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By: Eric Perez Wednesday 30 th,2011 Sophomore Class of 2014.

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1 By: Eric Perez Wednesday 30 th,2011 Sophomore Class of 2014


3 I can identify exothermic and endothermic reactions and phase changes.

4 Heat v.s. Temperature Heat – Energy transferred from one object to another due to temperature difference Temperature – Measure of the average kinetic energy of particles in matter

5 2 main things required to determine type of process: System Surroundings Use terms when identifying by......

6 System: Knee Surroundings: Ice Pack System loses Surroundings heats up System Surroundings Loses Heat

7 System: Ice Pack Surroundings: Knee System gains Surroundings cools down System Surroundings Gains Heat


9 Endothermic: Melting: Solid to Liquid Evaporation: Liquid to Gas Sublimation: Solid to Gas Exothermic: Freezing: Liquid to Gas Condensation: Gas to Liquid Deposition: Gas to Solid *

10 Essential #2: I can determine the difference between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing and when its appropriate to do so. Essential #8: I can explain the meaning and use of literary and poetic devices and how they support or relate to the overall theme.

11 Quoting – Using word for word from the author/writer Paraphrasing – Summary using different words Summarizing – Main ideas in your own words Why is it important to Quote, Paraphrase, and Summarize? What are the consequences of not citing? How will this help/ benefit me in the future?

12 Theme 3 Literary Devices How does each device support the poem? This essential benefitted by...... *

13 Esencial #1 Escribir: Puedo elaborar un 3-5 ensayo de párrafo en español utilizando la puntuación adecuada y el formato. Esencial # 10 Comunicación: Yo puedo dar un presentación completamente en español por 4-6 minutos.

14 Como me mejore? Antes y ahora... Mi evidencia que tengo es..

15 Antes... Ahora... *

16 One Weakness I Had This Semester Was…. Habits of Mind: Accountability 21 st Century Skills: Communication One Strength I Had This Semester Was….

17 Thank you For Watching My Presentation of Learning! I will Now Take Any Questions or Comments You Have..

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