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April 2009 A & R Washington Metro BDI Team Board Diversity Initiative FY10 Update.

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1 April 2009 A & R Washington Metro BDI Team Board Diversity Initiative FY10 Update

2 1Filename/RPS Number To address diversity challenges, our initiatives focus on organizational development and change across three dimensions: EDUCATION CLMATE CHANGE Employee Involvement Commitment to the Core Values Initiatives: WLI Affinity groups WDC WLC Community Outreach Disability Initiatives Recruitment and Sourcing Development and Advancement Initiatives: Strategic Partnering Diversity Transformation Initiative Diversity Recruiting Internship Professional Development Employee Awareness Initiatives: Diversity Brown Bag Training Online Book Club Diversity Professional Development

3 2Filename/RPS Number The BDIs activities, initiatives and impact since launching in April 2004 role have played an integral role in diversity change throughout the firm At its January 2003 meeting, the Board approved the blueprint of a firm-wide change initiative and defined a set of programs to get it done Launched in Q1 –Q2 FY 2004, the Board Diversity Initiative (BDI) uses a systemic approach to change, involving many of the same attributes we recommend to our clients –Multi-year, top level commitment –Clear metrics and accountability –Formal Steering Committee and work streams –Inclusive and communicative –Top down and bottom up components Our Vision: To be the employer of choice in our industry for people of all backgrounds Our Goal: Create a diverse environment that actively fosters respect, inclusion, and opportunity for all employees Ultimately, the goal of this program is to not only increase the level of activism in our Diversity efforts, but also to make a real difference across the Firm

4 3Filename/RPS Number Plans HT Leaders Processes & Technology Metrics & Accountability Key BDI Implementation Components Three A & R Home Teams, managing 4 Goal Teams and a host of volunteers BAH Leadership Oversight & Evaluation Diversity Team BDI Project Management Home Team Implementation Teams During the past three years, weve successfully employed a multifaceted approach in the A & R Washington Metro BDI Team Diversity Team project and relationship management support helps Home Teams execute against BDI plans, while Diversity Content leads work with HT leadership to ensure the initiatives content meets the needs of employees President, Board of Directors, Partner Sponsors, OICs and Home Team Leadership

5 4Filename/RPS Number Sourcing & Recruiting Sourcing & Recruiting 1 Communication 3 Development & Advancement Development & Advancement 2 Climate & Management Practice 4 GoalsKey Change Levers Implementation of the BDI has involved the rollout of a number of key initiatives and activities against each change lever Goal 1: To develop sourcing and recruiting processes that create a diverse pool of talent at all levels Goal 2: To establish development strategies that create opportunities for all staff to be successful Goal 3: To communicate a shared vision and clear objectives for the diversity initiative, ensuring the follow-through necessary for implementation Goal 4: To sustain an organizational climate that allows all employees to believe that the firm values them

6 5Filename/RPS Number A & R Washington Metro BDI Leadership – FY 10 OIC: George Schu POC: Jerry Vevon Goal 1: S&R Lead -- Stefanie Lehmann Goal 2: A&D Lead -- Tamara Nolan and Gail Stark Goal 3: Comm. Lead -- Kristin Dziepak Goal 4: C&M Lead -- Daryl Eckard HT Leads: Karyn Broughton, Danny Flowers, Steve Peck, John Stogoski HR/ GO Team Support: Elizabeth Voeller, Liz Devoiur

7 6Filename/RPS Number Goal areas are supported by tools for use by each Home Team– tools created by diversity experts as well as by teams like ours Goal #1 – Sourcing and Recruiting: –Case Competition –Professional Affiliations Survey –Diversity Recruiting and Interview Skills –Partnering with Strategic Organizations Goal #2 – Advancement & Development –Mentoring Circles –Peer Sponsorship –Diversity Education Curriculum –New Hire Onboarding –Mentoring Best Practices –Presentation: Understanding the HR Diversity Competency Goal #3 – Communications: –Team news bulletins –Diversity @ Work Journal –Diversity Game –Leadership Outreach Events –Client Site Success Presentations –Diversity Brown Bags Goal #4 – Climate & Management –Leveraging WLC for BDI Implementation –Cultural Celebrations –Work-Life Balance –Employee Diversity Forums –Panel Discussions –Diversity Book Club/Movie Night

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