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Farmers Market 2013 Food Safety

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1 Farmers Market 2013 Food Safety
Kent Widdicombe Oregon Department of Agriculture

2 Agenda Handwashing No Bare Hand Contact Hot and Cold Holding Sampling, Cross Contamination, and Sanitizing Pathogens Labeling

3 Hand washing Hand Wash Station Water Container with spigot
Catch Bucket with Lid Hand Soap and Paper Towels

4 Hand washing Turn the spigot on
Begin with hand soap and wash for 20 seconds The friction of the hands rubbing removes pathogens Rinse hand completely with clean water Hand dry hands with the paper towels to remove more potential pathogens Wash hands after any nonfood contact

5 Hand Wash Station

6 No bare hand contact FDA 2009 Food Code states: No Bare Hand Contact with ready to eat foods Use gloves, tongs, paper between the hand and food Always apply gloves after washing hands This applies only to foods made or assembled sold direct to the customer.

7 Hot and cold holding Hot foods are now to be held at 135°F or hotter
Cold foods are to be held at 41°F or colder Eggs are allowed to be held at 45°F or colder Use approved coolers, appliances, ice, gel packs All Food Contact Surfaces sanitized every 4 hours Food Out of Temperature must be discarded at 4 hours.

8 Sampling, cross contamination, sanitizing
Pre-make samples at home hold in container Use small cups, limit amount displayed Rotate samples frequently Use two coolers to allow one to cool down Submerge containers to cover sides up to rim Record date, time, product and temperature

9 Sampling Suggestion

10 Sampling, Contamination, sanitizing
Cross Contamination Personally dispense samples using spoons, cups Avoid a communal bowl or cup for sampling Minimize exposure of samples and products Wash hands frequently when handling samples Dedicate one person to provide samples

11 Sampling, Contamination, Sanitizing
All food contact surfaces require wash/rinse/sanitize Use sanitizer and test strips and fill a small bucket Hand Wash Station for emergency cleaning Label all containers that hold any material Clean and calibrate all thermometers for use

12 Sanitizing Test Strips

13 Sampling – Label Containers

14 Sampling - Thermometer

15 Sampling – Food Safety Pamphlet

16 Pathogens Norovirus Raw produce, contaminated water, uncooked foods, cooked foods that are not reheated after contact with a infected food handler, shellfish 12 to 48 hours-nausea, vomiting fever, diarrhea Avoid public contact with surfaces and face

17 Salmonella Eggs, poultry, meat, unpasteurized milk or juice, cheese, contaminated raw fruits and vegetables 6 to 48 hours, diarrhea, abdominal cramps and vomiting Properly cook items, wash raw fruits and vegetables

18 Listeria Unpasteurized milk, soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk and ready to eat deli meats 9 to 48 hours, fever, muscle aches, nausea or diarrhea. Pregnant women, elderly and immunocompromised patients are main group of concern Keep products off the ground, from splash or dirt, hold at proper temperatures.

19 Labeling - Principle Display Panel
Product Identity Truthful or Common Name Required to be in the Middle Must be Dominant and Stand Out Bold and Contrasting Type Normal

20 Labeling - Principle Panel

21 Labeling - Principle Display Panel
Net Weight Must be Located in Lower 30% No Other Type adjacent or Below List US and Metric System of Measure Minimum Height is 1/16th Inch List Minimum Net Weight Not Average

22 Labeling - Information Panel
Nutrition Facts Listed to the Right of Display Panel Nutritional Panel usually Required-Transfat Small Firms may File Exemption Nutritional Claims must have Panel Recommend No Health Claims

23 Labeling - Information Panel

24 Labeling - Information Panel
Ingredient Statement Located below Nutritional Panel Located above Manufacturers Information Include Food Colorings and Preservatives Contains Statement-List Every Allergen

25 Labeling - Information Panel
Ingredient Statement Ingredients Listed by Weight in Descending Order Sub-Ingredients May be Declared by a Common Name All Sub-Ingredients Must be listed Must Contain Specific Allergen Information

26 Labeling - Information Panel
Place of Address Located on Lower Portion Name, Address, City, State, Zipcode May List City, State and Zipcode only if Business is in Local Phone Book Manufactured For or Distributed By

27 Information Panel

28 Labeling - Information Panel
Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2006 Clearly Label all Ingredients that are Class I Allergens Failure to List Class I Allergens may Lead to a Recall May Contains not Substitute for GMP’s

29 Labeling - Information Panel
Class I Allergens Peanuts Tree Nuts-Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Almonds etc. Milk Eggs

30 Information Panel Class I Allergens Soy Wheat Seafood Crustaceans

31 Labeling - Information Panel
Contains Statement List Allergens with Common Names List Specific Tree Nuts

32 Labeling - Information Panel
Ingredient Statement List Common Name of Allergen May List Allergen Only Once Derivatives-List Common Name Whey-(Milk)

33 Labeling- ingredients
Is Love an ingredient? Lecithin-Soy (?) Flour-Wheat, Amaranth, Spelt (?) Spices Cream/Butter

34 Labeling - Example

35 Closing comments Hand Washing No Bare Hand Contact
Hot and Cold Holding Sampling, Cross Contamination, Sanitizing Pathogens Labeling

36 Questions ??? Kent Widdicombe Phone … Salem Office –

37 Thank You – Wallowa Lake

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