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Outreach and Education Advisory Panel (OEAP) Report to the Council 148 th CFMC Regular Meeting St. Thomas, USVI.

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1 Outreach and Education Advisory Panel (OEAP) Report to the Council 148 th CFMC Regular Meeting St. Thomas, USVI

2 Newsletter Three issues produced available on Please send notes and photos of activities 2014 Calendar 1,000 sent via airmail

3 Caribbean Fisheries Teachers Resource Book Working group: Elliette Hernández, Cristina Olán, Vilmarie Román, Alida Ortiz Each chapter will consist of background information on the specific topic, teaching activities, maps, references, relevant web addresses and audiovisual resources. First version will be in Spanish

4 Table of Contents The Ocean Literacy Principles – How do these Principles apply to fisheries? The physical description of the Caribbean Sea – Oceanography – Weather conditions – Maps, – Images – Teaching/learning activities to understand the distribution of lands, ecosystems, etc.

5 Table of Contents The different human cultures in the Caribbean – Maps – Images – History – Teaching/learning activities to understand the history, and culture of coastal communities Fisheries resources – Important species for fisheries – Maps – Images – Teaching/learning activities to understand the different fishing practices in the region

6 Table of Contents Essential fish habitats – Mangroves – Seagrass beds – Coral reefs – Hard bottoms – Teaching/learning activities to understand connections and EBM

7 Table of Contents Fisheries management practices in the Caribbean – Species under management – Functions of local governments – Different agencies responsible for the management including the CFMC – Legislation – Teaching/learning activities to understand fisheries management practices in the region Conservation of Caribbean fisheries resources – Community involvement – Consumer support and responsibilities – Fishers responsibilities

8 Development of visual aids to identify changes in the EFH of some species in FMPs Management Units – Concentrated in East Puerto Rico (Fajardo, Ceiba and Naguabo) – 2 exploratory trips have documented juvenile groupers, snappers, parrotfish, grunts and lobsters – Marcos Hanke will present detailed report in March CFMC Meeting – Will be included in Teachers Resource Book

9 PR Commercial Fisheries Project (PEPCO) 2 Pilot Workshops completed; added other agencies besides CFMC and DNER. Dialogs between DNER and fishers in western and eastern region were completed to discuss intervention protocols. Important to include all law enforcement agencies (Federal and Local). Funding is needed to expand the Project to other areas. – Can Liasion funds from CFMC to DNER be used?

10 Marine Resources Education Program (MREP) Follow-up to Mr. Carlos Velázquez presentation at the 147th CFMC Meeting in Ponce, PR – Increase a fishers awareness and understanding of the fishery management process – at the federal and state level. – Increase the number of fishers participation in the management process – Facilitate collaborations between fishers, managers and scientists to gather best scientific data available.

11 Marine Resources Education Program (MREP) How can a MREP be established in the CFMC jurisdiction? – Identify potential partners. – Create a steering committee: agencies, commercial fishers, recreational fishers, fisheries scientists and social scientists specialized in fisheries.

12 Marine Resources Education Program (MREP) – Develop a program curriculum built on a series of capacity building trainings and workshops for fishers and others involved in the fishing sector. – Identify potential funding sources. – Develop a marketing and outreach campaign for the program. Recommendation: Council consider support for MREP Caribbean

13 Projects to be completed by the end of 2013 Fishing App for smart phones CFMC brochure

14 USVI Outreach & Education Dont Stop Talking Fish June Festival – DSTF steering committee is very active involving many agencies and NGOs in USVI. Very complex logistics with a diversity of activities. – Lia Ortiz will present status at the next Council Meeting.

15 USVI Outreach & Education – Sustainable Seafood Campaign is developing outreach materials to do wkshps on January. Recomendation: CFMC participation, in Fishers Registration Orientation Workshops to explain EEZ regulations. Fuete y Verguilla St. Croix – 32 pags. – 20+ interviews and articles – Will be published February 2014

16 Product: Summary of Commercial and Recreational Fishing Regulations for the U.S. Caribbean Exclusive Economic Zone. Spanish/English. Thanks to Miguel Lugo. Collaboration with NOAA Fisheries/SERO

17 Improve communication with stakeholders: – AM Radio capsules as public service announcements – Text messages through cell phones – Pre-recorded audio messages on cell phones – Call on partners such as Sea Grant to deliver meeting notices – Upload notices to the webpage well in advance Recomendation: Apply all strategies Other issues for O & E

18 11/26/13Alida Ortiz Sotomayor18 Thank you for your support

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