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Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Training and Certification for DDS 500 Instructors and Fitters.

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1 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Training and Certification for DDS 500 Instructors and Fitters

2 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Objectives Comprehend the Purpose of The DDS 500 Demonstrate Proficiency in the Application of The DDS 500 Understand the Features and Functions

3 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc The DDS 500 DDS 500 Ambulatory Spinal-Air Decompression Air Traction BeltPosterior (Rear) Rigid Panel 100% Cotton Lining Air Valve Anterior (Front) Rigid Panel Hand Air PumpAlso comes with a laundry bag and user manual

4 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc What is it & How does it work The DDS 500 is thin, lightweight and easy to use; it offers a high degree of mobility, alleviating, treating and preventing back pain. It can be discreetly worn under clothing allowing you to perform daily activities such as driving, walking and standing for long periods of time, and enabling those with an active lifestyle to work, enjoy sports and other leisure activities pain-free. It acts to provide traction between the lower part of the rib cage and the upper part of the hip effectively reducing pressure in the lumbar spine. The vertically expandable columns create a virtual support beam providing spinal decompression for the lumbar vertebrae successfully eliminating lower back and radiating pain.

5 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc What is it & How does it work Before Treatment Pain is caused by applied pressure from the herniated or bulging intervertebral disc, or nucleus pulposus. After Treatment By increasing the intervertebral space, pressure applied on the nerve root is relieved naturally reducing pain. DDS alleviates pain and assists active-rehabilitation by allowing the intervertebral disc, or nucleus pulposus, back to its natural position.

6 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc What is it & How does it work Spinal traction is created upon inflation of the belt. The vertical air cell expansion mechanism decreases axial loading while increasing the intervertebral disc space. *The belt will anchor up underneath the rib cage pushing upwards and down against the pelvic girdle (hip bones) stretching the torso vertically. This action will reduce pressure within the lumbar spine region significantly reducing pain levels.

7 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Fitting & Measuring The DDS 500 ranges in 8 different sizes from size small to 5XL, accommodating measurements from 25 to 52 and even up to 58 with the DDS Extension. The most accurate measurements for the DDS 500 will be found around the umbilical/navel region and NOT the patients pant size. Measurements should be taken while the patient is standing unless he/she is in a wheelchair. The following is a chart that includes waist measurements and panels sizes corresponding to belt size: SizeWaist MeasurementPanel Size S26-28 InchesS M29-32 InchesM L33-35 InchesM XL36-38 InchesM 2XL39-41 InchesL 3XL42-44 InchesL 4XL45-47 InchesXL 5XL48-51 InchesXL * Larger sizes available – up to 58 with the DDS Extension

8 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Fitting Procedure 1 Deflate the device by turning the Air Valve counterclockwise. Upon complete deflation, turn the Air Valve clockwise until the Valve is fully locked. 2 Posterior/Rear Panel - Thread the Belt through the inside of the posterior panel.

9 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Fitting Procedure 4 Wrap the device around the abdomen with the DDS logo in the center and upright position, attaching first the Primary Velcro Enclosure. 3 Anterior/Front Panel - Attach the Front Panel to the Supplemental Velcro Strap. It is very important to position the Brace within the concavity of the patients lumbar spine so that the brace is sitting above the patients hip bones and under their rib cage. The Posterior Panel must also be centered with the spine aligned evenly with the patients back. Similarly, the Anterior Panel must also fit centered on the patients abdomen.

10 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Fitting Procedure Removing DDS: You MUST release the air completely out of the device before removal. You can do so by unscrewing the Air Valve. 5 Proceed to tightly fasten the Secondary Velcro Strap. The Belt should rest precisely between your hip/pelvic bone and your ribcage Important : The device should be close-fitting, secure and comfortable. 6 Connect the Hand Air Pump to the Air Valve. Make sure to connect the air injection tongs exactly with the Air Valve. 7 Proceed to use the Hand Air Pump to inflate the belt until the gauge reaches the green-orange area(10-14 psi) on the Hand Air Pump indicator.

11 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Fitting Procedure The DDS 500 LSO Brace is designed for both short-term use on patients with acute conditions such as lumbar strain/sprain and for long-term use on patients with chronic conditions such as lumbar disc bulge, disc herniation, disc protrusion, disc degeneration, lumbar facet syndrome, etc. Duration of use should be commensurate with the duration of pain and discomfort. Suggested wear time is approximately four to five hours per day. It is recommended that the brace be worn during the patients most challenging times of the day. Patients may find optimal results by splitting up the time they use the brace into two or more time periods, such as by wearing the brace for two or three hours in the morning and two or three hours in the afternoon and/or evening. It is not only possible but recommended that patients use the brace (without the panels) while doing core strengthening exercises. DDS may be worn directly on your skin or over a thin cotton t-shirt. If allergies persist, consult a physician.

12 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Features Treatment for bulging and herniated discs. Helps eliminate lower back and radiating pain in the hips, thighs, legs and/or feet. Bulging and herniated discs are reduced by elongating the intervertebral spaces in the lumbar spine. Relaxes muscle spasms, muscles cramps, strain and pain. Helps treat degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, sciatica and spondylolysis. Helps maintain proper posture. Improper posture places the upper body weight directly on the discs and causes back pain. Assists individuals with strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting or long hours of driving. Can be worn discreetly under clothing. Very lightweight, comfortable and allows nearly a full range of motion. Made of highly durable, 100% soft cotton material. Simple to use.

13 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Features THE DDS 500 is especially unique and effective because of the detachable rigid panels. The DDS 500 offers a solution for patients who cannot tolerate the discomfort of a rigid body jacket yet require similar support. It is exceptionally valuable for pre and post surgery, providing with equal stability as a stiff body jacket without the discomfort. As the patient progresses and requires less support, the detachable rigid panels can be removed to create a semi-rigid support with one or no support panels. It easily converts to a soft LSO and provides greater flexibility.

14 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Contraindications 1 Patients with any of the following health conditions should notify their physicians before administering DDS: abdominal or chest compression cardiovascular diseases: uncontrolled hypertension, aortic aneurysm, congestive heart failure cerebrovascular diseases major spinal surgery severe osteoporosis tumor near lumbar region 2 Do not use if pregnant. Precautions 1 Do not exceed 15 psi while inflating DDS with the Hand Air Pump. 2 Handle with care; dropping the Hand Air Pump can result in malfunction. 3 Do not place sharp objects hear the DDS Belt. 4 Shut the air valve tightly before machine wash. Water must not enter the Device.

15 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Washing 1 Deflate device completely and turn the air release nozzle counterclockwise to shut tightly. Water MUST NOT enter the device. 2 Place DDS in the included mesh laundry bag to prevent damage. 3 Use neutral detergent and select a light cycle. 4 Air dry in the shade. Only use when completely dry.

16 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Summary & Review 1. Where are the most accurate measurements taken on the patient? 2. When should the brace be worn? And for how long? 3. Which two body parts should the DDS 500 fit between? 3. Can the brace be worn without the panels? 4. Is the DDS 500 designed for short-term use or long-term use?

17 Disc Disease Solutions, Inc Summary & Review Locate all parts of the DDS 500 1. DDS Belt 2. Air Valve 3. Anterior Panel 4. Posterior Panel 5. Hand Air Pump

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