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San Francisco Climate Action Plan Business Advisory Panel Meeting #1 – February 14 th, 2011.

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1 San Francisco Climate Action Plan Business Advisory Panel Meeting #1 – February 14 th, 2011

2 Agenda 9:00-9:15am Introductions, Housekeeping, About BC3 9:15-9:30am Objectives, Outcome and Disclosure 9:30-10:00am Background to the SF CAP 10:00-11:30amPanel Feedback/OPEN DISCUSSION? 11:30-12:00pmClosing Remarks and Next Steps (discuss BC3 Brownbag event ) 2

3 Introductions & Housekeeping 3

4 Welcome from BC3! 4

5 Objectives and Outcome City expectations? Panel expectations? 5

6 Current State of Climate Change 6

7 Russian heat wave July 10 25% wheat crop lost, grain exports halted, severe drought, forest fires. ~11,000 heat-related excess deaths reported in Moscow alone in July

8 Practically everything is burning. The weather is anomalously hot. What is happening with the planet's climate right now needs to be a wake-up call to all of us, meaning all heads of state, all headsof social organizations, in order to take a more energetic approach to countering the global changes to the climate. Russian President Medvedev (July, 2010) Moscow reaches >100 o F in July 2010, the hottest summer in Russia ever.

9 Australian Floods, NYC Snow Storm, Amazon Drought 9

10 So where do we stand? 10

11 SF CAP – Brief Policy History 2002 Board of Supervisors Resolution sets an emissions reduction target, and mandates SF Environment and SFPUC staff to prepare a Climate Action Plan. 2003 Mayor Brown joins 150 other U.S. mayors in urging the Federal Government to take action on Climate Change 2004 Climate Action Plan released. Mayor Gavin Newsom endorses goals. 2005 Climate Coordinator hired to coordinate plan implementation. 2008 Department Climate Action Plan Mandate. 2010 Mayor Gavin Newsom announces the City has met Kyoto targets 11

12 12 CCSF on track to meet 20% reduc tion by 2012

13 SF Community GHG Inventory 13

14 SF Emissions, CAP Reduction Goals and Kyoto 14

15 Main contributors towards reductions Mild climate, dense transit-friendly urban form, and a very small industrial sector. Urban forest carbon sink Two biggest contributing factors to reductions, economic recession and state RPS Not sure…currently difficult or not possible to track reductions to most policies BUT we have 9% to go in the next 2 yrs! 15

16 What really matters? 16

17 Summary How are we making our goals internally? – Clean power (Hetch Hetchy) – Operational efficiency – Clean vehicles/biodiesel/alternative transportation How will we make our goals in the community? – New transportation infrastructure, MTA actions – Renewable Energy – 100% by 2030 Mayoral Target – How feasible? How will this affect business community? 17

18 New approach to Climate Planning Past (2004) Visioning – Mayors adopted international targets at a local level – Climate plans developed, actions backed out from targets – No assessment of GHG reduction potential, cost and political feasibility – CAP = political visioning document Future (2011) Planning – Looking at actions and potential for reduction – CAP = planning document – Execution, how is it going to work? 18

19 Your thoughts? Initial impression? Positive or negative? How can the city make it work? What role do businesses play? How will businesses help to reach goals? 19

20 Big Picture Synergistic opportunities to build new low carbon business locally Public private partnerships, A history of nation building! 20


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