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The Use of the Process Protocol in Construction. Richard Baldwin Workshop Chairman.

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1 The Use of the Process Protocol in Construction

2 Richard Baldwin Workshop Chairman

3 Construction Productivity Network CPN is managed by CIRIA CPN Operates in partnership with Construction Best Practise (CBPP) CPNs mission is to deliver leading-edge thinking and improvement opportunities to the construction industry

4 Rules of Engagement Notes of the discussions are being made and will be sent to you with Speakers Presentations in approximately 4-6 weeks Please –Ask speaker specific questions at the end of each presentation –Save general questions until after all the speakers contributions –When asking questions, please state your name and company

5 Richard Baldwin 19 years in the electrical power sector with GEC – responsible for product development and design, manufacture, IT and multi-discipline project management 8 years in the food, drink, and pharmaceutical sectors with APV - responsible for product and process development and design, manufacture, IT, Process Control and multi-discipline project management 8 years in the construction sector with Alfred McAlpine – responsible for the Building Division and the Special Projects Division

6 What is the ?

7 The Birth of the Process Protocol The fundamental driver was to achieve a step- change improvement in performance, and profitability by: –Applying Value Management –Increasing Added Value –Reducing costs and delivery times, –Improving quality and customer satisfaction –Reducing delivery times and improving consistency –Improved profitability - for everybody Preliminary work was done by Alfred McAlpine and Salford University in 1994 – concurrent with the Latham Report calling for reduced fragmentation and improved communication

8 The Aims of the Process Protocol To assess the needs of Design and Construction in terms of a continuous process (akin to manufacturing), to capture and improve upon what was current best practise To produce a Road Map as a generic referencing tool To identify the IT Systems requirements to support the whole process

9 Process Protocol I Main achievements: –Produced a common language –Established a top-level map of the design and construction processes –It was promoted as an industry standard by the the Construction Research Innovation and Strategy Panel, and the IAI Client Domain

10 Process Protocol II The aims of Process Protocol II have been to: –Develop the sub-processes of the top-level Road Map –Illustrate the organisational framework for process improvement –Examine the Implementation and Change Management issues –Produce a user-friendly Process Tool Kit

11 In the beginning…. Process Protocol I – the Road Map (1995-98) There were the eight industrial disciples: –Alfred McAlpine –Boulton and Paul –British Airports Authority –British Telecommunications –Building Information Warehouse –Capita Property Services –Waterman Partnership With the academic discipline and knowledge of: –University of Salford

12 After the Dawn….. Process Protocol II- How to implement Protocol I (1998-2001) Additional Industrial companies/organisations: –AMEC –Building Research Establishment –Christiani and Nielsen –IAI Client Briefing Domain –IAI Facilities Management Lawyers: –Hammond Suddard Edge Academic: –Loughborough University

13 The Players The strength of this work is based upon the strength of the participating organisations. The industrial activities which have been represented: –The client –The architect –The design engineer –The contractor –The product supplier –The IT/software systems provider –The communications provider The academic community: –Two of the three principal Centres of Innovative Manufacturing for Construction recently created by the EPSRC

14 The Process Protocol Its success is due to: Strong leadership and commitment by industry Established knowledge base and intellectual discipline from Salford and Loughborough Major financial support from the Innovative Manufacturing Initiative and Partners in Technology programmes of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and the Department of Trade and Industry

15 The Process Protocol is… It is a model of the process for delivering a capital asset / facility within the construction sector It is about communication streams and joined– up thinking It is about risk management. It is about integration and openness

16 The Process Protocol is… It is a generic model – not fixed. It can be tailored to your requirements But… It is based upon considerable collective experience. It deliberately uses some different terminology to provoke careful thought and assessment before making any changes

17 The Process Protocol It is a model for todays business environment. It addresses the concerns of Latham and Egan It facilitates meeting the new Gateway requirements of the Office of Government Commerce It can support the implementation of e-Business It can help you to improve the performance of your business

18 Aims of the Workshop To illustrate and build upon the achievements and experience of the companies who have developed and used the Process Protocol The encourage you all to relate the issues in your own businesses to the opportunities for improvement by adopting the disciplines of the Process Protocol

19 Professor Rachel Cooper University of Salford Professor Tony Thorpe University of Loughborough

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