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Communication and Advocacy FANRPAN Partners Meeting 13 June 2011 Pretoria, South Africa.

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1 Communication and Advocacy FANRPAN Partners Meeting 13 June 2011 Pretoria, South Africa

2 Objectives Strategic advocacy engagements to raise awareness of FANR-related matters Engaging with all stakeholders and partners directly or through the media Provide stakeholders with information/evidence for informed decision making and policy development

3 Expected Outcomes Awareness, appreciation and support for evidence based policy development among the public, industry and governments Establishment and clarification of FANRPANs roles (eg. as a policy analysis network) in the agricultural sector; nationally, continentally and globally Broadening of FANRPANs network base – i.e. obtaining support of relevant role-players, to secure space for engagement

4 Communication Tools Publications Policy Brief Series Newsletters Policy Advisory Notes Project Brochures Country Studies Advocacy Engagements Events- hosting and participation External engagements Use of Multi-media tools DVDs Media and publicity CNBC FANRPAN Awards Food Security Leadership Award Civil Society Media / Journalist Award Website

5 Communication Tools: FANRPAN Website

6 FANRPAN Website Usage - Hits, Visits, 2006 - 2010

7 Communication Tools – Mainstream Media Tracking FANRPANs Coverage in International Media

8 Communication Tools: Publications Policy Brief Series October 2010 Issue: Policies for Enhanced Livestock Productivity and Wealth Creation in a Changing Climate Newsletters September 2010 Issue: Livestock and Fisheries Policies for Food Security and Trade in a Changing Climate Policy Advisory Notes Project Brochures Country Studies With funding from CTA

9 Policy Advocacy Engagements National Advocacy Initiatives Multi-stakeholder policy dialogue platforms Community Theatre for Policy Advocacy Parliamentary engagements Field days Regional Advocacy Initiatives FANRPAN Flagship Multi-stakeholder Regional Policy Dialogue Media Training on documenting best practices in the region Training scientists in policy development and national priorities Regional harmonization of policies-engagements with Regional Economic Communities SADC, African Union, sharing experiences Pan-Africa Parliament engagements Global Advocacy Initiatives United Nations Engagements: UNFCCC & FAO Ministers of Agriculture World Economic Forum World Bank Food Security Forum

10 Policy Advocacy: National Engagements FANRPAN Addresses the South African Parliament, 16 March 2011 Field Days with farming communities of Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe Theatre for Policy Advocacy (TPA) performance in Malawi - a form of participatory theatre that allows women to engage their communities in developing solutions to their problems

11 FANRPAN Food Security Policy Leadership Awards REGIONAL - Recognizing African Success 2008 2009 H. E. Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika President – Republic of Malawi H.E. L. DIEGO, Prime Minister – Mozambique On behalf of President Emilio Guebuza 2010 Hon. Abraham Ivambo, Minister of Education On behalf of President Hifikepunye Pohamba Namibia

12 Key FANRPAN Engagements FANRPAN Strategic Planning (January) Node Common Visioning Meeting (February) Partners Meeting (May/June) Regional Food Security Policy Dialogue (September) Journalist Training (September and December)

13 FANRPAN Annual Regional Policy Dialogues Year and Theme 2001: Agricultural policy making in Southern Africa: Issues and challenges, Harare 2002: Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Policy Research and Analysis Among Stakeholders in the SADC Region, Pretoria 2003 : Regional Stakeholder Meeting on Agricultural Recovery, Food Security and Trade Policies in Southern Africa, Gaborone 2004: Policy Strategies Needed to Promote Agricultural Recovery and Productivity Growth in the SADC Region, Mauritius 2005: Creating a Conducive Policy Environment for a Food Secure Southern Africa, Johannesburg 2006: Creating a Conducive Policy Environment for Inputs Intensification and Market Development for Increased Production and Productivity, Pretoria 2007: Meeting the Demand for Effective Food Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis in Southern Africa -Triggers for Agricultural Growth in Southern Africa, Lusaka 2008: Regional Strategies for Addressing the Global Food Crisis, Lilongwe 2009: True Contribution of Agriculture to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction in Southern Africa, Maputo 2010: Livestock & Fisheries Policies for Food Security and Trade in a Changing Climate, Windhoek 2011: Advocating for the Active Engagement of Youth in Agricultural value Chains, Mbabane (19-23 September)

14 Policy Advocacy: Global Engagements CEO- panelist on live broadcast at World Bank Headquarters in Washington, DC Member of the Steering Committee: Agricultural Pull Mechanism Initiative (AGPM) the Steering Committee of the AGPM comprises the governments of Canada and the United States, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other interested potential donors Member of Advisory Panel: International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI) IFPRI with the support of CropLife International launched a research project to quantitatively evaluate the impact of alternative technology strategies for producing the global food supply Co-chair: African Growth and Development Policy (AGRODEP) a modelling consortium whose goal of AGRODEP is to position African experts to take a leading role Member of Advisory Panel: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), School of Natural Resources Management and Livelihoods (NRML).

15 FANRPAN Participates in World Economic Forum 4-6 May 2011 in Cape Town Policy Advocacy: Global Engagements

16 UNFCCC Conference of Parties CoP

17 UNFCCC Conference of Parties COMESA, SADC and EAC mandated FANRPAN to mobilise African civil society organisations (CSOs) under the Africa-wide Civil Society Climate Change Initiative for Policy Dialogues (ACCID) and facilitate dialogue around the Africa Bio-Carbon proposal To ensure alignment between African governments and CSOs with regards Africas approach to tackling the current Climate Change negotiations

18 Mobilising the Global Community to support Africas Position on Food Security and Poverty Reduction

19 FANRPAN participated in the Agriculture Rural Development Day (ARDD) event CoP16, Cancun Mexico

20 Message for CoP17, Durban, South Africa

21 Targets Information dissemination Engaging stakeholders from grassroots to policy Key messages to appropriate channels Use feedback mechanism to inform future initiatives Update messages Leveraging new partnerships

22 Thank You Policy research and advocacy is critical to helping policymakers reduce the levels of poverty and hunger in Africa. In the last 10 years, FANRPAN has developed a strong and inclusive network at the forefront of the agricultural debate in sub-Saharan Africa. We want to increase the visibility of the available research evidence to boost progress towards solving global agenda of food security and agriculture. Partnership will play a key role in helping us bring our messages to global audiences

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