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Peer Assistance and Review

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1 Peer Assistance and Review
Dr. Brenda Delany, Consulting Teacher Gail A. Epps, Instructional Specialist Department of Professional Growth Systems Montgomery County Public Schools

2 The best teachers are attracted by a school culture in which teacher evaluation is done with them not to them Mark Simon, November 2012, Educational Leadership

3 Teacher Support System Novice and Veteran Teachers
Staff Development Teacher Peers Consulting Teacher Resource Teachers and Team Leaders Administration Math and Reading Coaches Mentors Novice and Veteran Teachers Administration Resource Teacher Staff Development Teacher Mentors Consulting Teacher Peers Team Leader Reading Specialist Math and Reading Coaches

4 Acronyms Peer, Assistance and Review Program (PAR)
Consulting Teachers (CT) Teacher Professional Growth System (TPGS) Montgomery County Education Association (MCEA) Montgomery County Association of Administrators and Principals (MCAAP) P1 (probationary 1st year) P2 (probationary 2nd year) P3 (probationary 3rd year) WT (weighted) P1X (has prior teaching experience) T1 (tenured 1st year of PAR) T2 (tenured 2nd year of PAR) P1LH (1st year late hire in MCPS) P2LH (2nd year late hire in MCPS) REV (Review) OUT (Support outside of content area) Schools (# of schools that a consulting teacher will visit)

5 History of PAR in MCPS: Joint Partnership between MCPS and MCEA
The PAR program is a cornerstone of the evaluation process within the Professional Growth System. Originally proposed by MCEA, PAR represents a qualitative shift in how the school system supports and evaluates teachers. MCPS is one of only a handful of school districts nationally where master teachers share responsibility for ensuring that all teachers meet the school system's high performance standards. The PAR program is run by a joint panel of representatives from MCEA and from the principals' association (MCAAP).

6 History of PAR in MCPS: Joint Partnership between MCPS and MCEA
Superintendent & Administration and Teacher Associations were aligned 1998 Development with several stakeholders Research for Better Teaching, Inc. (RBT) 2000 – Schools 2001 – Schools 2002 – 2003 Full Implementation (200 schools)

7 6 Standards 1: Teachers are committed to students and their learning. 2: Teachers know the subjects they teach and how to teach those subjects to students. 3: Teachers are responsible for establishing and managing student learning in a positive learning environment. 4: Teachers continually assess student progress, analyze the results, and adapt instruction to improve student achievement. 5: Teachers are committed to continuous improvement and professional development. 6: Teachers exhibit a high degree of professionalism.

8 Peer Assistance and Review (P.A.R.)
Keys: Collaboration – Association/Management Implementation Team P.A.R. Panel Consulting Teachers

9 What is the PAR Panel? 16 members appointed by superintendent
8 teachers recommended by MCEA 8 administrators recommended by MCAAP Co-chairs are the vice-presidents of MCEA and MCAAP Duties include: Review cases referred to PAR Recruit, select, evaluate CTs Make personnel recommendations to superintendent return to PGS, additional year of PAR assistance, dismissal (tenured) or nonrenewal (probationary)

10 Consulting Teachers 29* Co-leads (2) Coaching
All Novice and Underperforming Teachers * 33 (2013 – 2014)

11 Support for Probationary Teachers
of 5517 probationary teachers (85.5%) returned to the Professional Growth Cycle after 1-2 years of support

12 Retaining Quality Teachers (first 5 years)
United States MCPS 50% 66⅔%

13 Support for Tenured Teachers 2000-2012
114 of 313 tenured teachers (36.4%) returned to the Professional Growth Cycle after 1-2 years of support

14 Non-renewal/Dismissal Data
The PAR Panel has recommended 245 teachers for non-renewal/dismissal from From , only 1 teacher was recorded as dismissed due to incompetence.

15 Caseload Grid Special Education 24 23 21 1 7 Total WT P1 P1X P2 P3 TI
P1LH P2LH Rev Out Schools 24 23 21 1 7

16 Caseload Grid Elementary 22 23.5 18 3 1 4 16 Total WT P1 P1X P2 P3 TI
P1LH P2LH Rev Out Schools 22 23.5 18 3 1 4 16

17 Contact Information Dr. Brenda Delany Co-lead Consulting Teacher 45 West Gude Drive Suite 2400 Rockville, Maryland 20850 Gail Epps Program Manager, New Teacher Induction

18 Questions and Answers

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