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Plant Research Intl, Netherlands

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1 Plant Research Intl, Netherlands
Cornell Susan Brown Kenong Xu Clemson Ksenija Gasic Gregory Reighard Texas A&M Dave Byrne Univ. of CA-Davis Tom Gradziel Carlos Crisosto  Univ. of New Hamp. Tom Davis MSU Amy Iezzoni (PD) Jim Hancock Dechun Wang Cholani Weebadde WSU Cameron Peace Dorrie Main Kate Evans Karina Gallardo Raymond Jussaume Vicki McCracken Nnadozie Oraguzie Mykel Taylor Univ. of Arkansas John Clark USDA-ARS Nahla Bassil Gennaro Fazio Chad Finn Univ. of Minnesota Jim Luby Chengyan Yue Oregon State Univ. Alexandra Stone Plant Research Intl, Netherlands Eric van de Weg Marco Bink

2 International Collaborators
Plant Research International, Netherlands East Malling Research, UK CRA-FRU, Rome, Italy IASMA, Trento, Italy INRA (Bordeaux, Avignon, Angers), France Andres Bello University, Chile Plant & Food Research, New Zealand ARC, South Africa RosBREED participant location + 2 Scientific Advisory Panel members (Spain, New Zealand)

3 Bridging the Chasm! RosBREED Genomics Breeding

4 Socio-economics information
The RosBREED Approach SELECTION TARGETS SELECTION STRATEGIES Objectively define Optimize DNA information Socio-economics information IMPROVED CULTIVARS RosBREED

5 RosBREED’s “Work Packages” (5 Objs)
Enhance new cultivar adoption, enlarge market potential, increase consumption = socio-economics knowledge of trait values 2) Establish sustainable infrastructure for MAB in Rosaceae = genome scanning capability, new QTLs (“jewels”) 3) Integrate socio-econ and genomics resources into breeding = pedigree-based breeding information management system 4) Conduct MAB in demo breeding programs, fruit quality focus = MAB implementation 5) Enhance sustainability of cultivar development = tech transfer to more breeders & engage other stakeholders RosBREED

6 RosBREED “Jewels in the Genome” - discovering, polishing, applying
QTL discovery (looks promising...) MAB Pipelining (polishing...) Breeding (assembling into masterpieces) RosBREED

7 RosBREED SNP Genome Scans Peach: 9K Apple: 8K Cherry: 6K
Cherry array success Illumina Infinium® arrays: Peach: 9K Apple: 8K Cherry: 6K Peach & Cherry genome scan strategy Genotype obtained for screened sweet cherry germplasm SNP failed “SNP chip” SNP genotyping Example use: peach mapping Apple genome scan strategy RosBREED

8 RosBREED Reference Germplasm CROP REFERENCE SET
Minnesota BP Set (n=160) Washington BP Set (n=160) Any breeder’s additional data BREEDING PEDIGREE SETS CROP REFERENCE SET n=480 New York BP Set (n=160) RosBREED

9 RosBREED PBA Jewel Discovery SNP genome scans
Standardized phenotypic data RosBREED

10 Market Intermediaries
Socio-Economics Surveys (example for apple) Breeders Washington Producers Michigan Producers Market Intermediaries LEAST important traits MOST important traits Packers 49.5% shippers 32% = 81.5% % of respondents RosBREED

11 Pedigree-Based Breeding Information Management System for MAB
“Reference Germplasm Databases” * * * * “Marker-Locus-Trait Association Warehouse” “Technology Portfolio” “Selection Target Identifier” * “Cross Assist” * * * “Genome Database Resources” “Seedling Select”

12 Cross Assist Find it at: or simply on the GDR under “Breeders Toolbox” RosBREED

13 Databasing RosBREED Information: The GDR
uploading data downloading data analyses reports/descriptions RosBREED

14 New generations enriched for favourable alleles
MAB Successes So Far Two Jewels in routine use WSU apple & sweet cherry breeding programs Cross Assist MAPS New generations enriched for favourable alleles Seedling Select MASS est. $80K saved from cherry seedling culling alone! RosBREED

15 RB FB RosBREED Future Funding... crops? traits? approaches? resources?
2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 RB FB crops? traits? approaches? resources? partners? 2018 2020 2014 2015 2016 2017 2019 2021 2022 RosBREED

16 Acknowledgements This project is supported by the Specialty Crop Research Initiative of USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture

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