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Climate-KIC Climate-KIC: a brief introduction Richard Templer.

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1 Climate-KIC Climate-KIC: a brief introduction Richard Templer

2 Climate-KIC Providing the people, products and leadership to address the challenge of global climate change A pipeline for climate change innovations Ideas, know how and capacities Innovative, entrepreneurial people Networked community

3 Climate-KIC 20 Core partners 5 business 2 RTO 1 Not-for-profit charity 12 Academic 130 Affiliate partners > 50% business local and regional government academic NGOs Our geography

4 Climate-KIC Our Platforms Sustainable City Systems Industrial Symbiosis The Built Environment Adaptation Engineering The Bioeconomy Adaptation Services GHG Monitoring and Verification Making Transitions Happen

5 Climate-KIC Some achievements Adaptation markets 5 OASIS - open source catastrophe software for insurance companies, driven by Lloyds of London and Imperial College London. Hazard and vulnerability to climate events Open source core with plug & play modules Create commercial markets for adaptation technologies core modules

6 Climate-KIC Some achievements Sheltering business growth 6 Clean technologies have difficulty in finding venture support. We put together the right buyers and sellers to create markets. Hybrid solar panel providing electricity and hot water Keeping PV at optimal temperature improves electric energy efficiency 40% Piloting technology with committed corporate partner

7 Climate-KIC Some achievements Creating climate innovators 7 We have created educational programmes that take postgraduate students and turn them into entrepreneurs. theJourney The creation of student companies Strongly engaged alumni

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