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Welcome to CMPE003 Personal Computers: Hardware and Software Dr. Chane Fullmer Fall 2002 UC Santa Cruz.

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2 Welcome to CMPE003 Personal Computers: Hardware and Software Dr. Chane Fullmer Fall 2002 UC Santa Cruz

3 October 9, Class Information Midterm #1 – This Friday, October 11, – Covers Chapters 1 through 5. – Bring you Student ID. – Multiple choice Requires Scantron #F-1712-ERI-L (pink) ~50 questions – No makeups after the fact

4 October 9, Assignments Homework #3 – Due October 18 – Design your own Webpage – Keep in mind --- The world at large will see your page Dont put private or sensitive information on your Webpage. – Details and sample – see class page –

5 Input and Output: The User Connection Chapter 5 Part B

6 October 9, Output Information for the user Types –Screen – soft copy –Printer – hard copy –Voice –Sound –Graphics

7 October 9, Monitor (screen) Data that is entered appears on the screen Screen is part of the monitor

8 October 9, Monitor C athode R ay T ube (CRT) Flat panel display L iquid C rystal D isplay (LCD) Gas Plasma Display

9 October 9, CRT Raster scanning Sweeping electron beams across the back of the screen Phosphorous coating on back of screen Glows when hit by a beam of electrons Phosphorous loses glow and image fades and flickers Image must be continually refreshed

10 October 9, CRT Refresh rate / scan rate Number of times electron beams refreshes the screen Process also used for television times per second adequate for clear screen image –60 Hz is problematic – Why??

11 October 9, CRT Interlaced vs. Non-interlaced Interlaced –Refresh every other line on each pass –Lower refresh rate without flicker –Good for fixed graphics –Causes flutter with animated graphics –Inexpensive Non-interlaced –Refresh every line on each pass –Typical of screens sold today

12 October 9, CRT Color vs. Monochrome Color –Typical monitor sold today Monochrome –Green or amber on a contrasting background –Less expensive than color –Typically used on terminals

13 October 9, CRT Resolution Clarity of image Pixel (Picture element) –Dot on screen –Is addressable –Can be illuminated –More pixels means higher resolution Dot pitch –Distance between dots –Smaller distance means better quality image

14 October 9, CRT Graphics Card/Graphics Adapter Board Plugs into expansion slot on motherboard Graphics card and monitor must be compatible for high quality image

15 October 9, CRT Size Measured diagonally Typical sizes –Office user: inch –High-powered graphics user: 19 inch –High-end monitors: 21 inches and up Larger size –More expensive –More space on desktop –Reduces eye strain

16 October 9, Graphics Standards PCs Monitor Graphics boards Software Help insure that the products work together

17 October 9, Graphics Standards SVGA (Super VGA) –Resolution – 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024, 1600 x 1200 pixels –16 million colors –Number of colors displayed simultaneously limited by amount of video memory XGA (Extended Graphics Array) –High resolution –Supports more simultaneous colors –Allows non-interlaced monitors

18 October 9, Flat-panel Screens Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Primarily on laptops Moving to desktop Skinny (depth) regardless of size

19 October 9, Flat-panel Screens Crisp, brilliant images Easy on eyes No flicker Full dimension is useable More expensive that CRT monitors

20 October 9, Flat-panel Screens Active Matrix –Thin-film transistor technology (TFT) –Transistors for each pixel –Brighter image –Viewable from an angle Passive Matrix –Fewer transistors –Cheaper –Less power –Images can appear fuzzy

21 October 9, Printers Produce information on paper Orientation –Portrait –Landscape Methods of printing –Impact –Nonimpact

22 October 9, Impact Printers Line printer One line at a time High volume Low quality Dot-matrix printer One character at a time

23 October 9, Nonimpact Printer Laser Printer

24 October 9, Nonimpact Printer Laser Printer Transfers images to paper using a light beam Prints one page at a time dpi – High quality Speed –Personal laser printers: 8-10 ppm –Network laser printers: ppm –High-volume laser printers: up to 1000 ppm Black & white / Color

25 October 9, Nonimpact Printer Ink-jet Printer Spray ink at paper Black & white / Color Excellent graphics Good quality Slower than laser

26 October 9, Nonimpact Printer Choose based upon: Speed Quality Black & white vs. color Price

27 October 9, Sound Creates multimedia output Multiple sight and sound effects Speakers Sound card

28 October 9, Voice Output Speech Synthesis Enables machines to talk to people Types –Voice synthesizers –Voice output devices –Audio-response units Converts data in storage to vocalized sounds Synthesis by analysis – human sounds are stored and reproduced as needed Synthesis by rule – creates artificial speech

29 October 9, Voice Output Speech synthesis Uses Automobiles Telephone surveys Catalog order is ready Your payment is late reminder Santa Cruz Public Library –Overdue notices

30 October 9, Music and Other Sounds MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) –Communicates between MIDI devices and computer –Rules that produce and process digital music signals –MIDI information tells synthesizer When to start and stop playing a note Volume Modulation Software is available for composing and editing per MIDI standard

31 October 9, Terminals Device that provides input and output capabilities Dumb terminal – Keyboard and monitor – Connects to host for processing Intelligent terminal – Keyboard, monitor, memory, and processor – Connects with host Point-of-sale terminal (POS) – Input and output device – Captures retail data

32 October 9, Computer Graphics Business Education Science Sports Computer art Entertainment

33 October 9, Business Graphics Types –Maps –Charts Help –Compare data –Spot trends –Make decisions quickly Attention-getting Updated instantaneously Rendered quickly

34 October 9, Video Graphics Animated graphics Prepared one frame at a time Examples –Animated films Monsters Inc. (Pixar) –Commercials without humans –Arcade games

35 October 9, CAD/CAM Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAD – Computer Aided Design –Software creates 2-D and 3-D designs CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing –Controls production equipment CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) –Bridge between design and manufacturing –CAD/CAM integrated into manufacturing process –Provides balanced, efficient production process

36 October 9, Ethics and Data Computer data can be –Used –Sold –Altered What is legal? What can you trust?

37 October 9,

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