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3 Glucosyltransferases
OH Polymer synthesis HO + Hydrolysis Acceptor reactions Maltose Sucrose Dextran Glucose Panose Fructose n

4 Glucosyltransferases
Alternan Mutan Dextran Glucosyltransferases Leuconostoc mesenteroides Streptococcus linkages a 1-6 B-512F B-1299 B-1355 1-3 a 1-2 mutans GS5 downei Mfe28 Microorganism enzyme Dextransucrase Alternansucrase Mutansucrase Glucansucrase a 1-3 strain polymer Glucan 4

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6 6

7 b-Fructo-oligosacáridos
Oligosacaridos b-Fructo-oligosacáridos a-Galacto-oligosacáridos Lactulosa a-Gluco-oligosacáridos Xylo-oligosacáridos Proceso Síntesis Enzimática Hidrólisis Enzimática (inulina) Extracción de Soya Síntesis Enzim{atica Isomerización de lactosa Hidrólisis de Almidón Hidrólisis Enzimática (Hemicelulosa) Empresa Meiji Seika Refinería Tirlemontoise Calpis Yakult Nikken Kapau Showa Sangyo BioEurope fuente: Monsan P. Biofutur, (6,7), 1993 7

8 Bioprospection Agave Pulque Pozol 8

9 Pozol 14 strains of Leuconostoc mesenteroides
screening of glucosyltransferases activities Cell-associated activity FRUCTOSYLTRANSFERASE Identify as Leuconostoc citreum by analysis of 16S rRNA

10 Fructosyltransferases
HO HOCH 2 CH OH + HO o HO Polymer synthesis HO HO OH Glucose Levan (n) HO o HO HO o HO o o + HO HO HO HO o HO o HO HO OH OH HO Hydrolisis HO Glucose OH Fructose OH Sucrose HO HO HO O HO HO HO O O O HO HO HO HO HO HO O O + o HO HO HO HO HO HO Maltose HO O OH HO O Glucose Fructoside Acceptor reactions HO OH HO 10

11 ß-2,6 linked fructosyl moieties with branching through ß-2,1 linkages
HO HOCH 2 CH OH Levan (n) ß-2,6 linked fructosyl moieties with branching through ß-2,1 linkages O o HO CH 2 OH Inulin (n) ß-2,1 linked fructosyl moieties with branching through ß-2,6 linkages 11

12 Applications of fructans in food
Technological properties Taste improvement Texturizing agent (mouthfeel) Sugar and fat replacement Filler/binder in tablets Nutritional properties Soluble dietary fiber Prebiotic and related health effects Sugar and fat replacement Low caloric value Suitable for diabetics 12

13 Fructosiltransferasas
• Plantas 6-SFT 1-FFT Neoseries de inulina Neoseries de levana NEOKESTOSA + Sac 6G-FFT 6-SFT 6-SFT 1-SST 1-FFT LEVANA 6-KESTOSA SACAROSA 1- KESTOSA INULINA 6-SFT + Sac 6-SFT 1-FFT levana BIFURCOSA levana Modelo de la biosíntesis de fructanas en plantas (Vijn y Smeekens, 1999). • Bacterias SACAROSA INULINA LEVANA IS LS ©SCIMAT 2003 13

14 Fructosiltransferasa
Azucar Caña de azúcar Enzima Fructosiltransferasa Glucosa Fructosa FOS Glucosa + Fructosa Sacarosa = 14

15 1 tea spoon of NutraFlora
22 bananas 15 onions 383 cloves of garlic

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