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A thriving company in a dynamic industry Who are we? Sprecher + Schuh was originally founded by Carl Sprecher and Heinrich Schuh in Aarau, Switzerland.

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2 A thriving company in a dynamic industry Who are we? Sprecher + Schuh was originally founded by Carl Sprecher and Heinrich Schuh in Aarau, Switzerland in 1903. Over the years, our experience has given us strong values and wisdom that has been proven over the test of time.

3 A thriving company in a dynamic industry Go with us! Not only do we manufacture highly innovative Industrial Motor Controls with a focus on precision, quality and durability, its our passion for customer satisfaction that sets us apart from the competition. Sprecher + Schuh is dedicated to providing our customers with fast, friendly, one-on-one service to cater to all of your needs. From custom projects to superior customer service, our boundaries are limitless.

4 How do we do it? We have a highly-trained, dedicated staff of customer service representatives, sales team and manufacturing technicians all working together for you –on what you need, when you need it and just the way you want it. Period! We at Sprecher + Schuh are one of a kind. A small, efficient and customer oriented team.

5 How do we do it? Our experienced engineering team, knowledgeable product managers, customer service and sales representatives are not just here to take your orders. They are your knowledge resource for answering your questions, helping you find the best solutions for you and your customers, and ultimately to make your work day run as smooth as possible. Attention to detail, whether in craftsmanship or component, is an element always evident at Sprecher + Schuh

6 How do we do it? Our team is readily available to give you daily one-on-one attention. Listening, understanding and fulfilling your needs. Sprecher + Schuh, service and you = a winning combination.

7 Four key questions…

8 4 Key Questions Who is Sprecher + Schuh? What can Sprecher + Schuh offer you in terms of products and support? What programs does Sprecher + Schuh offer to reward you as a distributor partner? What does Sprecher + Schuh expect from you as a distributor partner?

9 Who is Sprecher + Schuh? Independent Rockwell brand (1903 Switzerland) Founding member of IEC and member of NEMA Houston is the COE for S+S worldwide Active AHTD and EASA member ISO 9001 manufacturer –Responsive - Same day ship (Power to Choose ) –Flexible - You tell us - we will work with you –Modifications - help you gain the advantage –Focused manufacturer – Small to medium OEMs are our specialty

10 Customers See Sprecher + Schuh... As providing high-quality, IEC-style products As offering a focused product line As application sales oriented As OEM focused As a value-added supplier – Custom assemblies and modified products Nearly all of our sales go through distributor partners

11 The Ideal Customer: Is a small to medium-sized OEM ($20K - $250K annual sales) Has little or no user specification Serves niche markets Buys core products Needs technical or application assistance Prefers suppliers that care about them Value their business

12 A complete line of industrial products… your motor control and protection consultant

13 We have everything! You need it. We have it. We meet all of your needs with our extensive line of products and custom panels. We provide top quality, high performing, and reliable products proven world over. Our leading edge technology sets us apart from the competition We have products that range from contactors, overload relays to terminals, towerlights and custom motor control panels that can fit your every needs. You dont need another supplier. You need a better supplier.

14 General Purpose and Definite Purpose Contactors CA7 Contactor – to 60HP CA6 Contactor – to 60 HP to 600HP CA5 Contactor – to 900HP CA8 Contactor – to 7.5HP CAL7 Contactor Lighting CAN7 Contactor NEMA Sized CDP Contactor Definite Purpose Motor Circuit Controllers KT7 Self-protected Combo Motor Circuit Controllers Enclosed KT7 Motor Circuit Controllers Enclosed CX7 Combination Starters Explosion proof KT7 Motor Controllers KF7 Fuse Holders KT4 Manual Motor Starters KA7 Bus Bar Systems

15 Softstarter Intelligent Controllers PCS Softstarter Controllers PF Softstarter Controllers PCEC Elevator Softstarter Controllers Enclosed Combo/Non-Combo Softstarter Controllers Circuit Protection L8 UL-1077 Supplementary Protectors L9 UL-489 Miniature Circuit Breakers FH8 Fuse Holders Motor Protection by Overload Relays CEP7II Solid State Overload Relays CT7 Thermal Overload Relays CT7N / CT8 Thermal Overload Relays RT7 Thermistor Protection Relays

16 Pilot Devices – Series D7 Non-Illuminated / Illuminated Pushbuttons Emergency Stop Operators 3-Position Non-Illuminated/Illuminated Operators Selector / Toggle Switches Multi-Function Pushbuttons Selector / Jog Operators E-Stop Pushbutton Stations Monolithic E-Stop Pushbuttons Pushbutton Enclosure / Enclosed Assemblies Disconnect Switches L7 Motor Disconnect Switches – to 100A L7 Enclosed Disconnect Switches – to 100A L7 Disconnect Switches – to 315A L10 Fusible / Non-Fusible Disconnect Switches L10 Enclosed Disconnect Switches Rotary Cam Switches L2 Rotary Cam Switches R-Line Rotary Cam Switches Custom Cam Switches

17 Solid State Relays SAS Panel Mount Relays SAR DIN-Rail Mount Relays Control and Timing Relays CS8 Control Relays CS7 Control Relays R2/R4 Plug-in Power Relays R15 Plug-in Power Relays RY2 Plug-in Power Relays RUC Plug-in Power Relays PI84/PI85 Interface Relays PIR6W Slim Terminal Block Interface Relays

18 Warning Tower Lights SIGNAL50mm Tower Light Components SINGAL50mm Tower Light Complete Assemblies SINGAL30mm Tower Light Complete Assemblies ADEL Industrial Switching Power Supplies PSM242A PSM244A PSM2410A / PSM2410C PSM2410B Terminals V7-W Screw-Type Terminals V7 Terminal Marketing Systems

19 Superior Enclosed Products and Custom Panels Sprecher + Schuh is your go to builder for custom motor control panels. Our knowledgeable team can design your panel for custom applications to meet UL/CSA, ATEX and CE standards. Our engineering and custom quotes staff work with the customer one-on-one in designing a motor control panel that best fits the customers needs.

20 Starters and Enclosed Assemblies (UL Type 1, 12, 3R, 4, 4X) KWIKstarters II Open and Enclosed Magnetic Motor Starters Through-the-Door Combination Starters Flange Operated Combination Starters Explosion Proof Starters (Type 7/9) Multi-Speed Starters Reduced Voltage Starters Simplex Pump Controllers Custom Built Panels Custom built to your specifications! Multi-Motor Starter Panels Combo Starters Combo Reduced-Voltage Starters Multi-Plex Pump Panel UL508/CSA Labeled Custom Panels ATEX Explosion Proof Combos More on Custom Panels

21 What we have to offer you… your motor control and protection consultant

22 What we have to offer you… Factory Trained Field Sales Support Marketing Support Promotion Programs Engineering Support Production Support Customer Service Distributor Training

23 Support: Field Sales Organization Includes eastern, central, and western regional sales managers for the USA Includes a mix of factory-direct and fully trained manufacturer-representative agencies Plus product managers that are available to help close sales opportunities and hold technical seminars for your customers

24 Support: Marketing Communications Provides sales and channel support by... – Maintaining sample cases – Maintaining distributor co-op program – Making trade show displays available Produces and maintains all communication – Including literature, newsletters & catalogs – Web site support Up to date online product literature and e-catalogs AutoCAD files and instruction sheets Distributor locator page

25 Support: Promotion Programs Past incentive programs have included… – Cash reward growth incentives – Sales force incentive bonuses – Special growth programs for targeted product groups Bounty programs Product launch programs New programs are designed regularly to promote new products or increase interest in a popular theme

26 Support: Engineering Completes product design and development of assemblies Develops and maintains bills of material Maintains quality control and product testing standards Coordinates UL, CSA, ATEX, NEC, IEC, or other compliance efforts Provides direct distributor and customer technical support – web site PDF files Open line to engineers for technical help

27 Support: Production Electrical & mechanical assembly of... – OEM custom panels – One shot custom panels – Simple 2-3 piece component assemblies – Standard enclosed catalog assemblies – Explosion proof starters OEM-focused packaging – Component kitting – Custom labeling UL 508 and CUL panel shops

28 UL 508/CUL Shop

29 Support: Inside Sales and CRM Provides distributors and customers with: – Production scheduling information – Order expedition/acknowledgement – Stock checking – Priority shipping with Power to Choose Performs administrative functions of: – Order edit/entry – Invoicing/credits/RGAs (annual returns) Technical and commercial support to your customers

30 Support: Distributor Training Service center training (Phase I, II, and III) – Houston, Texas – Product Specialist training Field training – In-house training geared to specific distributor market – Comprehensive Distributor Extranet Self-paced training presentations Product launch information and other valuable tools and resources

31 Your commitment to us: – Make S+S your primary IEC line – Cultivate new S+S OEM business continually – Establish and execute an OEM-targeted sales plan – Support all new product launches – Maintain adequate inventory for your market – Maintain training for key OEM salespeople – Manage special pricing What Sprecher + Schuh expects from a distributor partner?

32 Distribution Channel Selection Criteria The ideal S+S distributor: – Is OEM-focused – Can make S+S its IEC line of choice – Has infrastructure to grow the business – Is financially stable – Has high logistics capabilities for customers that need a cost-effective solution – Carries complementary industrial control products – Is committed to grow sales continually – Has managerial control over the direction of its sales force

33 A Partnership for Success! and You… File:sspartnership.pps Rev. 03/2009

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