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Parallels Plesk Panel. RoadMap and Update

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1 Parallels Plesk Panel. RoadMap and Update
Good afternoon everybody and thank you very much for coming to these final sessions of Parallels Event. The sessions devoted to Parallels Plesk products. My name is … and I am acting as Chief Architect for this product family Today we will discuss and answer your questions on how the existing Parallels Plesk Panel and its upcoming evolution can help expand your business. Andrey Andriatis Chief Architect, Parallels Plesk Panel

2 Agenda Product Vision Feature Planning Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0
Parallels Plesk Panel Roadmap Parallels Panel Suite Parallels Plesk Panel Planned Features Parallels Panel SMB Edition Questions We will show you our overall vision of Parallels Plesk ecosystem. How do we choose the features to be implemented Then we’ll show how this planning was applied to define the key features of recently released Parallels Plesk Panel 9 After that we’ll discuss our roadmap, and upcoming features And we’ll specifically stop on the new edition of the product targeting IT environments of small and medium businesses So, let’s take a look at the place of Parallels Panel in the hosting environment

3 Parallels Panel Technology: Big Picture
External Services APS Catalog Parallels Marketplace Payment Gateway Domain Registrar Use Provisioned Services Provision Locally provisioned 100s of APS Applications and Services Externally provisioned APS Applications and Services Apache IIS SSL ASP.NET Tomcat DNS, Firewall Web Statistics FTP Mail (AV/AS) Web Mail VPN and more … Manage Internal Functions Control Panel Resellers Customers Network Installation / Update Licensing Backup/Migration Events/Notification Scheduler Customization Branding/Localization Parallels Plesk Panel Billing Sitebuilder Let’s take a look at the big picture how we envision the overall Parallels Plesk products ecosystem. As many of you probably know we started from independent products listed in the middle of this circle. But with each major release we are trying to integrate these products closer and closer to make them seen as natural components of one product called Parallels Panel The Panel runs on the internal infrastructure, which primary responsibility is making product operation more automated, and efficient. I am talking about the Control Panel itself and its different views for different user categories, standard administrative operations, such as installation, backup, migration, customization, and so on. These features are also responsible for integration into your provisioning environments. The set of hosting services the Panel provisions and manages is meant to meet the demand of the user community for wider services variety, settings flexibility and conformance to the industry standards and latest technologies. And here we are talking not only about the traditional hosting services such as web, ftp, dns servers, mail, firewall, etc., but also about the new wave of SaaS services provisioned either on the same environment, or hosted externally. To enable the SaaS program we use the APS packaging format and external systems that provide catalog services for APS packages, and licensing. We also use a number of services for the billing needs, domain registrars and SSL certificate authorities interfaces. On the platform side we integrate with external billing and provisioning systems Parallels Automation being one of them, and virtualization platforms. This integration also helps to automate your datacenter environments offering Parallels Panel. Having this big picture in mind, let’s take a look at our approach to the product features planning External Systems Parallels Automation Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Billing Integrate Parallels Server

4 Feature Planning – Who Uses PPP
Shared Hosting and SMB users 4 types of Parallels Plesk Panel users Datacenters – 1000s Shared Hosting Administrators – 10,000s SMB IT Administrators – 100,000s End Users – 10,000,000s End Users – 1,000,000s Resellers – 1000,000s Clients – 1,000,000s And first of all let’s see who uses Parallels Plesk Panel We have Hosting Providers running datacenters and offering Parallels Panel environments. These Panel environments are purchased by two kinds of businesses. It is either used to run shared hosting business, or purchased to enable web presence for small businesses The shared hosting providers can involve Reseller channel programs to expand their sales capabilities The Clients are the primary consumers of the hosting services, managing websites and mail for themselves and/or their end users Who in the case of SMB are regular employees of the small companies

5 Parallels Plesk Panel: What is Important
Automate Your Hosting Business: Easy, Profitable, and Complete. Easy Easy – for you (hoster), your resellers, your end-users Easy for dedicated company to provision and license Easy to work with Parallels overall Profitable Profitable for you Profitable for dedicated company Profitable for end-users Complete Complete all around: back office, applications, services, features, API For you, your customers, and resellers What we are trying to achieve while developing the product? It should be Easy, Profitable and Complete for all user categories Easy Easy for all user levels Easy for dedicated server providers Easy to work with Parallels overall – obtain licenses, submit feedback, get help. It should allow for easy integration into the provisioning environments Should provide easy clients administration for the panel owners and resellers Should allow for easy hosting services setup and maintenance Profitable: Profitable for you (we focus a lot on the additional services you can deliver; on the density of accounts, etc) Profitable for end-users (it saves them time to do other things – goes hand in hand with easy) To be profitable the Panel enables a variety of hosting plans, including SaaS service delivery; Provides high density of virtual environments and hosting services Enables channel marketing via resellers programs Complete Complete all around: back office, applications, services, features, API, etc Complete means end-to-end solution for the hosting business, including hosting plans online store with billing, hosting services configurations via the Panel and content management solution

6 How do we plan features? Your feedback How it’s evaluated:
90% of features are coming from our users How it’s evaluated: Who is the feature for – one of our user category Does it matches our paradigm Make product Easier to use Make it more Profitable Make the solution more Complete And now comes the answer how do we plan the features First al all the vast majority of the features come from you – our partners and user community The feature requests are evaluated against the user groups – we answer the question which user category the feature is targeted for And we evaluate if the features makes the product Easier, more Profitable, more Complete

7 Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0 We have released Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0 in December. I am sure many of you have not deployed it yet. That’s why I’d like now to go over its major features and see how the strategy I am talking about was applied in that release.

8 Easy: New! Interface and Home Pages
New Home pages for each user role More menu items in left navigation for easy access common functions. Configure all settings from a single screen Easier navigation between objects New Vista-like skin The user interface and user workflow is extremely important to make the product easy to use And we are constantly working on it. Historically there were major changes in Plesk 7, then some improvements in Plesk 8 series. And now comes Parallels Plesk Panel 9 with completely new navigation adjusted for specific user categories Server administrator, reseller, client, domain owner, mail account owner – each have their own home page and navigation from it to functional screens The new interface provides one click access to all major operations The Object Switcher located right in the navigation bar allows for immediate retrieval of the required objects – users / domain / mail accounts System configuration settings are also concentrated on a single screen You had an opportunity to see it in our hands-on lab, and you are still welcome to stop by after these presentations

9 Profitable: New! Reseller Role
Offer New Reseller Plans Same functionality as Parallels Plesk Panel Admin. Separate billing management Customizable look and feel for control panel branding Full API Backward Compatibility DOMAIN CLIENT Domain Administrator RESELLER PARALLELS PLESK PANEL ADMIN A principally new feature of this release is the Reseller user role. For a long time the client role was used in shared hosting environments for reselling resources to the domain owners Now we explicitly identified the reseller role and created a specialized panel for this role The reseller has the same functionality as the administrator in the accounts management A reseller can have its own billing application attached Reseller can have its own panel branding At the same time a Reseller can act as a regular client, managing its own domains and mail accounts By the way, at the same time we eliminated an artificial client to represent the server administrator. Now the administrator can directly manage its own domains The existing Parallels Panel customers can be upgraded to the reseller accounts, and domain owners can be upgraded to the client role.

10 Profitable: New! Integration with APS Catalog
Offer and deploy 100s of applications with a single click Everything from Address SaaS Market Manage application updates Mass provision applications to clients The key break through to the SaaS program in Parallels Plesk Panel 9 is direct access to the APS publishing site The Panel interface allows you to browse through the Catalog, select applications and install them to the Application Vault on the server You can also define application bundles, which Panel administrators can install in one action You can also restrict and/or redefine the catalog categories and applications associated with each of the category. The system provides online checks for the updates of installed applications and uploading the upgrades.

11 Complete: New! Integrated w/Parallels Plesk Billing
Seamless end-to-end integration with Single Sign On Sell, Provision, and Manage Service Plans Automate your shared hosting business Moving towards complete hosting solution, we integrated the UI navigation of the Panel with Parallels Plesk Billing interface. Now in a single user session you can go back and forth between the Panel and the billing screens. Some billing data, such as outstanding balances are shown directly on the user list of the Panel Both Panel Administrator and Panel Client have their own navigation paths between two components. More detailed information on the Parallels Plesk Billing you will hear in the next presentation from Jonathan McCarrick Jonathan McCarrick Parallels Plesk Billing Technology Track 2:45 - 3:30 pm

12 Complete: New! Multi-Level Backup
Allow users to create full or partial backup for their accounts Backup just configuration or include services content Store backups locally or outside the Parallels Plesk server PARALLELS PLESK PANEL ADMIN DOMAIN RESELLER CLIENT Web User Mail User LOCAL DISK / WORKSTATION PROVIDER’S FTP / USER’S FTP Backup The new backup facility now provides similar functionality for all user levels The backups can be done in full or partly Storage can be local or on an external FTP server The domain backup can be done wither for virtual hosts only, mail only or both The converters are provided to make backup files from previous versions compatible with the new format

13 Complete: New! Dozens of other features
PHP over CGI/FastCGI Faster execution of PHP scripts Safe execution of PHP scripts Choice of PHP version (Windows only) lighttpd for Control Panel server Easier configuration Increased Parallels Virtuozzo Container density Multiple MTA Options Postfix Multiple webmail on Unix Atmail support New OS Support OpenSuSE 11 Oversell Administrator, Reseller, Client can oversell their resources Overuse Administrator and Reseller can allow their clients exceeding the resource limits assigned to them Notification can be issued before a resource limit is reached Easy account migration From domain admin to client, from client to reseller. Parallels Plesk Panel 9 comes with a number of the new features in the internal functions and provisioned services

14 Parallels Plesk Panel Roadmap
Now after we covered what we have already, let’s turn to the future and speak about the Parallels Plesk panel team plans

15 Split between Shared Hosting and SMB
Shared Hosting and SMB business requires different approaches SHARED HOSTING SMALL BUSINESSES PARALLELS PANEL SMB EDITION PARALLELS PLESK PANEL While moving along the Easy, Profitable and Complete coordinates it becomes obvious that two different modes of product usage require different approaches in UI navigation, feature sets, product composition, etc. We are going to split the product line into two different products. Parallels Plesk Panel or just Parallels Panel will continue serving shared hosting business While new branch of Parallels Panel SMB Edition will target the market of small and medium businesses Let’s look at the two branches separately

16 Parallels Plesk Products Roadmap
Parallels Panel Evolution Support APS 1.1 Applications Parallels Panel Clients get new services by installing APS applications Interface Hosting Services Expand your offering with special APS packages providing integration with externally hosted services Parallels Marketplace for Panel Customers Grow your Marketplace revenues now available for the entire Parallels Plesk Panel customer base Deep Integration between Parallels Plesk Products Provide a complete shared hosting platform featuring hosting plan sales and billing, automated provisioning, easily managed web sites with built in content management solution Improvements in Hosting Capabilities Offer wider variety of hosting features and capabilities, including IPv6, clustering, and more…. Parallels Panel SMB Edition Easy Server Administration Provide a complete easily managed IT for small businesses APS 1.1 Services for Company Employees Easily enhance your server capabilities by adding more APS 1.1 business applications, which become immediately available to the employees based on their roles Parallels Marketplace Integration Benefit from reselling 3rd party licenses in Parallels or your own online store hosted by PBA solution End Users – Company Employees Easily manage company employee accounts. Assign their roles, system services and business application access File Manager and File Sharing Manage server file system from the control panel UI. Own your private home directory. Share files within organization and with the external consumers and more… Here are the key features of two product branches that we are planning for the upcoming releases. Just in a minute we’ll talk about each of these items separately.

17 Profitable: APS 1.1 Format Support
Provisions APS applications from Parallels Marketplace, APS Catalog, provider’s online store, ISVs directly Generates new types of services based on APS meta-data Makes services assignable to end users Puts application entry points to users’ home pages USER’S HOME SERVICE Parallels Panel MARKETPLACE APPLICATION SERVICE USER’S HOME SERVICE APS CATALOG I am sure many of you have attended the APS session. But taking into account the importance of the changes brought in by the new APS 1.1 format, I’ll spend a few more minutes on it. One of the biggest differences between APS 1.0 and 1.1 is that the new format brings in a notion of service. Each APS package declares one or more services provided by the application it carries The services can be shared and personal. Shared services are more like in the APS 1.0 site applications, where the users have common entry point to the application Personal services are new. A typical personal service could be a mail account in a webmail application, or a private administrative login into a eCommerce application. Installation of an APS 1.1 package in the system creates additional services the system can deliver to the end users. Now the task of the control panel is to distribute personal service accounts to the appropriate users, initialize them with the applications, and configure the service links on the users’ home pages. Another important feature of the APS 1.1 format that it enables installation of the server-wide applications. As you probably remember, APS 1.0 covers site applications only. There two major enhancements bring in principally new capabilities of service delivery to the end users. PROVIDER’S STORE APPLICATION SERVICE USER’S HOME SERVICE ISV

18 Profitable: Enabling Hosted Services
Uses APS format to build interfaces between hosted applications and the control panel user accounts Allows for services hosted by providers or ISVs directly External Services APS Catalog Parallels Marketplace Use Parallels Plesk Provisioned Services One of the important opportunities is access to the externally hosted services The idea is that an APS package can carry not the application itself, but an interface module that would connect the Panel to an application hosted by the service provider. The module would provide means of provisioning panel user accounts in the external system and to redirect panel users to the external service. A typical example of such external service is the Open-Xchange with APS interface module that uses OX remote APIs to provision collaboration and personal accounts. Panel Externally provisioned APS Applications and Services Provision Billing Sitebuilder

19 Profitable: Parallels Marketplace Integration
Provides participating applications promotion from the control panel pages Forwards Parallels Panel clients to Parallels Marketplace Automates purchased application license management Automates purchased SSL certificates provisioning External Services Parallels Marketplace CA Authority Contact: Soeren von Varchmin Use Provisioned Services SSL Yesterday you were presented the new Parallels project called Parallels Marketplace, which will enable a number of reseller programs for the partners. Let’s see how Parallels Plesk Panel participates in this project. The project is designed to enable commercial APS applications distribution among the clients of Parallels control panels. The panel UI provides visual promotions for Marketplace applications and takes users directly to the online store. The Panel uses APS standard to install applications in user environment It also automates license provisioning after it was purchased. Parallels Plesk Locally provisioned 100s of APS Applications and Services Panel Provision Billing Externally provisioned APS Applications and Services Sitebuilder

20 Parallels Partner Marketplace – How it Works?
Your Brand Storefront via Parallels Business Automation User’s Parallels Plesk Panel Application Portal 1 2 3 5 4 Customer Environment Parallels Partner Marketplace 20 Customers view your Brand on Storefront leading to the Marketplace Buy Now Links Inside Parallels Plesk Panel Lead to Marketplace End-Customer Purchases Application on Marketplace End-Customer Returns to Parallels Plesk Panel After Purchase Licenses and Applications are Automatically Installed on Plesk CP Server Here is a slide borrowd from the Parallels Partner Markeplace presentation. Let’s quikly go through its steps 1. Customers Enters Your Store 2. Adds App(s) to Shopping Cart 3. Customer Makes Purchase 4. Customer Leaves Your Store 5. App & License are Auto Installed

21 Complete: Parallels Panel Suite
Complete Integration between Parallels Plesk Panel Parallels Plesk Billing Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder Combined PP Billing hosting and PP Sitebuilder CM plans Subscriptions instead of templates in PPP Jonathan McCarrick Parallels Plesk Billing Technology Track 2:45 - 3:30 pm Parallels Plesk Panel As I mentioned at the beginning, we are constantly working on merging formerly independent products into a single product with functional components – control panel, billing, content management. Billing Sitebuilder

22 Parallels Plesk Panel Planned Features
Easy Complete Installer Componentized Windows Installer Rollbacks of failed upgrades Flexible DB management. Attach/detach existing DBs Assign private and public databases Single DB user for multiple databases IPv6 support Hosting management DNS templates; Service DNS zone; NAT support Web clusters support Linux Virtual Server (LVS) support Additional FTP accounts Mail improvements Greylisting Smarter spam processing Archiving mail traffic for specified domains SMTP Authorization instead of POP3 Mail piping Password Protected Mailing-Lists Complete Security Site isolation Mail certificates Secure FTP support Apache mod_security support Notifications Customized by Resellers Customize notification subject

23 Parallels Panel SMB Edition

24 Parallels Panel SMB Edition Goals
Parallels Plesk Panel 9 Gained more features supporting shared hosting specifically Separated server and sites management Separated UI navigation by user roles Parallels Panel SMB Edition Simplifies UI navigation for SMB administrator Maintains corporate web sites, mail, databases Installs any APS business applications Manages SMB employees as service users Provides system, collaboration and business services Integrates with Parallels Marketplace Enables hosting providers selling SMB plans with bundled business applications

25 Why Parallels Panel SMB Edition
Easy Easy to install, configure, manage company sites, mail, DBs Easy to service company employees Easy to add 100s of APS business applications Profitable Gain on high density virtual hosted environment Sell APS applications and their bundles Profit on licenses sold on Parallels Marketplace Complete Dedicated all you need virtual business server Variety of business applications at hand Integrated CM solution for the business sites

26 Easy: Simplified Administration
Take advantage of lesser hosting objects Fewer domains, websites; mail accounts; databases No traditional client hierarchy Main functions divided into specialized tabs

27 Easy: SMB Users and Roles
Panel Users – Company Employees Permissions are set by the Roles System services are assigned to users and roles List of Users Role Settings

28 Easy: End User Panel User can access all applications and services from a single launch pad

29 Easy: File Manager and File Sharing
Fully functional File Manager application for system administrators Personal directories access for the employees File sharing across organizations and within functional groups External HTTP and FTP access to the designated files and folders

30 Complete: APS 1.1 Applications
Install APS 1.1 applications from APS Catalog, Parallels Marketplace, provider’s store Application entry points are regarded as new system services Initial context configuration may done by system administrator These are all major features of SMB Edition. The rest of traditional hosting management functionality will be inherited from Parallels Plesk Panel.

31 Big Picture: Easy, Profitable, and Complete
APS Catalog Parallels Marketplace Payment Gateway Domain Registrar Easy Locally provisioned 100s of APS Applications and Services Externally provisioned APS Applications and Services Apache IIS SSL ASP.NET Tomcat DNS, Firewall Web Statistics FTP Mail (AV/AS) Web Mail VPN and more … Control Panel Resellers Customers Network Installation / Update Licensing Backup/Migration Events/Notification Scheduler Customization Branding/Localization Use Parallels Plesk Panel Manage Provision Billing Sitebuilder Integrate Complete Billing Parallels Automation Parallels Virtuozzo Containers Parallels Server

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