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1 Leave IT to us… Web Adaptability for Inclusion Conference 2010 OPC IT Developing an accessible website using Drupal

2 Leave IT to us… About OPC IT Providing complete Web solutions and support to Government Departments such DPM&C, the ACCC, ACC and the Department of Finance and many others. These include; – Website design and development – Accessibility Testing and Consulting – Webmaster Services All web development work is based on the W3C guidelines. OPC is committed to these standards to ensure that the web is accessible to all. The OPC Web Services Team has a diverse range of technical skills, experience and capabilities.

3 Leave IT to us… About OPC IT – About us Stephen Ollman – eBusiness Team Leader and Senior Web Developer Web Developer/Administrator – 1997 Drupal CMS convert AEC, ATO, APEC, PM&C, Finance, 2020 Summit, ACC, ACCC Glen Wallis – Senior Web and Accessibility Consultant Web Developer/Consultant – 1996 Web Standards and Accessibility Consultant PM&C, CHOGM, ACCC, NWC, Finance, FaHCSIA, Broadband

4 Leave IT to us… Case Study – Website Redevelopment In March 2009 OPC was invited to provide consultation on the redevelopment of the Prime Ministers website – During this consultation period OPC presented PM&C with a solution based on the Drupal CMS for development of the website. In April 2009 OPC was contracted to redevelop the Prime Ministers website.

5 Leave IT to us… Key Objectives – To be informative, engaging and provide more direct access to the PM. – Demonstrate the Governments commitment to a modern, open and transparent government. – Be accurate, up to date and have the flexibility to change with government commitments over time. – Decentralize content management – PMO Staff – Conform to accessibility guidelines Case Study – Website Redevelopment

6 Leave IT to us… Our Approach to Accessibility Involving accessibility consultants from the outset of design and development and to ensure iterative testing throughout the process. Having the experience, knowledge and a sound understanding of how people with disabilities actually use the web. Knowledge transfer and training. Accessibility Testing OPC was engaged to conduct accessibility testing of including; testing by a vision impaired screen reader user, providing recommendations based on WCAG 2.0 and provide both a final report and conformance statement. Case Study – Website Redevelopment

7 Leave IT to us… Accessibility Testing – Phase 1: Identify the key content to be tested – Phase 2: Develop Testing Scenarios – Phase 3: The Test Process Navigating the site using the main menus Using the search and advanced search functions Testing for colour contrast Filling in online forms Testing keyboard accessibility Accessing content in non-HTML format (ie video) Case Study – Website Redevelopment

8 Leave IT to us… Accessibility Challenges. Non-technical staff adding content –Allow PMO staff to add content to the site without having any HTML or web accessibility experience. Wide audience –Ensure content and functionality can be accessed by all levels of the community. Online forms –Form navigation, input, submission and validation Video Interface –Keyboard accessible control functions. Case Study – Website Redevelopment

9 Leave IT to us… Drupals Accessible Solutions – Image Library – Flat navigation – Clear Focus Indicators – Form Labels – Transcripts Case Study – Website Redevelopment

10 Leave IT to us… Why ?

11 Leave IT to us… Drupal CMS Overview Open-source software Drupal is open-source software distributed under the GPL ("GNU General Public License") and is maintained and developed by a community of thousands of users and developers from around the world. Modules (5000+) Contributed (contrib) modules are plugins for Drupal that extend, build or enhance Drupal core functionality. Themes (100s) Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your Drupal site. Flexibility Websites both large and small can benefit from the Drupal CMS. Security Granular permissions allowing flexible access to a sites content and administration.

12 Leave IT to us… Easy to install > Web Server – IIS or Apache - PHP - MySQL (WAMP, LAMP, MAMP) > Drupal Core code (V6.15 - current version, V7 – Q2/Q3) > Contrib (add-on) modules and themes Content Management Framework (CMF) > unlike a typical CMS, Drupal CMS is geared more towards configurability and customization Power of abstraction > provides site owners with the systems and tools needed to allow them to quickly assemble their own custom functional requirements Browser based CMS > online browser based CMS, allowing secure site management from anywhere in the world. Large user community > thousands of Drupal developers, themers and site builders from all over the world who openly share their knowledge and experiences. Web Standards > generates XHTML Complaint code, Accessible outputs and compliant CSS Web 2.0 Technologies > blogs, wikis, forums and other 2-way communication tools Drupal CMS Benefits

13 Leave IT to us… The Webware 100 Awards recognizes the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications that are leading the next wave of innovation. The Judges will be choosing from the five Content Management Systems that received the most nominations, during the nomination stage. They will be selecting their top three based on a number of factors including performance, usability, accessibility, ease of configuration and customization, scalability and security. The Judging panel is made up from a list of experienced and respected figures in the open source and Content Management industry: Drupal CMS Awards

14 Leave IT to us… Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bhutan Burundi Cambodia Canada Nepal the Netherlands New Zealand Nigeria Norway Paraguay Philippines Poland Portugal Russian Federation Governments using Drupal Cayman Islands Chile China Egypt Estonia Ethiopia France Germany Ghana Hungary India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Jamaica Jordan Kazakhstan St Kitts-Nevis Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon St Lucia Macedonia Malaysia Moldova Mongolia Serbia Slovakia Solomon Islands South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Taiwan Tanzania Thailand Tonga Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom USA Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia

15 Leave IT to us… Examples of Drupal websites OPC IT has commissioned for government Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet The objectives of this project were to redevelop the Prime Ministers website with the following features: to provide the Prime Minister with a platform to engage directly with the public; to allow non-technical staff to update the website content using the award winning Open Source Drupal CMS; to improve transparency; accountability and efficiency of government by utilizing Web 2.0 technologies. The Australian Crime Commission Intranet The objectives of the ACC redevelopment project called for; Better access to up-to-date information Provide Internal staff with the ability to better understand the internal workings/happenings of the Agency De-centralised management of information Platform on which to expand for future requirements

16 Leave IT to us…

17 Leave IT to us… OPC IT - Accessibility WCAG 2.0 Testing Requirements – Performance Standards – At the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. – Early adopters of Open Source technologies and the team has been ahead of both Government and Industry in the acceptance of Accessibility Standards. – Our expertise in this regard was recognised by AGIMO in having our Accessibility expert invited to participate as an industry expert on the AGIMO advisory panel. – Supporter of Web 2.0 guidelines and the implementation of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. Deliverables – OPC is committed to: Undertaking an accessibility assessment of a website. Preparing a consultancy report detailing the outcomes arising from the technical assessment of the site and subsequent recommendations for improving the websites designs. Preparing a conformance statement detailing the accessibility conformance level attained by the Department after rectifying issues detailed in the Report

18 Leave IT to us… Questions? Email contacts 02 6162 8300

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