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IT Schedule 70 Dan Baskin General Services Administration May 2012.

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1 IT Schedule 70 Dan Baskin General Services Administration May 2012

2 IT Schedule 70 – Who Are We? IT Schedule 70 Features
IT Schedule 70 grants agencies direct access to commercial experts who can thoroughly address the needs of the government IT community. IT Schedule 70 Features IT Schedule 70 Offerings Simplified ordering procedures Competitive pricing Abundant supply of small businesses Approximately 5000 industry partners of varying socioeconomic status Enhanced competition Available for state and local government use under certain authorities Ability to set-aside procurements for small businesses Software Licenses IT Equipment (Sales or Lease) IT Training Courses IT Professional Services E-Commerce Services Wireless Services Satellite Services Identity and Access Management Products and Services: Digital Certificates HSPD-12 Products and Services

3 Benefits of IT Schedule 70
The IT Schedule 70 offers… Savings Cost Time Selection Built –In Value Competitive pricing with the ability to seek additional discounts off Schedule pricing R Approximately 5000 pre-vetted local and global contractors, including small and disadvantaged businesses A suite of e-Tools to streamline processes, such as market research and competition Complementary trainings and assistance available The ability to set aside procurements for small businesses and to establish agreements, known as Blanket Purchase Agreements, for recurring needs

4 IT Schedule 70 Solutions Cloud IT Services
Computer and Networking Hardware Systems Life Cycle Integration Cyber Security Data Centers and Storage Satellite Services SmartBUY: Commercial Software Solutions Software and Applications Wireless and Mobility

5 Success Story Requirements:
State & Local customer required wireless services for the IPAD, IPhone and not the devices. Customer would obtain devices from another contract with APPLE (No existing contract for the services) Summary Question: Does GSA offer wireless services to support the following: Wireless Access Services Data Plan (typically 3G service if available in locale) compatible with Apple iPad 2 Voice and Data Plan (typically 3G service if available in locale) compatible with Apple iPhone 4 Results: Determined that SIN , Wireless Services, satisfied this requirement. Schedule 70 verified that GSA Schedule 70 contractor X and Y are available on schedule 70 and able to offer wireless services to meet customer requirement.

6 COMSATCOM Jim Russo General Services Administration May 2012

7 What is COMSATCOM? Commercial Satellite Communications:
Reliable fixed, mobile, and broadcast communications where no wire line or wireless infrastructure exists How do commercial satellite services support the Government? Communications for the Warfighter and DOD Support Quickly deployed Domestic Emergency Response Communications Continuity of Operations/Service Diversity Supplements Terrestrial Networks Distance Learning and Training in real-time

8 COMSATCOM Solutions Schedule 70 supplies Bandwidth and Subscription Services

9 Transponded Capacity (14) Subscription Services (17)
Schedule 70 Awards – 24 Industry Partners Eighteen are Large Businesses Industry Partner 132-54 Transponded Capacity (14) 132-55 Subscription Services (17) ADCI of Delaware, LLC X Americom Government Services, Inc. ARTEL, LLC Caprock Government Solutions, Inc. DRS Technical Services, Inc. Globecomm Systems, Inc. GMPCS Personal Communications, Inc. Hughes Network Systems, LLC Intelsat General Corporation Maritime Telecommunications Networks Satcom Direct Communications, Inc. Satcom Global, Inc. Segovia, Inc. Spacenet, Inc. Stratos Government Services, Inc. Telecommunication Systems, Inc. Vizada, Inc. XTAR, LLC  X * Small Business

10 Schedule 70 Awards – 24 Industry Partners Six are small businesses
132-54 Transponded Capacity (4) 132-55 Subscription Services (5) Bushtex, Inc. * X Knight Sky Consulting and Associates, LLC* MVS USA, Inc.* RiteNet Corporation* Skycasters, LLC * Ultisat, Inc.* * Small Business

11 Success Story – Schedule 70 is supplying COMSATCOM services to support Agencies’ missions
Task Order competition Over 200 postings to date on eBuy (including RFIs, RFQs, notices) Nine Contractors have won task orders DOD Awards:(as of 13 March) Over 83 task orders made with lifecycle value $1.5B Other Federal Awards: VA, EPA, CDC, USCG State and Local Awards: State of Alabama

12 Information Portal for Customers and Industry
Revamped COMSATCOM entry page on GSA's web site at: Website contains: Program introduction Contract descriptions & Available services Eligible contractor list and contract pricing FAQs Customer Users Guide Delegated Procurement Authority Application Program updates eBuy for all COMSATCOM contracts at

13 Cloud Computing Marcelo Olascoaga General Services Administration
May 2012

14 What is Cloud Computing
Essential Characteristics of Cloud NIST Cloud Definition Self Service Portal Broad Network Access Available to all devices/locations Location Independent Resource Pooling Efficient Use of Resources & DR/COOP Scale Up or Down On Demand Rapid Elasticity Pay only for what you use Measured Service On demand Self Service Four Cloud Deployment Models Three Cloud Service Models IaaS: Infrastructure-as-a-Service e.g. virtual computers for IT PaaS: Platform-as-a-Service i.e. pre-built application environments SaaS: Software-as-a-Service i.e. software for end users Community Private Public Hybrid

15 GSA’s IT Schedule 70 – A platform for offering Cloud Computing service offerings
GSA’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud offering is an example of how GSA leverages IT Schedule 70 as a platform for creating integrated solutions. The IaaS blanket purchase agreement (BPA) packages IT Schedule 70 products and services into distinct lots featuring cloud storage, virtual machines, and web hosting. Through this offering, agencies can meet the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) cloud and data center consolidation mandates, reduce their environmental footprint, save taxpayer money, and serve the American people better. IT Schedule 70 brings the latest technology to agencies and allows GSA to be more innovative and responsive to the needs of the government agencies we serve.

16 Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) BPA 3 Lots offered by one of the 12 IaaS BPA Vendors
Data Storage Virtual Machines Server Hosting Online VMs/ Computing Multiple CPU & OS Types Online Web Based Storage Store Files & Data Objects Online Server Hosting DNS and CDN Capabilities On-demand Self Service Ability to unilaterally provision services without vendor review Ubiquitous Network Access Minimum 1Gb/s bandwidth, 2 DC’s, 2 different locations within CONUS Location Independent Resource Pooling Provisioning of practically: unlimited storage, comp capacity, memory Rapid Elasticity Provision on demand near real-time request Measured Service Visibility into service usage via dashboard or similar means RFQ Required Cloud Computing Characteristics

17 IaaS Awardees, Teaming Partners and ATO (as of May 1, 2012)
Indicates that GSA has granted an Authority-To-Operate

18 IaaS BPA Security/ATO Overview
An Authority To Operate (ATO) is required before an order is placed against GSA Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) GSA IaaS BPA vendors have been granted an ATO that can be leveraged by other agencies for IT systems and data at the FISMA Moderate Impact Level or lower. GSA IaaS BPA granted ATO’s can be leveraged by any federal agency for the FIPS-199 Moderate Impact Level or lower. This makes acquisitions easier, faster and less costly for agencies to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing. As of May 1, 2012, 4 of the 12 IaaS BPA vendors (CGI Federal, Verizon Business, Apptis and Autonomic Resources) hold an active GSA IaaS BPA granted ATO.

19 How GSA IaaS ATO differs from FedRAMP
Security and Privacy Requirements Based on NIST SP r3. Closely aligned to the to the proposed FedRAMP requirements published November 2, 2010. Also based on NIST SP r3. Requirements updated based on comments received on the published version. Fewer security controls for low and moderate FIPS 199 impact levels than GSA IaaS BPA. Desired FIPS 199 impact level Moderate impact Low and Moderate Impact Independent 3rd party assessor organization (3PAO) Cloud Service Provider (CSP) chooses their own. CSP chooses from FedRAMP accepted list Authority -To - Operate (ATO) Granted by GSA OCIO for Government Agencies to leverage Provisional Authorization granted by Joint Authorization Board (JAB) consisting of CIO’s from DOD, DHS and GSA for Government Agencies to leverage.

20 SmartBUY Pat Green General Services Administration May 2012

21 ITS SmartBUY Overview SmartBUY (Software Managed and Acquired on the Right Terms) launched in June 2003 Supports the current administration’s Homeland Security Agenda to modernize critical IT Infrastructures Improves the configuration management, security, and standards of Federal computers SmartBUY aligns with the President’s goal of saving taxpayer dollars by improving the IT investment planning process and streamlining IT procurement

22 SmartBUY Business Model
Provide Federal agencies the best obtainable terms and conditions Work with Federal agencies to understand software requirements Improve the configuration management, security, and standards of Federal computers Reduce Acquisition and Support costs Complement the Schedule 70 program by targeting large-volume software purchases

23 SmartBUY Agreements Market Category Software Publisher
Database Management Oracle (RDBMS) - 5 Agreements Enterprise Content Management Meridio (Records Management) Enterprise Resource Planning iGrafx (Bus. Process Improvemenent – 3 Agreements) Geospatial Information Systems GIS – 6 Agreements Information Assurance Data-At-Rest Agreements SAIR Tier Agreements Telos (Assessment & Authorization) Network Management BDNA (IT Asset Management) Belarc (IT Asset Management) Quest (IT Infrastructure Management – 2 Agreements) VMware (Virtualization Software)

24 BPA Socio-Economic Classifications
8 Large Businesses 23 Small Businesses 3 Small Disadvantaged Businesses 2 Service-Disabled Veteran Small Businesses 1 Woman-Owned Small Business

25 SmartBUY Achievements
SmartBUY currently has 37 active Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs): The BPAs reside within 6 software market categories. 20 of the BPAs are available for state, local, and tribal use. FY 2011 SmartBUY Program Achievements thru 4Q: Sales = $310M Federal Customer Savings = $388M FY 2010 SmartBUY Program Achievements: Sales = $215M Federal Customer Savings = $238M FY 2009: Federal Customer Savings > $195M. Since program inception, Federal agencies savings are almost $1.3B

26 GSA Schedule 70 / SmartBUY Relationship
Strategic Sourcing Methodology Targeted Software Competitions Partners Selected Based on Government Footprint Schedule 70 Terms & Conditions Broad Selection of Software Applications Selection Flexibility Fair and Reasonable Prices Standard Terms & Conditions

27 SmartBUY Program Management Office
John Schwarz Director, SmartBUY PMO (703) Pebble Randolph Operations Director (703) Stephen Bell Project Manager (703) Sharon Terango (703) Pat Green (703) Lori Prussing (703) Darwin Roberts (703) Eric Matyko (703) Deepa Hillary Business Analyst (703) Website: 27

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