1995 First overseas expansion, Hi-P Shanghai Electronics 1993 Renamed Hi-P International Hi-P Camera Products Hi-P Spray Painting 2000 Hi-P Precision Chengdu1998 Hi-P Mexico, first in N.America Changed name to Hi-P Singapore 1997 Hi-P Dongguan2006 Hi-P Shanghai Optical Lens2004 Hi-P Poland, first in Europe Hi-P Thailand Hi-P Shanghai Tech 2005 2009 Hi-P acquires G-Flex 2010 Acquisition of Motorolas R&D Center

5 Hi-P International Limited5 CONFIDENTIAL Global Presence China USA Corp Plant ESI & Offices Tianjin Chengdu Shanghai Suzhou Taiwan Xiamen Thailand Wroclaw Chicago Guadalajara Hungary Singapore Tokyo

6 Hi-P International Limited6 CONFIDENTIAL Our Vision Recognized leader as an integrated electro-mechanical solution provider focusing on value creation and exceeding customer expectations through innovation

7 Hi-P International Limited7 CONFIDENTIAL Our Mission Partner with customers to add value and contribute to mutual success Our Goal Continue with the 8 measures as we strive towards our Vision 10, 2020 Our Mission & Goal

8 Hi-P International Limited8 CONFIDENTIAL Key Customers WirelessConsumer ElectronicsComputing Peripherals

9 Hi-P International Limited9 CONFIDENTIAL Revenue Growth S$Mil Tooling House Component Manufacturer Module Assemblies Integrated E-Mech Solutions Provider

10 Hi-P International Limited10 CONFIDENTIAL Vertical Integration Integrated Electro-Mechanics Solutions Cosmetic Metal Precision Stamping Plastic Injection 2Colors/3Colors NCVM IML Surface Decoration ODM Tool Fabrication Tool Design PCBA In-house Test Development Electro-Mechanics Assembly Module Assembly FPC

11 Hi-P International Limited11 CONFIDENTIAL ToolingNPI MoldingPaintingPad Printing NCVMIMLCNC IMD DesignDFM/ESI with Customer Laser Etching Plastics & Decoration Capabilities

12 Hi-P International Limited12 CONFIDENTIAL Laser MarkingChemical Etching Control Env Assy Polishing Sandblasting Tempo Print ED Color Anodizing Laser Welding PVD Spot Welding De-greasing Metals & Decoration Capabilities

13 Hi-P International Limited13 CONFIDENTIAL FPC & Rigid Flex Capabilities 8 Layer Rigid FlexMulti Layer FPC5 Layer Rigid Flex6 Layer Rigid Flex10 Layer Rigid Flex ItemsStandardCustomized Material UsedPolyimide / PET0.5mil / 1mil Maximum Panel Size 19.7 X 24 (500mm X 610mm) Line Width and Spacing 3mil (0.07mm)2mil (0.05mm) Copper Thickness 1/3 oz min1/4 oz min via / Drill SizeMin Drill Hole Diameter6mil (0.15mm)4mil (0.1mm) Min via Size After Plating4mil (0.1mm)3mil (0.075mm) Micro via (Laser) 4mil (0.1mm)3mil (0.075mm) Hole to Thickness RatioThru Hole Via1:6 Blind Via1:1 Surface FinishedHard and soft Gold / ENIG / OSP / Tin Lead Plating /HASL Cover LayerPolyimide / Flexible Solder Mask / PET Stiffener MaterialPolyimide / FR4 /Metal / PET Shielding MaterialCopper / Silver Ink / Tatsuta Tooling Tolerance +/-2mil (0.05mm)+/-1mil (0.025mm) ZIF Tolerance +/-4mil (0.1mm)+/-2mil (0.05mm)

14 Hi-P International Limited14 CONFIDENTIAL SMT Capabilities 20 mil Pitch BGA Assembly, Rework and Repair, Re-balling SMT with 0201 Chip & 16 mil Fine Pitch QFP Dome Force Measure & Dome Force Test Double Sided Reflow ICT Testing Lead Free Technology FPC Punch EL Dome Module Solder Paste Printer Placement Equipment Reflow OvenRouter

15 Hi-P International Limited15 CONFIDENTIAL Hi-P Singapore Design Center Located at Motorola Singapore facility ~100 experienced R&D & support staff Comprehensive mobile phone lab facilities Capable to design mobile phones, tablets and related products & accessories 1984- SDC established 1990- Center of Excellence was formed 1992- Received Singapore Design Award 1996- Received Singapore Quality Award 2009- Changed to iDen Design Center 2011- Acquired by Hi-P Core Competences

16 Hi-P International Limited16 CONFIDENTIAL Hi-P Culture Our Core Pillars People Oriented: Respect, Care and Support Results Oriented: Performance Based Rewards, Bonuses and Promotion Our Attitudes - Contribution : One for all and all for one - Ownership How we Conduct Ourselves Manners Spirit Integrity Discipline Results Expected We seek to create a united and highly productive team that will contribute to our families, our company, society and the world.

17 Hi-P International Limited17 CONFIDENTIAL Awards Ranked in 2007 as 658 in Global Chinese Enterprise Listing with a revenue of US$6.48M Group Chairman Mr. Yao was awarded the 2009 Asia- Pacific Region Entrepreneur of the Year Top 50 Singapore Companies for five consecutive years Excellent Supplier Award from Motorola, Braun, Gillette Forbes ranking of 31 for Singapore companies RIM "best supplier Award

18 Hi-P International Limited18 CONFIDENTIAL Summary Recognized leader in Integrated Electro-Mechnical Solution arena Seamless design to manufacturing solution Uncompromised quality Competitive overall cost Time-to-volume; time-to-market Simplified supply chain Strong Employee Value Proposition

19 Hi-P International Limited19 CONFIDENTIAL

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