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MUJH MEIN HAI WOH BAAT (Art of Presenting one-self)

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2 MUJH MEIN HAI WOH BAAT (Art of Presenting one-self)


4 SPEAKER Positive Frame of Mind. Healthy Self Image. Spontaneous sense of humor. Talking the Speech. Simple and short words. Quotes, Anecdotes. Others.

5 Audience Has a right to question you. Has a right to access you. To be respected. Never fails, speaker fails more often.


7 What Makes Good Appearance? Energetic eyes. Expressing & Smiling face. Correct body posture. Perfect clothing. Neatly done hair. Personal hygiene.

8 7 MANTRAS FOR SUCCESS Communication Skills Influencing abilities Managing Skills Problem Solving Creative Thinking Social Skills Managing Money


10 Impact of Body Language Facial Expressions – 55% Intonation – 38% Words – 7%

11 Types of Gazing Formal Social Intimate

12 Mindset while shaking the hand DOMINATION CONTROL EQUALITY

13 TYPES OF HANDSHAKE Upper and Lower palm position Glove position Politician handshake Dead fish hand shake Crushing fingers Hard hand shake Holding fingers Pulling Hand Holding wrist/elbow/arm/shoulder Manly shake Keeping an arms length

14 Some noticeable gestures Palm V Sign, OK Sign Thumb position Crossing arms Fixed & focused stare. Covering mouth touching nose Rubbing Chin

15 Some noticeable gestures Finger in mouth Scratching neck. Touching the face Hesitant before speaking Finger on cheek & hand on chin Pointing finger Hands crossed, thumb upward


17 Gestures of DISINTEREST Tapping foot Doodling on paper Playing with hair Shutting eyes frequently Rubbing ear Playing with an object

18 The SOFTEN Formula S Smile O Open Posture F Forward leaning T Touch E Eye Contact N Nodding


20 Kuch Tum Kaho Kuch Hum Sune…. (Appearing for an Interview) The Grand Finale

21 The well groomed working women - Thats You Hair Personal Hygiene Face Make-up Hands Nails Feet Shoes Jewellery Clothes Overall Image: A Neat, well-groomed, quiet & elegant lady.

22 Well-groomed man Groomed well from top to toe Hair Face Hands Personal hygiene Clothes Shoes Jewellery

23 General Tips Find out about the organisation Update yourself with general awareness Study thoroughly your favorite subject Make a visual impression Punctuality Other essentials Venue Call Letter Important certificates

24 Do's VLVLook Confident VPVPresent well VBVBe courteous VDVDecent manners VWVWear a smart appearance Dont Frequent shifting of chair V Blinking, scratching V Stretching V Yawning V Giggling V Cracking knuckles V Answering in tense under tones

25 Before You take off.... Take permission before entering. Take seat when asked for. Sit in a formal posture. Maintain eye contact. Give a confident look.

26 On the Hot Seat Be Specific in answering Be honest in saying no if you dont know. Keep smiling and cool posture while answering. Dont hurry. Wait N Answer. Think before You Speak. Dont try to befool the panel.

27 Body Language during an interview Handshake (If offered) Open & Formal Posture Eye Contact Facial expressions Voice

28 Steps in answering behavioral interview questions Give a complete story of an event first. Be specific about what you did/said/felt/thought. Separate your actions from the actions of others. Use I examples more than We

29 7 SIGNALS FOR SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEW Smile, Eye Contact Spontaneous Humor Relax, Calm Signals Mirror the interview techniques Dont hurry….wait Maintain alert position Try to adapt and open, honest & confident attitude.

30 Finally…… Ask questions/clarification from panel. Gather the items you might have placed on the table. Standup and straighten up your clothes. Smile and shake hands with the interviewer and Thank them. Exit by closing the door quietly.

31 At the end of Interview……. Question that you can ask. Exact profile being looked for. Details about the organisation Location of posting Any probation Formal induction programme When and how result will be conveyed Dont forget to show gratitude by saying thank you.

32 Interviews (Frequently asked questions) Why do you want this job? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? Why should we offer you this job? What are your strengths & weaknesses? What do you consider your greatest achievement? What do you know about our company? Why did you choose this particular career? What attracts you to this company? What public figure & business leaders you admire most and why?

33 Interviews (Personality related questions) Tell us about yourself. What three keywords would your peers use to describe you? What would your boss say is your biggest problem? How would your best friend describe you? How would your worst enemy describe you? Tell us about the passion in your life as it relates to your work. What aspects of your work excite you the most?

34 Few sample questions Why are you the best person for the job? (1) Ive held a lot of positions like this one, and that experience will help me here. (2) Because I am good at what I do. (3) Our discussion here leads me to believe this is a good place to work. (4) You need someone who can produce results, and my background and experience are proof of my ability. For example….

35 What do you know about our organization? (1) I have done a little homework and here is what I know about your organization…..(Cite examples) (2) Everything Ive seen & heard makes me want to be a part of this Org.I understand your industry is …..and your primary customer is….A particularly exciting part of your business appears to be…… (3) I know enough to know this is an exciting place to work. It appears to be fit for my career goals.

36 What are your strengths? (1) I am good at giving constructive criticism to my co- workers. This honesty is something Im very proud of & have found essential to having open working relationship. (2) I consider myself to be very consistent. I have proven myself to be someone who can be counted upon to do what is expected. (3) Id have to chose between two skills. I am very proud of my determination & ability to get things done. At the same time, I am very proud of my analytical abilities & problem solving skills. These skills combine to give me a unique ability to solve problems and then implement the solutions.

37 Where do you want to be in 5 years? (1) I havent really thought that far ahead but I think Id want your job. (2) If selected Id hope to met my goals & take advantage of opportunities to learn so I will be considered for other positions within the company. I hope to build my career with a company such as this one. (3) Long term, I hope to start my own business.

38 Curriculum Vitae Contents… Personal Information Background Qualification Contact details Certificates & other documents Passport size photographs Any other relevant information

39 Remember, Your attitude determines your altitude

40 Wherever you are, it is the place to start. What you do today is important.


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