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SPCC 9424 Eton Ave. Unit A Chatsworth, CA 91311 Solar Panel Dust Cleaner Waterless Automatic Efficient.

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1 SPCC 9424 Eton Ave. Unit A Chatsworth, CA 91311 Solar Panel Dust Cleaner Waterless Automatic Efficient

2 Solar Installations, desert installations in particular, are subject to the negative effects of dust deposition on their total kWh output. Dust also reduces uniformity of output which exacerbates the negativities of variable generation. The SPDC is a fully automatic, waterless, solar cleaning system designed to withstand the environmental hazards of desert installations. Overview

3 Over a dozen studies have cited the negative effects of dust deposition on Solar output. Output reduction is reported to be between 7% and 55% depending on factors like geographic location, wind, panel tilt angle, humidity, types of deposition, and drought. US Gov. research projects increasing droughts and temperature rise for areas in the US with prime Solar resources which will increase dust deposition problems for Solar Installations. Dust and Solar

4 The Solar Panel Dust Cleaner is a cost-effective, automatic solution that improves and smoothens kw/h output. Water is a scarce and protected resource for desert environments. The SPDC does not use water to clean panels and thus requires no additional personnel. The SPDC will be designed to complement each installations design to maximize efficiency of operation and ROI. The SPDC can operate automatically, manually, or semi- automatically. SPDC

5 Hand-washing of panels can take weeks to finish. An act of nature can undo that work within the span of a lunch hour. Personnel working on the panels may damage the equipment or be hurt on the job creating insurance nightmares. Water-using alternatives require many trucks and personnel to maintain equipment and permits to use water resources. The SPDC is a no-nonsense, simple solution designed for cost-effectiveness. We will work with you to include only what is necessary for your solar installation. Competitor Solutions

6 The SPDC will be installed on a Solar Installation and then require virtually no maintenance. The SPDC comes with a 5 year guarantee. The SPDC is best applied to desert MW-level Solar installations: high levels of dust deposition, lack of water resources, and renewable government incentives provide excellent ROI opportunities for the SPDC. Applications

7 The SPDC works best on long rows of panels. The design of a Solar Installation can significantly increase the number of panels covered per unit of SPDC. Further details will be available based on your data set. The SPDC is patented worldwide. Specifications The Prairie Fire Solar Installation can potentially be covered with 45 SPDC units.

8 SPCC has released a prototype of the SPDC. SPCC recognizes that each Solar installation comes with different challenges and requirements from the different players. We will work with you to build an SPDC that works for your needs. We are working on including the SPDC within the current government incentive framework. Pricing

9 The SPCC has released the first proto-type, the Ironman. SPCC is working with BCTech Korea, Intellane Korea and other firms to put out a second prototype to test in the field. Please have a conversation with us about how the SPDC can benefit your farm. Availability

10 Soiling Rates and Efficiency Loss

11 Dust Storms – Arizona

12 Now you only have to worry about heat, moisture, BOS, clouds, equipment failure, transmission, forecasting, permitting, frequency regulation, inverter loss, interconnection, etc……. SPCC – Keeping your farm clean!

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