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Applying for money from Lundbeckfonden Anne-Marie Engel Director of Research Lundbeckfonden.

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1 Applying for money from Lundbeckfonden Anne-Marie Engel Director of Research Lundbeckfonden

2 Overview About the foundation Grant making strategy Grant making instruments The foundations assessment system New instruments 2010 How we use evaluation General advise on successful grant application

3 Lundbeckfondens history LUNDBECKFONDEN Operating foundation Grants approximately 400 mio DKK per year (45 mio ) for biomedical and natural sciences Research Administrative work on Applications, Peer review, strategies, evaluation etc. taken care of by 2-3 staff members Support given via different Grant making instruments

4 The foundation in short Instruments – Project support – Centres of excellence – Junior Group Leader Fellowships – Scientific Prizes – New instruments 2010 – Grants of Excellence (neuroscience, 5 år, 3 mio ) Fast track visiting professorships (6 months, all costs covered, must be applied by Danish PIs short ex ante evaluation procedure = fast answer)

5 Grant making instruments: You can APPLY for Project grants Visiting professors and travel grants Junior Group Leader Fellowships Grants of Excellence in Neuroscience Candidates for prizes – talent prizes and Youn Researchers prize are RECOMMENDED by peers or mentors Prizes: Talent prizes Young researchers award Nordic Research Prize LUNDBECKFONDEN


7 Grants of Excellence LUNDBECKFONDEN

8 Applications are welcomed for basic as well as applied and prevention research Basic Research Including Physics and Chemistry Research Into Disease Mechanism Translation Medicine Clinical Biomedical Research Epidemiology Disease Prevention Grant Strategy Awarding grants to multiple disciplines

9 Lundbeckfondens grant strategy: The Lundbeck Foundation, through the awarding of grants, aims to strengthen Danish research of the highest quality in biomedicine and natural sciences. The Foundation is committed to maintain and exploit the opportunities and freedom of a private foundation as being independent of special interests and public institutions. Neuroscience is a core area within biomedicine, but projects within other areas are also supported. However, the Foundation has reservations in areas where other Danish foundations and institutions have special interests and obligations. Projects outside the fields of biomedicine and natural sciences are supported only to a very limited degree, normally on the condition that they are of a scientific nature.

10 Project grants (2 evaluation commitees) Junior Group Leader Fellowships (external expert panel and in- house committee) Grants of excellence in neuroscience (external expert panel and in- house committee) Visiting researchers and travel stipends (smaller panels – shorter review periods) Research prizes (talents, young scientists, senior scientists – nominated by mentors or peers – external peer review – in-house committee)


12 What is being assessed? WHAT WHO WHERE

13 Applicants access to the system

14 Applicants use of the system




18 Why evaluate at all? Get the best of men, Give them the equipment you can afford, And leave them alone British physiologist Ernest Starlings advice to the British Research Council in the 1920s

19 Sundhedsvidenskabelige projektansøgninger og -bevillinger Succesrate R1-07: 30% R2-07: 20% R3-07: 36% R1-08: 25% R2-08: 24% R3-08: 34% R1-09: 19% R2-09: 17% R3-09: 22% R1-10: 23%




23 Know your funder Any special demands? Application form? Number of copies to be sent by mail? Electronic application system? Particular enclosures requested? Deadlines? = READ THE INSTRUCTIONS

24 Know your funder What do they support? Salaries – for whom? Equipment/travels/running costs? How much per year? Apply for the kind of funding they give = READ THE INSTRUCTIONS

25 Remember.... You cannot be sure that you will get full funding from one source. State in application that partial funding is very wellcome Justify in application/budget that partial funding will create useful results Inform in detail about the funding you already have and where you intend apply for more

26 Do not forget… Succes rates on projects: – 2007 R1 30% R2 20% R3 36% – 2008 R1 25% R2 24% R3 34% – 2009 R1 19% R2 17% R3 22% – 2010 R1 23% SO START EARLY !!!


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