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MAPSENGINE.GOOGLE.COM/MAP Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta)

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1 MAPSENGINE.GOOGLE.COM/MAP Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta)

2 Login to Google and Create!

3 Start with a blank map Click to edit

4 Type city, state

5 Zoom to street level

6 Import data You can visualize and understand multiple data points together on a map by importing spreadsheets. You can import any geo-located data set that youd like to see on the map. Click Import. You can import CSV, TSV, or XLSX files, My Maps, or spreadsheets from Google Drive

7 Import Data You can upload up to 100 points per layer (50 columns maximum) following the steps below: If your map has more than one layer, make sure the correct one is selected in the left panel. The selected layer will be blue on the left edge. You can only import into layers that are empty.

8 Import data into your map Create an Excel or csv (comma separates value) chart You can create this in Google Docs Be sure to include a geo-located data set City, State Full address City, State Make sure to include Title and Information.

9 Here is a Sample Data Set Address formatting is very important and must follow City, State

10 Click Import Click to import

11 Click My Drive

12 Select the Google Doc, or Upload

13 Select the geo-located data set

14 Select the Place Title

15 You data is imported!

16 Customize your data points.

17 Show data point names.


19 Click Add layer Click here Click to change or import second layer

20 Draw a box, add lines Click dot at center of line to add a new point and stretch line. Keep moving ends and click center dots to stretch into a shape. Click to draw

21 Click to change color and description.

22 Share Map

23 Google Maps Engine Lite (Beta) Google Help Tutorial

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