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2 The Crisis Metro Atlanta starts with consensus - we have a traffic crisis Were the 9 th worst in congestion in the country We have 7 of the worst freeway bottlenecks in the country Georgia is 48 th in per capita spending for transportation Gas tax revenues continue to fall Federal funds expected to drop by 20-30% Average commute times are over 60 minutes, one of the highest in the country and Metro Atlanta is expected to grow by 3 million people by 2040 Competing cities know our problem

3 State law passed in 2010 1 penny sales tax for transportation that expires after 10 years 12 individual regions statewide, all 12 regions vote July 31, 2012 All money raised in a region, stays in that region Metro region – 10 counties vote TOGETHER Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry and Rockdale Raises more than $8.5 billion over 10 years 15% goes to local governments, local projects 85% goes to 157 regional projects Nearly a 50/50 split between roads and transit The Solution

4 157 regional improvement projects in the 10-county region selected by local elected officials Over 200,000 citizens had input Citizen Review Panel Online reporting Sunsets in 10 years Transparency and Accountability

5 Regional Interactive Project Map

6 Economic Impact 4 to 1 Return on Investment 200,000 additional jobs supported 34,000 construction jobs Two-thirds of jobs are mid to high paying sector jobs $18 Billion increase in regions personal income Travel Impact 24% average decrease in future travel delays Improved air quality Daily transit use will go up from 417,000 to 580,000 Safety needs on roadways with 25,000 accidents per year $9.2 Billion in travel time savings The Impact

7 Citizens for Transportation Mobility (CTM) is a 501c4 campaign committee that will promote passage of the referendum Untie Atlanta UntieAtlanta Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network (MAVEN) is a 501c3 non-advocacy organization that will focus exclusively on non-partisan voter education & generic GOTV Transform Metro Atlanta TransformATL Campaign Organization

8 What Do I Do Now?

9 Vote Yes! June 16th – absentee ballots begin going out July 2nd – last day to register to vote July 9th- advanced in person absentee voting begins July 21st – early voting begins (only day for Saturday voting) July 23-27 – early voting July 31 – election day

10 Open forum


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