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2 Introduction – The Dynamics The Society we live in, and the Businesses, the Markets and the Consumers there-in, are all interdependent entities. The dynamics of the Consumer attitude and behavior contributes in shaping the Markets and vice versa; the dynamics of the markets is a major factor in defining the Businesses being organized and run to serve these Markets and the dynamics of these Businesses have their impact on the Society in which these exist and operate. Conversely, the Social dynamics of the place we live in, have an imposing impact on the Businesses being run there-in. Similarly, the dynamics of these Businesses shape the Markets these Businesses are serving and the Markets in turn have a great influence on the attitude and behavior of the Consumers these Markets feed / cater for. 2

3 As such, the dynamics of any of these four entities cannot be studied and understood in isolation, as these are interrelated and interdependent entities. At The Dynamics – Research Consultants, we study and chart out these dynamics and their impacts on each other. While studying in depth each entity in its own right, we try to find out the interdependencies and interrelationships of these four entities and their workings to get at the big picture. The Technology: We are living in an era of digital revolution which has touched and reshaped our lives at all levels and has resulted in several paradigm shifts. We at The Dynamics – Research Consultants, use the latest state of the art technologies to collect information and analyze the same from different perspectives. Hence we have also set up the first Online Consumer Panel in the country. 3 Introduction – The Dynamics

4 Sectors Covered The Dynamics – Research Consultants is a group of qualified and experienced professionals, providing Researches in the dynamics of the following fields: THE SOCIAL SECTOR: [Opinion Polls, Political Surveys, Education, Health, Population, Gender, Poverty / Inequality, Violence, Child Labor, Human Rights, Rural Development, Minorities, Monitoring & Evaluation etc]. THE BUSINESS SECTOR: [Economy, Inflation, Globalization, Privatization, De-regulation, Business Outlook, Business Trends, Rural Economy, Infrastructure, Logistics / Transportation & Warehousing, Labor Markets, Corporate Social Responsibility etc]. 4

5 Sectors Covered (contd) MARKET SECTOR: [Sectoral Studies, Supply & Demand, Market Sizing, Sales Forecast, Barriers to Entry, Rules & Regulations, Disposable Income, Money & Finance, Banking, Distribution Channels, B-2-B operations etc]. CONSUMER SECTOR: [Media & Audience, Promotion, Ad / Copy Testing, Media Decisions, Advertising Effectiveness, Lifestyle, Demographic / Psychographic Segmentation, Product Test, Concept Test, Taste Test, Logo / Name / Package Test, Product Feature Evaluation, Product Usability Test, Test Marketing, Corporate Image, Brand Equity / Image, Brand Positioning, Brand Tracking, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Loyalty, Pricing, Price Elasticity of Demand, Distribution Research, Attitude of Channel Members, Performance of Sales Force, Intensity of Wholesale / Retail Coverage etc]. 5

6 Types of Research Studies We design and conduct various types of studies, depending on the categories of users / consumers and the types of products / services being marketed. Few of the Research Studies we undertake are briefly mentioned in the following slides. 1.Market Size & Share Study: To find out the size and geographical spread of market in value and volume terms, major importers / suppliers, manufacturers / marketers, package and price ranges, distribution channels, users / consumer groups etc along-with regulatory environment and major players in the market and their shares. 2. Knowledge, Attitude & Practices Study: At category level, finding out the level of knowledge / awareness, attitude / opinion and behavior and practices of the purchasers / influencers / users / consumers, mainly about the category [and its competing, complementary and supplementary products] in addition to pertinent demographic and psychographic information about the users and non users of the category. Similar study conducted at brand level is called Usage & Attitude Study. 6

7 Types of Research Studies – Contd 3. Brand Studies: These include the Brand Health Monitor, covering brands awareness, brands and their ad recall, sources of awareness / recall, brands usage (ever used, used in last season, currently used), brands competitive images, differentiators and motivators, brands positioning, brands availability, sources of purchase, value for money, and demographic and psychographic profile of users of different brands. Similarly Brand Satisfaction / Dissatisfaction and Brand Loyalty Studies are undertaken by us. 4. Similarly, Concept test, Product Test [CLT / HUT], Segmentation Study and Pricing Study are also conducted for competing brands. 5. Distribution Study: It covers the market structure study, covering different channels of distribution, awareness level of channel operators, penetration, availability / breadth and depth of distribution, margins, frequency of visits / replenishment, policies and procedures of suppliers etc and satisfaction / dissatisfaction with suppliers. 7

8 Types of Research Studies – Contd 6. Media Studies: Media research starts with searching for the appropriate platform / theme for the brand, followed by Copy testing, Off-air ad testing, Campaign effectiveness, Media Consumption Habits, etc. 7. Mystery Shopping: To assess the total Customer Experience and monitor the performance of Retail Outlet Operators, researchers visit the Outlets in the garb of customers and record their total experience of interaction with the retailers and noting down the physical ambience of the outlet. Likewise Observational Studies are also conducted to note down the placement of the brand in the shelves, behavior of the buyers / customers etc. 8. Focus Groups / In-depth Interviews: To peep below the skin of consumers, and to understand why they are saying what they are saying, we conduct Qualitative Research by way of focus group discussions and in- depth interviews. 8

9 Types of Research Studies – Contd 9. Oomnibus Survey: We have designed a multi-client survey for clients who do not want to opt for a full scale study. We use our Online Research Panel for collection of responses. As such the results are of high quality, obtained very quickly [within a week or so], and at very affordable charges. We host this omni bus survey every month so the impact of marketing interventions by the marketer himself or his competitors can be measured within a very short time and marketing strategies can be tweaked accordingly. 10. Ad Testing Module: For off-air ad testing, we have designed a ad testing module using our Online Research Panel. The consumers see the clutter of ad, with the test ad, embedded in a TV program, sitting in their own homes [real life scenario]. After they have seen the ad / clutter, some pertinent questions are asked about the test ad to determine its overall likeability, interest, recall of central theme and other copy points, salience, memorability, clarity, empathy, impact on the brand image / purchase intent, etc. The results are then indexed for a go –no go decision. 9

10 Market Scan Market Entry Product(Re) Designing Product (RE) Developing Product (Re) Launching Customers Retention Market Expansion Consumer Proposition SegmentationRetail Measurement Brand ImageFeasibility Studies Ad Testing Concept Testing Segmentation & Targeting Market Sizing Channel Studies Mystery Shopping Product Testing Market Sizing Usage & Attitude (CNA) Need Assessment Market Sizing Usage & Attitude (CNA) Need Assessment Brand Health (CNA) Need Assessment Consumer Proposition Product Testing Competition Analysis Segmentation & targeting PricingSatisfaction & Loyalty Sector Studies Usage & Attitude Our Value Proposition for your Needs / Requirements 10

11 Research Methodologies As your strategic partners, The Dynamics – Research Consultants propose and conduct researches deploying the most appropriate mix of the Research methodologies, including but not restricted to, Exploratory /Qualitative Research [Focus Groups & Depth Interviews] and Conclusive / Quantitative Descriptive Research [ Cross–Sectional Studies, Cohort Studies, Longitudinal Studies and Panel Studies]. The aim of the research studies proposed and conducted by The Dynamics – Research Consultants is just not to provide valuable information to the Clients, it is more to help the decision makers in evaluating the situation / problem /opportunity at hand, examining the options and in carving out the optimum solution. As your strategic partners, we are available to walk you through the implementation phase, as well. 11

12 Information Gathering Techniques The Dynamics – Research Consultants use the following techniques to collect the desired information for the research studies they handle: Secondary / Desk Research Personal Observation Mystery Shopping Focus Group discussions Depth interviews Face-to-face, paper and pen interviews [F2F PAPI] Telephone interviews Mail / self-administered questionnaires Computer aided personal interviews [CAPI] Computer aided telephone interviews [CATI] Central location test [CLT] Home usage test [HUT] Internet – Online Research Panel Mobile based Data Collection Solution 12

13 Data Analysis Techniques / Models 13 Segmentation Conjoint analysis Hypotheses testing Normalized Tables Analysis of variance /co-variance Brand Mapping Correlations SWOT Regressions Fishbein Model Discriminant analysis Van Westendorp Model Factor analysis Mann Whitney U Test Cluster analysis Kruskal –Wallis test Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test Some of the techniques / models we use for the analysis of data / information, in addition to cross tabulation, are as under:

14 Coverage The Dynamics – Research Consultants are capable of conducting nationwide urban and rural studies in Pakistan The Dynamics – Research Consultants have two marketing offices in the main business hubs of the country; one in Karachi and another in Lahore The Dynamics – Research Consultants have fieldwork arrangements in all the major cities & towns of Pakistan Southern Pakistan is being managed by Karachi office Central & Northern Pakistan are being managed by the office in Lahore Multan Karachi Rawalpindi Peshawar Lahore Faisalabad Quetta Sukkur Hyderabad Multan Karachi 14

15 Pakistan Online Research Panel

16 Technology is our forte: The Dynamics – Research Consultants strongly believe in using the latest market research methodologies and data collection techniques to provide quick, robust and economical solutions to our Clients. The state of the art software that we use enables our Clients to have access to real time summary statistics shortly after the data collection begins and throughout the fieldwork, irrespective of whatever method of data collection we are using i.e. PAPI, CATI, CAPI or Online Consumer Panel. The Dynamics – Research Consultants have established the first Online Research Panel in Pakistan. Over the time our Research Panel has become very robust and it is constantly growing at a fast pace. Furthermore we are also providing Mobile Based Data Collection Solution. For these two solutions we have made partnerships with worlds leading technology providing companies. These technologies enable us to submit results in real time, while the survey is on. 16

17 Synopsis of few Recently Conducted Studies Using Pakistan Online Research Panel 17 CategoryObjectivesScreening Criteria Sample Achieved Duration (Days) Beverages To test concept including, product idea, theme, name and package testing Regular beverages consumers who never reject certain type of beverages in the future 2005 Mobile Sets To understand smart phone users and their internet usage preferences & practices Smart phone owners48112 Mobile Sets To understand preferences of the mobile set users of a particular brand Mobile phone users, who bought a particular brand of mobile set during last 6 months. 1208 Home Appliances Usage and Attitude Study (U&A), to understand awareness, usage and attitudes of home appliances users in Pakistan Home Appliances owners, who bought any of the specified home appliances during last 12 months or intend to purchase it during the next 6 months. 87514 Internet / Facebook To understand Facebook / fan page users habits and attitudes Facebook users in Pakistan1,00010 Branded Lawn Usage & Attitude Study (U&A) to understand Branded Lawn category (Tracking Study) Female branded Lawn users, who bought at least one branded lawn during the last season (category decision makers) 4006 Television Channel To get real time /live online continuous feedback monitoring for clients specified drama serials Female TV channel viewers, who watched any of the targeted drama serial(s) during last one week. 200 Daily (Continuous) Television Channel To get real time/ live online continuous feedback monitoring system for Ramadan Live Transmissions of clients and competing TV channels Female TV viewers, who watched Ramadan transmissions, of any of the targeted TV channels, during 24 hours 200 Daily (Continuous) Education / International Studies To understand intermediate / graduate students further study preferences for getting foreign education Post college students, who intend to move abroad for higher education 1427 Having 34% response rate, studies with samples up to n=4,000 can be effectively covered using the panel

18 Pakistan Online Research Panel – (Panel Book) Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 18

19 Panel Book (Geographic) Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 19

20 Panel Book (Food & Beverages) Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 20

21 Panel Book (Mobile Phone Users) Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 21

22 Electronics / Home Appliances Ownership Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 22

23 Car Ownership - Household Car Ownership Current Panel Size n =10,000+ Current Panel Size n =10,000+ 23

24 Some of The Profiling Attributes Available Gender Level of studies Brand of car(s) Mobile phone SIM Type Working, student, housewife Education - Chief wage earner Car manufactured year Smartphone ownership Education level Organization's primary industry Next car purchase/lease intention Smartphone brand Household size Number of Employees Motorcycle ownership Smartphone operating system Marital status Primary working department If primary grocery shopper Internet connection Type at home Age IT position - if any Fast Food - how often Internet Service Provider Mother tongue Primary role in organization Fast Food restaurants Tobacco - Do you smoke Religion Professional position Beverages Consumed Tobacco - Cigarette Brands Province Finance sector position if any Electronic products Tobacco - Cigarette Amount City Occupation Early Adopter Other tobacco products Urban/Rural Occupation - chief wage earner Decision maker - electronics smoke cigarette type - local/imported Chief Wage Earner Status Access to a car Mobile phone features Cigarette purchase format Study/Degree Type Automotive decision maker Mobile phone - network Social Economic Class (SEC) 24

25 The Ideal Profile – for Targeting via Panel The internet penetration is around 17% on overall basis in Pakistan having more than 30 million internet users. The penetration reaches to more than 50% when we think of people with high literacy rate living in Metros. The online research panel is ideal for gauging opinion from the following profiles: Gender: Male & Female SEC: A, B & C Education: Matric & Above Age bracket: 18 years – 50 years Cities: Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi & Islamabad *Special groups like Students [18+] can effectively be targeted using the On Line Panel as more than 50% of them in the major cities are internet users. 25

26 Does Each MR Study Need Representativeness? Any MR study, not necessarily requiring 100% representative data, can effectively be conducted through the On Line Consumer Panel, to get benefit of reduced time and cost along with accessing the hard to reach respondents. Both Quantitative and Qualitative data can be gauged using the panel. Sample replication (quota based sampling) is the technique to get as close results as representative sample can provide using the online consumer panel. From a panel of about 10,000+ members, one can draw a robust random sample of respondents of appropriate profile. 26

27 Where Online Panel Can Help Better? Study types that can be better targeted through On Line Research Panel 27

28 Benefits of Using On Line Research Panel Economical Instant access to summary statistics by clients Easy access to hard to reach segments (Upper SECs) Comprehensive Panelists Profiling for Quota Based Targeting Fast turn around time (Around 5 days) 28

29 Methodology - On Line Research Panel Questionnaire Questionnaire finalization Questionnaire programming Panel Integration Agreement on targeting segments quotas Integrating questionnaire with the panel Study Circulation Performing sampling through the panel system Dispatching survey to the randomly selected panelists Data Collection & Report Writing Data collection and analysis Report writing and delivering results 29

30 Quality Assurance - On Line Research Panel Respondent Uniqueness Through CNIC and Mobile number Back check (Validation) Thank you calls to the panelists who filled out the survey to ensure that the survey was filled by the actual respondents Data Cleaning Cleaning of data after finding out inconsistencies in the validation questions and checking the inconsistencies from the average response rate time etc. 30

31 Mobile Based Data Collection Solution

32 Cutting edge mobile based solution that allows paper-less collection of data Questionnaires are designed and uploaded to the server The field workers / sales force then can access forms and fill in the data and save on phone or upload to server The data can be accessed at real time from the office for analysis The data collection locations captured using GPS coordinates and mapped using Google maps Mobile data collection solution 32

33 The changeover Current situationThe solution 33

34 Mobile Client -requires authentication to access the server and download the survey The server; Has different levels of access rights Data filtering-enabling one to create subsets of data to view or download Visualizing of data on digital maps and charts Survey administration-Locking the surveys from being downloaded and data submission Users administration-creating and deleting the users Technical overview 34

35 How mobile data collection works 35

36 Text Numbers Date and time (automatic system date) GPS coordinates Multiple select Single select Single select dynamic Photo Data collection formats support 36

37 Benefits of Using Mobile Data Collection Instant access to summary statistics by clients Automatic time, date & location mapping (GPS coordinates) Easy amendments in the data collection instrument Improved data accuracy & integrity Faster turn around time 37

38 Management

39 Education– – MBA from Institute of Business Administration (IBA) – Bachelor of Law (LLB); Master of Science in Mathematics, University of Karachi Experience – – 35 years in training, management & marketing research. – 18 years+ in Market Research industry in the Country and abroad. Research Specialities – Social / Political Sector, Media, Chemical, Telecom, FMCG, Fuels/Lubricants, Pharma/Health, Banking, Electronics, B2B Sector Specialities – Social (Political Polls), Banking, Telecom, Internet, Tobacco, and FMCG, Fuels / Lubricants Pen Picture – Commands extensive expertise in qualitative, quantitative and investigative research. – (Served in senior executives positions with leading marketing research organizations (Executive Director Gallup-BRB (9 years) Executive Director Research with Oasis International (5 years), General Manager with Center for Statistical Research, Saudi Arabia (3 years) Deputy Managing Director with SMAR International (1 year) – Have extensive experience working with leading local and global clients and market research agencies. – Currently teaching Business Research at I.B.A., Karachi +92 300 829 5668 S. M. Sibghatullah Husaini - Chief Executive 39

40 Education– – M. S. (Agricultural Economics) from Michigan State University – M. Sc. (Agri.) Hons. from Sindh Agricultural College Experience – – 30 + years extensive experience in Agriculture, land cultivation, agricultural based economy, rural development programs, training, feasibility and marketing studies. – Work experience in Afghanistan, China, Nepal, Pakistan and Vanuatu (South Pacific). Research Specialities – Consultancy work for agriculture, rural development programs and agro based industries. Sector Specialities – Socioeconomic, agricultural, land reformation, rural development programs. Pen Picture – Mr. Husaini has extensive experience of working with worlds top institutions in both government and non-government sectors. – He worked on more than 100 consultancy based projects with institutions such as World Bank, Asian Development Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), United Nations Drug Control Program, FAO, IUCN, Ford Foundation, Aga Khan Rural Support Project, National Commission on Agriculture: Government of Pakistan, Resource Mobilization and Tax Reforms Commission, and other local and foreign Consulting houses. +92 300 855 5654 Syed Amanullah Husaini Jagirdar – Principal Consultant 40

41 Education– – MBA from PAF-KIET Karachi – Diploma in Marketing Research from The University of Georgia (Principle of Marketing Research) Experience – – Total experience 12+ years in MR industry Research Specialities – Conjoint, Diversified MR Techniques, Ad testing, Usage and Attitude, New Product Development, Pricing Studies. Sector Specialities – Social, Banking, Telecom, Internet, Tobacco, FMCG, Fuels / Lubricants Pen Picture – Rashid Mehmood has more than 13 years of experience in MR industry working with both local and global clients. – His urge to work with most complex studies led him to handle clients from diversified sectors. Hence, he has vast experience of working with multiple MR techniques and methodologies for both customized and tracking studies. – His experience and vast knowledge of I.T enables him to deal technicalities with ease. +92 322 2260 190 Rashid Mehmood - Director Research 41

42 Education– – BS Computer Science from University of Karachi Experience – – 6 years experience within MR and Information Technology domains Pen Picture – Saads core expertise is in integrating Research and IT techniques, project management and coming up with innovative solutions – He has worked for leading MR and IT companies in Pakistan such as Oasis International, SBP, Bank Islami, Saamba Bank, Bank Al Habib, Bank Alflah, Silk bank British Petroleum, Pakistan Petroleum, etc +92 333 2289 425 Muhammad Saad -- Director Technology 42

43 Education– – MA, Political Science from the University of Punjab Experience – – 6 years + experience in MR Sector Handled – Social Sector, Telecom, FMCG, B2B studies, Pharma, Banking Pen Picture – Asadullahs core expertise belongs to operations including fieldwork, quality assurance, training, team management and project management – He has worked with the two leading MR companies in Pakistan i.e. Gallup BRB Pakistan and Oasis Insights +92 306 7514 314 Asadullah Rashid, Manager Operations 43

44 Technology Partners 44

45 Corporate Membership 45

46 Recent Clients 46

47 Contact Details Karachi OfficeLahore Office S M Sibghatullah HusainiRashid Mehmood Chief ExecutiveDirector Research Address: Suit No. 234, Tabba Block, I B A Main Campus, Karachi, Pakistan Address: 176, J2, Johar Town, Lahore, Pakistan Phone: Direct: +92 21 3542 8139 Board: +92 21 3810 4700 Ext: 2687 Phone: +92 42 3595 7223 Mobile: +92 300 829 5668Mobile: +92 322 2260 190 Email: husaini@thedynamics.bizhusaini@thedynamics.bizEmail: /


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