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Labour market situation in the region of Érd Social Entrepreneur of the year 2007 – Hungary Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships 21 January 2013, Velky Meder.

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1 Labour market situation in the region of Érd Social Entrepreneur of the year 2007 – Hungary Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships 21 January 2013, Velky Meder

2 The region of Érd is situated in the Region of Central Hungary, in Pest county Has a favourable situation due to the proximity of Budapest and the agglomeration ring No considerable manufacturing industry in the city, but more work and education opportunities in the surroundings Prosperous sectors of the region are logistics and trade, service industries and the banking and financial sector ~ 9%

3 Labor market trends in the country and in the region

4 The developement of the unemployement rate compared to EU level EU 10,7% (2012.nov) Hu 10,9% (2012.nov)

5 The evolution of the unemployement rate in the last years (three-month average, %) aug

6 The number of employed and unemployed persons

7 Disadvantaged groups on the labour market Job seekers over 50 years of age Youth /school –leavers/ without any work experience Disabled / handicapped persons Long-term unemployed persons Women getting back to employment

8 Data according to the National Employment Service (Nov. 2012) Registered job- seekers School- leavers Younger than 25 years Disable d job- seeker s Number of unfilled vacancies Country-wide569 261 6554486749 29961 52668 Central Hungary87432724910001308011434 Pest county397293723546217244353 Educational level of the school-leavers% Elementary school (8 grades)35,2 Vocational school20,9 Secondary vocational school20,4 Secondary general school14,6 Polytechnic2,9 Higher education5,9 Statistical data in the region of Érd Nr. of registered job-seekers : 2 788 pers Nr. of registered unemployed Youth : 255 pers Ratio of school-leavers in the total amount of job-seekers ~ 11,7% (in the country), ~ 9% (in the region of Érd)

9 The ratio of graduates /school-leavers/ among registered job- seekers in different regions of the country CSO (Dec 2012)

10 The evolution of the number and ratio of registered unemployed graduates

11 The ratio of unemployed youth in total unemployment rate Total unemployment rate Youth of age 15-24

12 In 2010/2011 school year most students have learned in the following professional fields Fields of education Students Number% Hotel, restaurant, catering1927010,6 Building and civil mechanic148548,2 Mechanics and metal work124916,9 Retail and wholesale trade114696,3 Computer science87784,8 Travel, tourism and leisure81434,5 Motor vehicles, ships and aircraft78074,3 Management and administration74814,1

13 The number of students and graduates in vocational schools in 2011 Fields of education Nr. of studentsGraduated Vocational school Secondary vocational school Vocational school Secondary vocational school Teacher training, education13258116 Arts2100111845332296 Social sciences0411090 Economics and management112431683434956775 Natural sciences043017 IT1006391412540 Mechanical engineering4636010954113935643 Agriculture401415031056714 Health, social care127167562881700 Services268471373052746337 Total91936681312208826228

14 The number of vocational schools in the county and in the region Professions trained in vocational schools of the region: Érd: shop assistant, office assistant, panel beater, electrician, house painter, pipe and central heating fitter, cook, pastry cook Százhalombatta: informatics, mechanical engineering, management, economics Budaörs: economics Vocation al school Special vocational school Secondary vocational schoolTotal Pest county39660105 Budapest8223188293 Érd region (Érd, Százhalombatta, Budaörs)1023 Total39660105

15 Professions in shortage in the Central Hungarian Region metal machinist welder bricklayer electrician fitter refrigeration and air- conditioning mechanic carpenter electro mechanic house painter tiler building services engineer cabinetmaker scaffold maker toolmaker horse raiser

16 Affecting factors of the situation of school-leavers on the labour market

17 Different aspects of the employment of school-leavers /youth/ Employers prefer to employ experienced workers, with reliable professonal skills young people without any experience are always a threat for the employer, because their efficiency is less predictable then those, who have filled more jobs less stable work force, change jobs more frequently still affecting impacts of the economic crisis: decreasing number of job vacancy, many companies have gone bankrupt and disappears from LM each company tries to work with a minimum /effectively working/ staff young people can be formed according to the company's needs, ensuring the workforce supply, have lower wages and less paid holiday

18 Youth/school-leavers/ have no work experience, need to be taught by an experienced colleague havent got developed working methodology, nor the skills required havent got established discipline of work still seeking their own way, do not know what they really want to work have irreal expectations about salary impatience with the progress of their career unwillingness of working mobility have updated knowledge, but often not at required quality and standards good physical bearing capacity

19 Situation of vocational education infavourable changes in the field of vocational education decrease of LM demand towards workforce without graduation delayed react of education strategies to the changes in the needs and demands of the labor market the vocational school became a kind of rescue net for disadvantaged students with learning and integration difficulties the students do not find their place in the training process high drop-out rate in vocational schools, few years later enhancing the unemployed people number very uncertain perspectives for the school-leavers entering the job market lack of technical conditions for practical training in the schools vocational schools often are unable to prepare their students for the increasingly complex professional skills there is no adequate career guidance integrated into the curriculum the young are not prepared for access to employment and are not familiar with job search methods either

20 Katalin Bartha programme manager Cellphone: +36 20 959 8918 Thank you for the attention! Social Entrepreneur of the Year – Hungary 2007

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